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Greatest Carrier of Propaganda to the Unconscious: Hollywood # Keep the Promise

As the father of modern propaganda, Edward Bernays wrote:
    “The American motion picture is the greatest unconscious carrier of propaganda in the world to-day. It is a great distributor for ideas and opinions.  The motion picture can standardize the ideas and habits of a nation.” (Bernays 1928)      
This explains the "White Helmets" Oscar win very succinctly!

Hollywood’s role in the control/manipulation/shaping of your reality is undeniable- 

Flashback: Hollywood's Military Spook Intelligence Apparatus & It's Insidious Influence
Insidious: waiting to entrap: harmful but enticing -developing so gradually as to be well established before becoming apparent.
Hollywood & the Management of Your Reality
“The motion picture can standardize the ideas and habits of a nation.”
Bernays would surely now say the motion picture can standardize the habits of the global audience.  Hollywood's reach being vastly wider then it was in 1928 making it's influence that much more toxic.

I'd previously mentioned there would be two posts regarding the global standardization of ideas & habits via Tinsel town. This, the first of two, deals with the demonization of the nation state of  Turkey. Undoubtedly with goal of prepping the masses for some claimed necessary action against yet another nation state. A war of choice.

Turkey's Referendum Kicks off the Movie Promotion

The very day of the Turkish referendum was, not coincidentally, the first time I saw advertising for the movie: The Promise. Literally within hours of this comment being left at the blog:
Hollywood anti-Turkish propaganda?

Now if Oscar Isaac was playing a donmeh then we'd start getting a more truthful portrayal...

Well well well isn't that timed just right..

Definite anti Turkish propaganda

Hollywood and the intelligence agencies always thick as thieves-

  The Economist calls "The Promise" - “An unflinching depiction of the Armenian Genocide”

An unflinching "depiction"- Not reality. Just a depiction of somebodies version of reality.

Quoting from the Economist article:
“Due to geopolitical concerns, Hollywood had hitherto left the subject untouched”
What  geopolitical concerns does Hollywood generally concern itself with?
"Because Turkey is such an important ally to the West, neither has America, Britain or Israel.” (has recognized this claimed genocide)
I'll take it then that Turkey's importance as an ally is no longer relevant to America, Britain or Israel? Because this movie has not only been made it's been heavily promoted via all media. Main stream, social etc., The creation of Israel 2.0 aka Kurdistan is within sight. So now would be about the right time to ramp up the anti- Turkey propaganda.

You’ll notice the word ‘holocaust’ was not used to promote this movie? That word has exclusivity. However that did not prevent Hollywood from employing imagery generally associated with the holocaust™ as  most often and heavily promoted by the greatest carrier of propaganda.
 “The Promise” is not for the squeamish. The slaughter is depicted with stark brutality and inarguable cruelty
 Mr Isaac’s character discovers a train full of starving Armenians, a sequence often found in Holocaust films, placing these dreadful events in moral context for the audience.
You just gotta love when Hollywood is providing the masses with their "moral context" Requiring no thinking and certainly no finding out on one's own. Just take it from the mass mind control machine!

The trouble with every Hollywood versions of reality are they are always incorrect and greatly exaggerated, but, tragically become real history for many.

 - Did the white helmets winning an Oscar make the lie of their humanitarianism true?

- Did "Zero Dark Thirty" tell us the real truth about Osama Bin Laden and his capture? Or did it just give us a palatable narrative to latch unquestioningly onto?

-How about Argo? Was that reality? Obviously, it wasn't
 Argo has also been criticized for some specific inaccuracies: in particular for minimizing the role of the Canadian embassy in the rescue, for falsely showing that the Americans were turned away by the British and New Zealand embassies, and for exaggerating the danger that the group faced during events preceding their escape from the country

What about The Promise? 

Taking previous movies as a guide? We shouldn't expect this movie to be anything at all like truth, fact or real history. Considering what is written about the movie itself. 
-It's failure to attract attention at the film festivals.
-Use of well worn memes 
-Trauma inducing imagery
We should expect that it will be very memorable, seared into your brain type memorable, but completely counterfactual.

This movie generated no interest at TIFF

"when the film premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival in 2016, it did not set the festival alight. Reviews were middling, and no major distributors were interested. Open Road, a smaller company that had shepherded “Spotlight” to a best picture Oscar, picked it up, decided it wasn’t good enough for awards season, and dumped it in the spring"
This middling and uninteresting movie was was picked up by a claimed small studio and saved for a release date that coincided with the Turkish referendum.
 Open Road is not a small player - Open RoadOpen Road- Oliver Stone and a Snowden movie (Snowden is a psyop) As is this movie.

Let's look at the heavy promotion for this middling movie:
via RT:

Heavy Celebrity Promotion via # Keep the Promise Eerily reminiscent of "never again" Now "never forget"?
 Sylvester Stallone called it “a true and incredibly important historical drama” on Facebook.
Barbara Streisand via Facebook: “We are all children of immigrants. I’m Barbara Streisand I vow to keep the promise to never forget, American singer, actress, director, and producer Barbara Streisand said.
 Let’s #KeepthePromise to never forget and to promote human rights wherever we are & however we can,” English singer, pianist, and composer Sir Elton John wrote.
Pathetically there are people that will take Sylvester Stallone, Barbara Streisand, Elton John and Leondardo DiCaprio's word as gospel truth.  

What about the Armenian genocide?

Was it an intentional genocide? Or was it the combination of factors that result in massive loss of life that occurs at times of war? 
The war itself.  The inevitable displacement.  Resulting in malnutrition & disease. All these problems multiply exponentially during war.

 I don't know with any degree of certainty what actually occurred in this time period

 What I do know, with certainty, is a perception managing movie using holocaust imagery and memes is NOT conducive to understanding, nor is it indicative of real actual history.

One consistency runs through the killing of Christians....

The killing of Christians. Armenian Christians Russian  Christians. Middle eastern Christians.   That is the involvement of and myriad interests of the followers/promoters of judaic supremacy. You see, I look for patterns- and that my friends is a consistent pattern. 
Not a coincidence- Mass killings of christians done undercover of deceptive labels to the benefit of not so christian friendly judaics.


Argued similarities with Communist mass killings

The mass killings have been argued to have several similarities with the mass killings under Communist regimes. The "Young Turks" organization which had gained power "was clearly a left-leaning anti-nationalist organization whose slogan — “Hürriyet, Müsavaat, Adalet” (Liberty, Equality, Justice) — would do justice to any liberal party in the modern West." The leaders are argued to have been disproportionately from certain ethnic minorities. One such influential minority was the Dönme (or Dönmeh) religious sect which had Jewish origins. Many of the Dönme had recently been expelled from Christian Greece. As was the case in the Soviet Union, certain other minorities were seen as (potentially) traitorous and subjected to harsh deportations and mass killings. Motivations such as some of the Dönme taking revenge on Christians may also have been important. The most important Young Turk leader eventually ended up in the Soviet Union where he gained the trust of the mass killer Lenin before being killed due to a falling out.[1][2]
Book in PDF form- The Jewish Genocide of the Armenian Christians

Tabletmag: A New ‘Theory’ of the Armenian Genocide
Armenians and Turks aren’t known for sharing a historical perspective on the Armenian genocide—generally, the Armenians support its recognition, the Turkish deny it happened—but a book out this month describes a conspiracy theory that actually has a foothold in both populations. In this version, Jews are to blame for the massacre. According to this counter-history, says historian Rifat Bali in A Scapegoat for All Seasons: The Döonmes or Crypto-Jews of Turkey, the Ottoman Empire’s Jewish bourgeoisie conceived of and carried out the mass slaughter of the Armenians, who (the theory goes) were their rivals for financial control of the region. This idea’s progenitors—who are mostly members of Turkish and Armenian Islamist factions—claim that it was specifically the Sabbateans, or Dönme, followers of the 17th-century Jewish-mystic-turned-Muslim Sabbetei Zevi, who perpetrated the slaughter. (Naturally, the Freemasons helped, too.) An excerpt from the book appears in The Armenian Weekly. If, after that, you still haven’t gotten your fill of Ottoman crypto-Jews, another book on the subject—The Dönme: Jewish Converts, Muslim Revolutionaries, and Secular Turks—comes out this month.

Tablet (judeo-centric) dismisses both books mentioned in their article as  ‘anti-semitic’ theory. Easier to employ an ad hominem/logical fallacy then address the points made.- 

That all said,  if the facts of the matter can be substantiated- then it’s not ‘antisemitic’ it’s just history.

Even the dredging up of this bit of history, at this exact time, is yet another feather in the cap for Israel. How many times has Israel's leadership stated plainly and clearly they are all for a Kurdistan, which necessitates the destruction of Turkey as it is known today.

Link & Link & Link


Does this film shed “light on a part of history that people have attempted to erase” ?

  The shedding light question can easily be answered by reminding readers of the statement made by Edward Bernays.. 

" Cinema is"the greatest unconscious carrier of propaganda in the world to-day. It is a great distributor for ideas and opinions.  The motion picture can standardize the ideas and habits of a nation.”  

Realizing that Hollywood functions first, foremost and always as a tool of cultural shaping and conforming. Hollywood is not known for factual depictions of historical occurrences.

Understanding that what occurred  at that time is still openly and hotly debated

It goes without saying that this film, like those that came before it and those that will follow it, are engaged in the exact same tried and true function. Spreading, standardizing and indoctrinating the unconscious masses with persuasive ideas and opinions that serve specific agendas, not beneficial to the end consumer. ie: the film watcher


  1. As I was reading through the linked pdf I came across one name that sparked my interest--

    Mordecai Manuel Noah

    He wanted an Israel on Grand Island, New York
    55 pages, I'm going to try to read in short order

    It's interesting also that he was very supportive of slavery

    "Noah became such an outspoken opponent of emancipation that the first-ever black newspaper in America, Freedom’s Journal, was specifically founded to counter Noah’s venom"

    1. Just wondering did you ever had the pleasure of listening or reading the work of Dr. Tony Martin ?

    2. Hi Kaz
      No I haven't- can you leave something for me to rea
      lol, like I don't have enough to read!

    3. So Kaz- thoughts on this piece?
      The movie- whatever
      I was half expecting to be called a pile of names for introducing possibly controversial material

      But what the hell! We're here with open minds, I hope anyway?

    4. If you want read his work than the only way is this

      On the piece, well its hard to disagree with what you wrote. But the expectancy of being called pile of names not being fulfilled. I think there are multiple reasons for it.

      (1.) You don't come up high in the search engine, the only way to find you in that way is you have to be pretty much close to your blog name.

      (2.) At this point most of the communities are living in a bubble where they want their own idea getting reflected with what poster posts.

      (3.) You missed the remembrance day 24th April. And most of your readers probably know better.

  2. Long but on the same subject. Enjoy

    1. hey jo, It's long past time to talk about the media and it's insidious influence- all forms of media

      I've been doing that here, in my tenth year now
      sadly not to much has changed at all
      too many people still believe way to many lies

  3. Some music for the your article.

    1. I think "Deep Purple - Hush" is more fitting. Since it announces the situation of people victim to propaganda.

  4. Thanks jo

    Kaz; Hush? I never thought of that song in those terms can you explain- I even went over to youtube thinking, did the wrong song come to mind, but no it didn't

    1. Well the song is about a person who got lured in and hooked and while he suffers a bit from that girl he and cannot think a live without her right?

      So basically people bought into a narrative and even if what they say is upsetting, they cannot live without these sources of propaganda only to full fill their self imposed requirement of entertainment.

    2. thanks kaz
      I understand now :)

    Penny, I maybe behind the times. I have watch Spectre, the movie, at the above link, several times now (ignore the bizzare warnings and delete the pop up windows when they appear. I feel they are harmless. At least I think they are. Have encountered no problems with infected computer. I may be mistaken??) Whatever, this movie Spectre, has the most amazing predictive programming I have ever seen. Spectre, as Deep State, shadow government, involved in catastrophic Gladio type attacks (in your face) Which are purposely orchestrated, in order to convince the masses to accept increasing surveillance and security arrangements. One scene, with the secret Spectre meeting in Rome (Club of Rome) talks about controlling human traffic(ing) and pharmaceuticals. Another scene, shows a building pre wired for demolition(after being damaged) and another newer building (looking strangely like the new building at the 911 site) where all surveillance will be coordinated throughout the world. Another scene where South Africa suffers a terrorist attack immediately after they refuse to get on board the Spectre surveillance grid. Another scene where James Bond is micro-chipped . They are seemingly, openly saying, that 911 was done by the deep state to secure deep state total control of surveillance and security worldwide. This is obviously "our" take. Even Julian Assange, Snowden, etc.., and company deny this. I am flabbergasted at the same time delighted that this theory being presented throughout this movie,is undoubtably truth.Anyway, just thought I would make this observation. Hopefully that web site, offering free movies, is harmless. As i said earlier, I have watched over a dozen movies there, for free, with no adverse reactions on my computer. Again, I could be wrong am not a computer person so my ignorance is bliss.

    1. Hey Peter: I agree that there is plenty of predictive programming in the movies- you hit the nail on the head with this

      "in order to convince the masses to accept increasing surveillance and security arrangements"

      It makes it glamorous and cool in James Bond

      The movie I wrote about portrays the Turks as mass murderers, so it's ok if "we" hate them and "we" mass murder them back!

      It's predictive programming or prepping the masses for acceptance of the righteousness of an attack on the Turkish people.

      by the way Peter- have you checked out Jay Dyer?
      He writes much about the Bond movies and their programming and his book was a good read too!

  6. I was thinking about dropping him a comment on this one particular James Bond movie. I am unsure as to what you mean ***It makes it glamorous and cool in James Bond*** In this Spectre movie it really paints a frightening picture. Spectre are really ghastly bunch.

    1. Everything about Bond is generally glamourous..
      Great gadgets, cool cars, sexy women

      Spectre might be bad, but Bond is always suave.
      I saw that movie some time back- so I am generalizing with the common presentation of Bond..

      Did the movie paint a frightening picture for everyone?

      Or just you, since you are more aware of OWO workings?

      I wonder what the unaware would think?

    2. Later, I'll grab Jay's book and reread the Bond section...

    3. I felt it was really "in your face" revelation of the method. Intended to frighten everyone. But it is all subjective. Any who, carry on ramblin' rose ( left some pictures of a rambling rose on my sight you might dig them.