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OIT- Interview F. William Engdahl- Round Table, World War & Gods of Money

Where to begin with this one?
First of all... Thanks again to Tim Kelley, from Our Interesting Times, who is an excellent interviewer.  A very informative, listen more then once, kind of information packed historical/ present day chat-

This is related to a concept I haven't been able to quite put my finger on, or organize, regarding the Atlantacists, Five Eyes, the Brexit and NATO's attempt to crush Europe. Maybe you all can leave some thoughts?

There's a post from 2014 where I had mentioned the agenda to subordinate Europe by the US/Atlantacist led NATO

Thursday, May 8, 2014 "Toward a Europe Whole & Free" Via NATO global dominance

 This post contains a ton of info-  Europe Whole and Free, is of course, nothing like it reads. In our Orwellian world of doublespeak. Whole and free  is really Europe subordinated to NATO/US dominance.
There is most definitely information related to this interview in that post

 F. William Engdahl returns to Our Interesting Times to discuss his heretofore unpublished chapter "A New World Order Built on the Ashes of War." We talk about the intrigues of the secretive network known as the Round Table and the role it played in fomenting the world wars of the 20th century. Later we talk about his 2009 book Gods of Money: Wall Street and the Death of the American Century.

An Anglo elitist union which will leave the EU in tatters. By design.

It’s becoming clear that there is a far more ambitious strategy behind Great Britain’s exit from the European Union, the so-called Brexit. Far from a reluctant government led by Prime Minister Theresa May, forced to listen to the Vox Populi of the majority of voters in 2016 who voted to exit the European Union, signs emerge of a far more devious well-planned strategy at the highest levels of British power, including the House of Windsor and the powers of the formidable City of London financial institutions. Britain is ditching the EU as a failed option, and seems to be intent on building a new English-speaking Union together with the United States and with the nations of the Commonwealth–the former colonies of the British Empire prior to 1914 .
Their decision to join the European Monetary Union in 1992 went against that tradition of staying outside the Continental European fray, a tradition of remaining an Atlantic power, utilizing their Anglo-American “special relationship” that had been built during the war years by Churchill with Roosevelt. When the US circles deliberately destroyed the British possibility to join the emerging Euro through the agency of a “lone assassin” hedge fund operator named George Soros in 1992, it was a clear signal that Wall Street and Washington would not permit the enormous financial power of the City of London, fused with that of Germany, France and the Continental economies, to challenge the hegemony of the US dollar and of Wall Street.

Read the rest at the above link... This confirms some sneaking suspicions I have about just what our five eye nations are up to.

And for some very interesting and also related information read all the pages of the article linked below- It's lengthy so print it up and read it entirely including the extensive foot notes! 

I will include the first 5 paragraphs and suggest again the essay warrants a good read.
This is an alternative perspective to commonly known history regarding Britain and Germany- And, in my opinion shines a light on what is occurring present day.  Mr Engdahl talks about some of this history which definitely piqued my interest!

A Reevaluation of Cockburn's Clivedon Set
Claud Cockburn, founder and editor of The Week (a pro-communist British weekly periodical), coined the term the "Cliveden Set" in late 1937, when he accused a group of politicians, bankers, ship builders, newspaper editors, and other wealthy aristocrats of conspiring to influence the policy of the British Government.1 Cockburn, a communist himself, wanted Britain to rearm and issued several warnings in his paper for Britain to wake up to Hitler's intentions while the "set" was busy appeasing Germany. His articles went unnoticed until he labeled a story "The Cliveden Set" on 22 December 1937; the story exploded.2 Unfortunately, due to deficiencies in Cockburn's argument, a majority of historians dismiss most of the charges he made against this group. In spite of this censure, it remains difficult to believe that everything he wrote was false. In fact, Cockburn was very accurate when he reported the "set's" pro-German intentions. Not only were they pro-German but, as Cockburn hypothesized, they attempted to influence the British government towards an amicable relationship with Germany. It was this intent which separated the "set" from other appeasers, and the reason why Cockburn's thesis should not be dismissed.
The members of this "alleged set" actually had their beginnings as a group in South Africa in the early 1900s, where they were part of a handpicked group of about 23 to 30 intelligent and highly regarded young men on Lord Alfred Milner's administrative staff after the Boer War.3 (Their task was to reconstruct South Africa's economy, and reconcile and unite its warring peoples under one government.)4 Lord Milner, High Commissioner of South Africa, fueled these men - Philip Kerr (later Lord Lothian), Geoffrey Dawson, Edward Wood (later Lord Halifax), Lord Bob Brand, Lord Hichens, and Lionel Curtis - with his ideals, training them with the "vision of [creating in South Africa a] self-governing people under the British flag."5 This body of assistants (essentially the heart of Cockburn's "set") became known as "Milner's Kindergarten."
Lord Milner himself was part of the great British Imperialist Cecil Rhodes' Secret Society founded in 1891. The purpose of this society "was to devote itself to the preservation and expansion of the British Empire."6 Lord Milner was Rhodes' chosen successor to lead this society to its ultimate goal of a federal union. Both Rhodes and Milner, "sought to unite the world, above all the English-speaking world, in a federal structure around Britain."7 This would be done according to secret political and economic influence aided by the "control of journalistic, educational, and propaganda agencies."8 When Rhodes died, Milner took over the society and continued towards its goals by recruiting bright young men who he believed could be easily influenced, and had enough power and ambition to be influential in spreading their ideals.
By 1910, "Milner's Kindergarten" achieved the Union of South Africa, and most of them returned to England. Upon returning to England, Lothian, Dawson, Brand, Hichens, and Curtis rejoined Milner, secretly becoming the Milner Group. As a group, they continued to pursue the ideals of Milner and Rhodes by launching their famous Round Table Review of Commonwealth Affairs in November 1910. This quarterly, founded and edited by Lothian, was "designed to keep open lines of communication around the Empire, a function that might later be performed by official representatives if federation became a reality."9 As imperialists, they were alarmed for the future of the Empire, and used the Round Table Review as a propaganda tool.
Curtis and Brand played larger roles in the group as it expanded in size and outlook. Curtis was seen as the motivating force in the group for much of the 1910s,10 while Brand, Lothian's immediate chief in South Africa, introduced the wealthy Waldorf Astor (his friend from New College who would later become a Lord) into the group in 1910. Astor, as well as Abe Bailey, became the chief financial supporters of the Milner Group.11
Dawson and Lothian also played important roles at this time. By 1912, Dawson had become editor of The Times.12 He later served as secretary of the Rhodes Trust (1921-22), and editor of the Round Table Review (1941-44).13 His influence on these publications and foundations was tremendous and was in line throughout with the Milner Group aims. Besides being the founder and editor of the Round Table Review, Lothian was secretary of the Milner Group (1910-16 ), served as secretary to Lloyd George (1916-22), and finally the Milner Group's leader (1925-40). He was also Secretary of the Rhodes Trust (1925-39), and became a Lord (1930).14
Lord Astor's financial contributions brought him into the group. His father, William Waldorf Astor, owned the Pall Mall Gazette, and in 1911, bought The Observer at Waldorf's insistence. James Louis Garvin, editor of The Observer, was retained as editor for both of these publications and was brought into the group by Waldorf as another means of influencing the public to their aims. Waldorf's wife, Nancy Astor (and later known as Lady Astor, the first woman in Parliament), had a big influence on Brand, Curtis, and Lothian. She attracted these men by being outspoken, yet willing to learn. By the 1930s, the Astors were not just financial contributors, but played a larger role by hosting meetings at Cliveden or one of their other homes.

The Berlin to Baghdad Rail line: Link
I learned something new in that regard, so, I'm adding a bit of info regarding that German challenge to British hegemony..

In 1872, Wilhelm von Pressel, a German railway engineer, was retained by the Ottoman government to develop plans for railways in Turkey. However, because private companies would not construct the railway without subsidies, the Ottoman government was forced to reserve part of its revenues to subsidize its construction, thereby increasing its debt to the European powers.
By the late 1800s, the Ottoman Empire had become the "sick man of Europe," beset by debt and thus the recipient of cheap imports from industrialized Europe. As a result, the Empire's finances fell under the purview of the Ottoman Public Debt Administration, comprised of and answerable to the Great Powers. Consequently, the Europeans saw enormous potential to exploit the resources of the weakening empire, principally the vast amount of oil known already to lie in the region.
Indebted and compromised, primed for exploitation- what a familiar ring in general
BUT! Turkey, present day, has no IMF debt... Making them less malleable- Uh oh!
At the turn of the century, the Ottoman Ministry of Public Works received competing bids from Russia, Britain, and Germany to complete the railway to Baghdad.
Germany's Deutsche Bank having submitted the winning bid, the other countries of Europe paid scant attention to the construction of the railway lines until 1903, when the Ottoman government granted permission to the Ottoman company, Baghdad Railway Company, which was controlled by a few German banks, to build the railway line from Konia to Baghdad.

Britain, France, and Russia soon began to recognize the implications of the German plan, which was that linking up Berlin to the Persian Gulf would provide Germany with a connection to its southernmost colonies in Africa.
Ultimately, the Entente Powers (as Britain, France, and Russia were later dubbed during the Great War), feared that the railway would eventually strengthen the Ottoman Empire and its ties to Germany, thereby shifting the balance of power in the region.
As noted above, although Britain was initially supportive of the railway, as Germany was a major trading partner, the country eventually realized that the railways would be too close to comfort to their oilfields in Persia. Additionally, the British worried that the Ottoman government (by then ruled by the Young Turks) would be able to block off essential oil supplies to the Royal Navy.
By the eve of the First World War in 1914, the railway was still 600 miles away from its intended objective. Had it been completed earlier, the Berlin-Baghdad railway would have facilitated transport and trade from Germany via a port on the Persian Gulf, from which trade goods and supplies could be exchanged directly with the farthest of the German colonies and the world. Additionally, the travel back to Germany would have given German industry a direct supply of oil.
This access to resources, with trade less impacted by British control of shipping, would have greatly benefited German economic interests in trade and industry, and posed a significant threat to British economic preeminence in colonial trade.
Additionally, the railway threatened Russia, as it was expected to expand Germany's economic sphere of influence towards the Caucasian frontier and into north Persia where Russia held a dominant share of the market.
In early 1914, a contract was signed between the director of the Anglo-Persian Oil Company and the Baghdad Railway Company, which forced the German government to recognize southern Mesopotamia, as well as southern and central Persia, as the exclusive field of operations of the Anglo-Persian Company.

The British Are "Just In Time"

The British were just in time. Following the outbreak of war on July 28, Britain's majority stake position in the Anglo-Persian Oil Company assumed central importance.
 read entire article at link.


  1. Apologies for the long comment. Blame Engdahl for being interesting.

    "the planned $31 billion merger of Frankfurt’s Deutsche Boerse and the London Stock Exchange was dead"

    Good, no European superstate.

    "An Anglo elitist union"

    Even as a Celt I don't see much to complain about there.

    I will say about Brexit, this.

    No one in the establishment, no one in the media openly wanted this outcome. It was not a socially acceptable viewpoint to express support for Brexit. The few media outlets that supported it (eventually) did so because they would lose their credibility and readers otherwise. BBC news crew looked like the Norks at Kim Jong Il's funeral when the results came in.

    It's not called Perfidious Albion for nothing. The English establishment (deep state) always plays both sides of any argument, and whoever wins they declare "aha! I was supporting you all along, bravo!"

    That's exactly what happened in WW2 (if Hitler had won, all plans were in place to put Moseley in charge, I'm sure) and the same thing is happening here - any revolution or reform will be ostensibly led by the 'monarchy'. The double headed eagle of freemasonry.

    "[dusts self down] Yeah, leave the EU, that's what we all wanted to happen. Five Eyes assemble!"

    Of course they didn't want to leave the EU which they manipulated Americans into winning two world wars and Marshall Plan funding towards the creation thereof, all in order to destroy Germany as a viable world power by first bombing it into oblivion, then yoking it to the deadbeat states of Europe while always dividing it from Russia. The German-Russian-USA axis bypassing Albion is what they fear most. America really isn't an Anglo country, don't forget. Like 10% Anglo, 20% German.

    [Keep in mind the devious cretins haven't even left the EU yet. The Lordships are doing their worst to find every possible obstacle to this.]

    Meanwhile, whatever kind of globalism Cecil Rhodes had in mind has long since fallen by the wayside.

    I think this line of "anglo/nordic people will rule the world through the League of Nations" was how globalism was sold to the European elites before say 1960. It was just a sales pitch to appeal to nationalistic military/intelligence men who would otherwise be enraged at the prospect of handing over sovereignty to internationalism.

    Clearly this is no longer the case. It's why I laugh when people talk about Eugenics being the creed of the globalists, since I can't imagine a more Dysgenic society than late 20th/early 21st century western Europe and the Anglosphere.

    "The Davos man is dead"

    1. One may wonder why three Australian PM have been Rhodes Scholars?
      Had the 'white anti-multiculturalism make Britain great again' mantra nothing to do with the Brexit vote? By Jingo you will win."We've fought the Bear before, and while we're Britons true/The Russians shall not have Constantinople"!

      "UK government post-Brexit plans to create Africa free-trade zone are being internally branded 'Empire 2.0'"
      The term was coined by sceptical officials, worried about the importance given to Commonwealth trade deals ahead of Brexit negotiations...
      International Trade Secretary Liam Fox is expected to promise to build better links with the whole of the 52 member countries of the Commonwealth when ministers from each country meet in London later this week.
      “When the UK joined the EU it tore up its previous agreements with Commonwealth allies and it will now need to set about rebuilding these relationships for trade,” he said. “Luckily these are old friendships, but as with all relationships, they will require a lot of effort to make them work.”

  2. Penny,

    Welcome to the 'Round Table'! It's an eye opener (of the Five Eyes). It's the opener of the can of worms in which the vermin like Churchill and Roosevelt planned two world wars, the destruction of Russia and Germany and China for the benefit of the Anglo-American future Empire (prepared by the 'Buccaneers', the 'Dollar Princesses', the 350 US heiresses who married into the British aristocracy bringing with them the equivalent of £1 billion of new world wealth - Churchill was the spawn of this alliance).
    One objection I will raise. Engdahl pays a (perhaps involuntary) tribute to the mantra of Tsar's Nicholas II 'stupidity' who let himself be 'ensnared' in the web of intrigues waved by the Anglo-American to force the war, by allying himself with France. The truth is that Russia had no choice. Her future fate was clearly spelled out by Mackinder. The ultimate objective was the conquest of the 'Heartland' i.e. Russia. Germany was to be pushed against Russia (which coincided with her not so secret desires of which Russians were fully aware) and crushed after both would have been exhausted by the war by the American intervention. Germany acted stupidly in an act of dementia, by attacking Russia, her natural 'Lebensraum', killing the goose which was feeding her with golden eggs. The famine which brought Germany to heel was due to the severance from the 'bread basket of Europe' which was Russia, from the petrol from Russia, from everything that Russia was offering Germany to sustain any war effort.
    But yes, as we now Russia revealed to be a much tougher nut to crack that calculated. The Bolsheviks who opened Russia to foreign exploitation were eliminated by Stalin and Russia started to recover along with Germany. Japan, supposed to play the same role as in 1904-5 was kept at bay. The spectrum of a Russo-German alliance sent again into a spin the Buccaneer alliance and the scenario of WWI was almost identically repeated.

  3. Interfax 22Apr17:  NATO's military activities near Russian borders remind of preparations for Allied Intervention during Civil War - Russian Deputy FM Meshkov

    “It was the rise of Athens, and the fear that this inspired in Sparta,” Thucydides

    Seems quite relevant and in view of the latest Russian "mishap" nearby Istanbul, reminiscent of Kursk, those submarine fires over the past few years including rumored nukes and the Cheonan incident (into peak Japan elections). And considering the rebirth of the commonwealth, including the rumored US associate membership, the UK is clearly trying to rebirth itself and its seafaring past with the nuclear first strike threats (which Russia has just responded would result in the UK being wiped off the map) and the recent steaming of a UK warship into the Black Sea (today's show of strength) amidst the latest round of ECHR rulings leaning against Russian in Chechnya (Beslan) - noting the latest big SITE reveal on the St Petersburg bomber coming from the little known Imam Shamil battalion (Beslan led by Shamil Basayev) - and Crimea (tatars). UK likewise trying to play both sides in China with its HK policy (LME sale plus offshore yuan trade) and the recent announcement of patrols in the South China Sea in the next year (amidst warnings by the late Australian Prime Minister that following US led policy in Asiapac was a disaster). Given the Chinese and Russian apparent coordination in East Asia surrounding THAAD deployment which has been rushed into place in front of the South Korean front runner talking dovish(a throwback to the Cheonan incident and the Okinawa protests that felled then PM - and the latest Japan announcement of pushing forward with the base relocation in spite of ongoing protests while more US assets deployed and NSA leaks leak),rebirthing the Commonwealth, whether in Africa (pursuing its own free trade zones and the deep China presence) or Asia will be far more difficult that imagined by the cold war playbooks. Pakistan FM just called for an increased Russian presence in Afghanistan and the SCO is pushing India and Pakistan to tone down the "troubles" in J&K (as the US is pushing Taliban escalation in Afghanistan and more troops along the CPEC. Pakistan to face recoil? Pakistan just promised to pull out of any Saudi coalition that turns sectarian as it moves to keep its Iran relations on equal footing. Pakistan is currently at risk of a Latin American replay or as Russia just warned of Venezuela - a Chile like scenario (Panamagate). it makes the Modi reforms and his lates election win - vote flipping machine allegations rampant - all the more critical in forging a liberalization of the economy as a technical services legacy hub to counter China, a demonetization petrie dish and escalation on the LoC and Ladekh (like the recent social media "shares" showing China stealth fighter deployments matched by the Brahmos deployments after the incident of China troops violating India sovereignty a day before Xi touched down in india several years ago).

    UK's tabloid press was unable to contain its excitement in covering the news that a Royal Navy destroyer had entered the Black Sea for exercises with the Romanian Navy.


      China's President Talks Trade in India as Troops Face Off at Border

      China warns India over deployment of BrahMos cruise missile in Arunachal Pradesh

      China Deployed Stealth Fighter J-20 Near Indian Border In Tibet
      The “golden era” of UK-China relations appears to have lost some of its glitter after the Queen accused Chinese officials of being “very rude” to the British ambassador during President Xi Jinping’s first state visit to Britain last year.D’Orsi complained to the Queen that Xi’s visit had been “quite a testing time for me” and claimed that at one point Chinese officials “walked out” on both her and the British ambassador, telling her “that the trip was off”.

      UK’s Royal Navy is likely to join Japan and U.S. in their South China Sea patrols following a trilateral agreement which the three sides signed in the Pentagon on October 20.

      US ramping up the Afghanistan Russia rhetoric ahead of deployments: “We'll engage with Russia diplomatically. We'll do so where we can, but we're going to have to confront Russia where what they're doing is contrary to international law or denying the sovereignty of other countries.” - Mattis

      Paks want Russian play wider role as China pushes CPEC

    2. India and the Commonwealth: TBTF?

      On November 8, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi made an unscheduled televised announcement that on the stroke of midnight—in less than four hours—the country’s 500 and 1,000 rupee notes would cease to be legal tender.

      India’s finance minister Arun Jaitley put forth a very different rationale. Demonetization would make India a cashless society.

      Jaitley just took on the defense ministry ahead of the fighter tender

      Is India Buying 200 F-16 Fighter Jets?

      Or will the Indian Air Force opt for Sweden’s Gripen in a new competition to build a single-engine fighter jet?

      Wait, Russia is tendering.
      "We will certainly participate in a tender with MiG and Su," Drozhzhov said at the Aero India 2017 exhibition in Bangalore on Wednesday.


    3. few days before the Ashot-7 collision

      22-Apr RFERL: Russian Soldier Stabbed To Death In Armenia in the northern city of Gyumri. Law enforcement officials said the body of the soldier, identified by prosecutors as 21-year-old Dmitry Yalpayev, was discovered with stab wounds to the neck on April 22 near a shop in Gyumri, Armenia's second-largest city.

      2015 Gyumri massacre was a mass murder of seven members of the Armenian Avetisyan

    4. Russia may dispatch vessel to guard area, where Liman intelligence ship sank - admiral

      Depth chargers too?

  4. Thanks for the comments all
    anonymous thanks for the links to recent events
    It's getting hair raising out there- yikes

  5. I've updated the post with information on the Berlin to Baghdad rail line- fascinating- I had no idea
    There was an article about this at the Guardian but it was so over the top I couldn't use it here-
    I like just the 'meat and potatoes' of the matter-

  6. Slightly off-topic but here's RT promoting that PROPAGANDA film, "The Promise"...

    I believe the English speaking wing of Russia Today is now crowded with cryptos (and the not-so crypto!); just like those DONMEHS really responsible for the massacres.

    1. I've got to get to post regarding that movie and a couple of others- thanks.
      sadly there are about 5 posts in various stages
      just to much going on!