Thursday, April 6, 2017

No Fly/Safe Zone Pretext for Syria? Cause Trump was Absolutely Going To Do Safe Zones!

January 25/17: Trump to 'absolutely do safe zones'
April 01/2017  US Access to 5, yes 5, Air Installations In Stolen Northern Syria

Ok, honestly I can't stay away from this, though, I really, really want to. My back is killing me today! The US has been advancing unjustly, illegally and immorally in Syria. As covered most recently in a series of post regarding the sudden US move to Tabqa. 

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Israel's political class simply drools at the prospect of an attack on Syria.
Read Winds of War Blow From Israel's Borders..
Israel came out immediately and called for an intervention in Syria, led by Trump. Immediately!
Read: April 04/17 Israel Urges Action Against Syria With Trump In the Lead
 No other nation state demanded immediate action on the very day of the alleged incident!
These  two parties, Israel and US, are the two nation states, most interested in employing a pretext to justify their desired actions. 

Considering the reality..... let's read a round up of news

Moreover, the first reports of the chemical attack in the province of Idlib appeared a few hours before the Syrian Air Forces conducted an airstrike on an al-Nusra Front ammunition depot on April 4, Walid Muallem noted.

"The chemical attack in Khan Shaykhun was reported at 06:00 am, while the first airstrike by the Syrian army on an ammunition depot of al-Nusra terrorists with chemical weapons inside it was carried out at 11:00 am," Muallem said.
That's a five hour discrepancy- Five hours- Five hours

Is this a crater from an airstrike?
I thought airstrikes would leave bigger holes, but, perhaps I'm mistaken?

 If I was to speculate... Let's entertain these thoughts, with a ht to hubby. The "rebels" or perhaps US/Israeli/UK Special OPS, (we know they are on the ground in Syria and had intelligence and the logistic capabilities to undertake such an op ) had mortar shells loaded with a chemical munition, knowing airstrikes were inevitable they launched their mortars in advance of and during airstrikes and then immediately cried wolf.  The airstrikes providing the ultimate distraction. These actors provided the US/Israel with the desired pretext.

Richard Haass CFR: Syrian Reaction Could Separate Trump From Obama

 President Donald Trump has a "major opportunity" to differentiate himself from former President Barack Obama by how he handles the reaction to this week's chemical bomb attack in Syria.

 Haass told MSNBC's "Morning Joe" program. "I think in Syria actually, given what he said yesterday, even if he hadn't said it, I believe there is a need to act there militarily.

"There is a whole range of options we can talk about what we might do to penalize the government. It says we are more involved there. It says you can't use a weapon of mass destruction with impunity."

 "I believe it is a necessity for the United States to say to anyone that uses a weapons of mass destruction that they will pay a price," said Haass. "It doesn't mean we go to war or switch to regime change. It means we need to find discreet military actions to possibly help the Syrian people and that will send a major message of reassurance throughout the Middle East,"
 "The Russians are saying this is about the rebels," said Haass. "I think when the history is potentially written of this administration, this week could turn out to be pivotal."
 This week could be pivotal.

The American/British  media has been running with the news that Turkey said, as in verified Assad used chemical weapons- If anyone who reads here can find information that credibly bolsters this claim let me know? I've read several articles today, and I mean, close to a dozen articles and there is NO claim of a connection to Assad and this chemical weapon incident. Despite the screaming headlines when one reads through the numerous articles available it all seems like more speculation, if not total misdirection from the Anglo media

Huffington Post
“Based on the test results, evidence was detected in patients which leads one to think they were exposed to a chemical substance (sarin), the statement said.
 If you had evidence you would KNOW about exposure, you would not THINK about it.

DS and a different quote regarding chemical exposure
 The Turkish Health Ministry said Thursday that, "according to the results of the first analysis, there were findings suggesting that the patients were exposed to chemical substance (Sarin)," without elaborating.

"Detected evidence" - which presents as more definitive vs "findings suggesting"- not definitive.
Logic follows that a suggested finding of possible exposure to a chemical substance does not imply "Assad did it" But there is a whole lot of spinnin' going on.

A few of the additional stories I read regarding Turkey's alleged, but actually, non existent confirmation This, that and another

Tillerson is stating Assad has to go

I have not promoted the idea, ever, that Tillerson was ok with Assad staying! Despite his language while in Turkey. He was speaking in another country. Turkey.  A country that had long accepted that Assad wasn't going anywhere. A country that was dealing with the instability at their border and not looking for more of it!

It was far more important to me that Nikki Haley had stated at a CFR meeting
From this post:
“I’m not going to go back into should Assad be in or out, been there, done that, right, in terms of what the US has done,” she told the Council of Foreign Relations. But I will tell you that he is a big hindrance in trying to move forward, Iran is a big hindrance in trying to move forward.”
Nikki Haley told the CFR- a globalist elitist cabal- that Assad was a big hindrance in moving forward, which equalled, in my mind- ASSAD HAS TO GO. Most everyone ignored this statement to claim Tillerson was ok with Assad staying- baloney!


  1. Sibel Edmonds is predicting Erdogan assassination in the next few weeks.

    1. Hey Peter: I wouldn't discount that out of hand- The West is, as stated, unhinged over the referendum..

      The death grip the west has had for decades on Turkey has been weakened.

      And the powers that shouldn't be- CIA/Gulen/NATO ops tried to kill Erdogan during the attempted coup in July... so, it's a definite possibility

  2. What the heck is Turkey up to?

  3. ” Erdogan supports possible military action by Trump in Syria ”

    ” ”

    1. Thanks Mieszko I- On April 06- that clicks with what I saw yesterday--

      The bigger question in all this is where is Russia?

      They had to have known and agreed to this action- not consented, but had to have understood that it was occurring and when it was occurring

  4. This idea that Tutkey has nothing to do with it, is wrong. Erdogan has been calling for intervention since it happened, and promised TR assistance. Cavusoglu, TR's idiot FM, has scolded Russia for supporting Assad. As I told you Erdogan is being blackmailed by the US, instead of resigning he would rather sell Turkey down the river.

    1. Who is saying Turkey has nothing to do with it? And what is it?

      Yes, you said Erdogan is being blackmailed... I don't know how you know that with certainty and it's not something I can know with certainty either

      I'm aware of the arrest of the Halkbank executive-

      As for Turkey calling for intervention since this happened... that slipped past me- because the only nation I saw immediately asking for intervention on the day the alleged attack occured, the very day, as the story was breaking was Israel

      As posted here on the day of the incident April 04.
      I searched back through the Turkish news and saw nothing on that date regarding demands from Erdogan, though I did see a few mentions yesterday, but, much more about the chemical weapons claims- which weren't even substantive
      as mentioned

  5. Will catch up tomorrow- thanks for the updates everyone-

  6. Tomahawks at Homs: a message to the Russians Tartus?

    Putin 26Oct16

    "We’re still exercising restraint and refraining from similarly loutish answers to our partners but everything has limits and we can respond one day."

    Will the Russians respond following the St Petersburg (Kyrgyzstan) attack.