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Mossad Turned French Spies Into Double Agents after Syria Operation

Now, here is something very interesting.. This news  certainly had me recalling the chemical attack in Ghouta, Syria 2013.- Conveniently timed and staged I believed then, as I do now, that whatever occurred in Ghouta, the hand of Israel was behind it. Others blamed Turkey, nonsense, Turkey and the US had already hit their rough patch- Incirlik troubles were ongoing...Israeli intelligence played a central role in the entire narrative. Israeli intelligence had allegedly captured reports of SAA doing the deed. 

August 2013- Syrian strikes sooner rather then later
Oh and guess which nation is providing ‘evidence’ about the chemical attack? Israeli intelligence seen as central to US case against Syria. Yup, Israeli ‘intelligence’ That should say it all.

While Israel would almost certainly take no direct part in a military strike, Israeli intelligence information is widely believed to have played a central role in enabling the US’s adamant conviction that Assad’s regime fired chemical weapons
Connected? Maybe? The timing is all right. The recruitment of the Syrian engineer is interesting too. As for the involvement of France? Hardly a shocker.
Le Monde reveals how Israeli espionage agency allegedly exploited a successful chemical weapons operation to get French counterparts to become sources; former head of French counterintelligence agency being questioned as suspect in case.

PARIS – An internal report written by French intelligence, parts of which were published in the daily newspaper Le Monde on Sunday, reveal efforts by the Mossad to develop relationships with French spies, “to the point of crossing the line of turning them into double agents.”

The audit report recommends investigating Bernard Squarcini, the head of the General Directorate for Internal Security until 2012, on suspicion of maintaining unauthorized and unreported ties with the Mossad’s Paris bureau chief at the time (identified in the report only by his initials, D.K.).
Bernard Squarcini, director of the French Intelligence agency in 2011
The background to all this was a joint operation launched by the Mossad and French counterintelligence agency in 2010 to collect intelligence about Syrian President Bashar Assad’s chemical warfare plans. The operation, code-named Ratafia, aimed to recruit a senior Syrian engineer, who was meant to come to France to do additional training in chemistry and also to help recruit other engineers.

The Mossad and French agents would hold work meetings using assumed names, as is customary. The French agents, who belonged to three different counterintelligence units, were responsible for the operation in Paris, while the Mossad agents were responsible for the plot that would enable the Syrian target to leave the country for studies and to recruit others in the French capital.

But according to the report, the Israelis exploited the operation to persuade an unknown number of French agents to also serve as intelligence sources for Israel.
One of the French agents under surveillance was seen going up to the apartment of the Mossad’s Paris chief for dinner one Friday night. Later, he reported to his superiors that he was going to Dubai on vacation, when in fact he flew with his family to Israel, where he spent time with Mossad agents without permission and without reporting the meetings afterward.

In addition, according to the report, suspicious sums of money were deposited in the bank accounts of those French agents who were involved in the Ratafia operation.

The internal report calls for further investigation to understand what damage was done to the French intelligence service.

Le Monde also published details about the Ratafia operation. The paper claimed that the Mossad succeeded in recruiting the Syrian engineer and extracted information from him about Assad’s chemical weapons arsenal.

The French daily said the operation enabled Israel to prove that the scientific cooperation between the European Union and Syria was being used to boost Assad’s chemical weapons program, which led to the cancellation of the agreement with the Syrians in 2011.

According to Le Monde, the Mossad’s interest in building relations with French spies was exposed because a different French espionage agency, responsible for information security, was keeping the agents under surveillance and photographed them with Mossad agents.

The paper said that all the Mossad agents involved were identified by their real names. The French filed a formal complaint, and two Israeli diplomats in the Israeli Embassy in Paris left their posts and returned to Israel. The Mossad chief, D.K., also returned to Israel following the French complaint.

According to the report, the two Mossad agents suspected of contacts with the French have left the service and are now private businessmen in Tel Aviv. ( probably still Mossad agents) But during 2016, the report noted, they made contact with Squarcini (the counterintelligence head they’d worked with) in Paris.

Squarcini, who is now being questioned as a suspect in the case, told investigators he met the two “totally by chance.”

A short time before the suspicions came to light, Squarcini himself launched an internal inquiry into whether the Mossad was trying to recruit French agents as sources. However, the agents he put under surveillance did not include those involved in the Ratafia operation, even though Squarcini was fully aware of the close ties that had developed between his people and the Mossad operatives, the report said.
 So Squaracini engaged in intentionally deceptive/distractive behaviour to take the heat off of himself- Sure looks that way!
An investigating judge appointed by the French filed an official request with Israel to question the two ex-Mossad agents who made contact with Squarcini in 2016. It isn’t clear if he received a response.

The judge is seeking to build on the internal investigative report and broaden the investigation into whether the Mossad infiltrated French intelligence under Squarcini.
Why does Israel do such a thing? Does it really need to spy on its allies in Paris, given that France is already an enthusiastic supporter of its brutal and racist colonisation of occupied Palestine?

Although France, like Israel’s other European allies, makes toothless public objections to its wars and continued settlement building on stolen Palestinian land, these are understood, quite correctly, to be meaningless. While the governments of France and Britain claim in public to be against Israel’s settlements, they actually support them in practice, by continuing not only to allow goods produced in the illegal colonies to be sold in Europe, but also to seek more and upgraded economic ties with the apartheid state.

Furthermore, both countries go out of their way to undermine BDS, the Palestinian-initiated and led boycott, divestment and sanctions movement, and other forms of pro-Palestine solidarity. The British government last year initiated new regulations for universities, local councils and other public bodies which it touted in the press as a “BDS ban”. A closer look at the actual policy revealed that it was no such thing, and BDS is still very much legal.

France has also joined the Israeli-led “war” against BDS. It has pursued BDS activists aggressively, banned Palestine solidarity demonstrations and maintains an extremely laissez faire attitude towards the French branch of the Jewish Defence League (the LDJ) and its acts of terror against Palestine solidarity campaigners, especially Jewish comrades, who the LDJ regards as “traitors”.

The France Palestine Solidarity Association (AFPS) revealed earlier this month that an apparent front group for the LDJ has issued death threats against the movement, warning it off from continuing its BDS activism. The group in question posted online personal information about AFPS activists, revealing home phone numbers and addresses in a clear attempt to intimidate them, a malicious practice known as doxxing.
I'm pretty sure I have a post here on this group and their activities in France and how France let's them get away with all manner of brutal crimes- Going to have to dig that one up and relink it

The LDJ is probably the world’s most extreme, violent and organised branch of the JDL outside of occupied Palestine. In June last year, one of its leaders was allowed by the French authorities to skip the country and head to Israel in order to avoid a year in jail after a series of “extremely violent and coordinated attacks” against pro-Palestine activists in Paris in 2012.

The AFPS said that it considers the French authorities to be directly liable for this. “Their inaction is interpreted as encouragement by violent groups such as the LDJ, which the French authorities have permitted to thrive instead of disbanding them.”
France 24

Israel has a long track record of spying on its Western “allies”, who have a record of spying right back on Israel. The US and Britain seemingly do not really trust their “great friend” Israel when push comes to shove, which really begs us to ask why, if that is the case, our governments spend so much energy on protecting and supporting the Zionist state.
Canada's government should answer that same question- Why spend so much energy and money supporting the Zionist state?

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  2. "Why spend so much energy and money supporting the Zionist state?"

    If the West is a collection of Zionist satrapies then that question is already answered. Didn't the British Empire publicly promise a slice of the Levant to a Zionist banker? QED. Question answered. Case closed.