Friday, April 28, 2017

PKK calls on US to choose between ‘Kurds and democracy or Turkish government’

And long time NATO ally. 

 Let's not forget how it is was Turkey was cajoled into NATO? With the help of attacking Kurdish proxies.  Reread: West Unhinged Over Turkish Referendum

Reality is Turkey has always been a barely tolerated subordinate, but, ooh how the US likes to spin that all important ally meme along with the indivisibility of the NATO alliance- Bullocks!

So lets get this straight? A terrorist group. Drug and human smugglers are telling the US to choose between them and their ahem‘democracy’ vs a sovereign nation state, it’s people and it government? Terrorists calling on the US to choose between themselves, terrorist drug/human smugglers /extortionists etc and a fully formed, functioning nation state? Sounds about right!  
Terrorist proxies, presented as either good or bad, necessitating US intervention. 'Cause this game can be played both ways!

 - Present day, bad guy presentation we have ISIS
- Previous day,  good guy presentation we had KLA
In both cases the US had to 'intervene' to save "victims"

The PKK are not good guys, nor was the KLA, though the US has worked very diligently to change the global perception of them with a rebrand (YPG) and heavy PR campaign. 

Eaten up by many. Sadly.

Eventually the US will cajole Europe into removing the PKK from the terror/drug smuggling/human smuggling shit list, like the KLA previously,  then they'll crown them king despots of occupied Kurdistan aka Israel 2.0- Wash, rinse, repeat!

Flashback-  Three Cheers for the PKK? 


The Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) has released a statement condemning Turkish airstrikes on Kurdish forces in Syria and Iraq and called on the US to make a choice on who it supports in the region.

Calling the Turkish government a “fascist alliance” between President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and Nationalist Movement Party leader Devlet Bahceli, the PKK’s statement said “all-related parties” needed to “declare who they side with.”

“Fascist AKP [Turkish government] officials stated that the attack was carried out with the knowledge of the US, European Union, Russia and KDP. When this is the case, we call on all related parties to make their stance clear and to declare who they side with; either with the Erdogan-Bahceli fascist dictatorship or a Democratic Turkey and Free Kurdistan,” read the statement, published on ANF news agency.

The Kurdish group also said the strikes had started a “new phase” in the region, suggesting that the war between the Turkish army and Kurdish groups would escalate.

Claiming that it had shown “great attention and sensitivity” in its war, the group accused the Turkish government of not reciprocating and international powers of not “standing against the fascist Turkish forces’ de facto invasion of Syria and Iraq.”

In a statement several hours after the airstrikes on Tuesday, the Turkish military had said it had carried out the airstrikes on PKK and affiliates’ positions from where attacks against Turkish forces had been prepared and conducted.

Turkey has vowed to prevent a Kurdish-led autonomous region from emerging in northern Syria and has said it will not allow the PKK to set up bases in Shingal.
Since Europe is having a problem with refugees present day.... A US choosing of PKK against the nation state of Turkey is going to make that situation a whole lot worse.By design, of course, Perhaps the Germans, in particular, had better consider this carefully.

If you missed

OIT- Interview F. William Engdahl- Round Table, World War & Gods of Money

Take the time to listen and read, I've updated the post with additional info


  1. Penny:

    The sinking of the Russian reconnaissance ship is shady as hell. Even the name of the civilian ship is highly Suspicious, Ashot-7. Look up which middle eastern ((( country ))) uses that word. Who actually owns the civilian ship ? It doesn’t matter where its registered.

    ” Beneath the waves: Has a sunken Russian ship been sabotaged? ”

    Ashot Industries Israel …………………..


    1. Hey Mieszko 1

      I agree regarding the Russian ship- there was some news that the Brits might have had a sub in the area- perhaps an underwater drone?

      Will check out the links and thanks!

    2. Penny:

      Please disregard the Syrian perspective link. Thats a mistake.

  2. I wondered why you hadn't written about what is going on between YPG and Turkey.
    Turkey attacked their terror positions in Iraq and Syria, and have been fighting them along the border for days.
    A collective international community is going gaga, it's hilarious almost.
    The attacks have scared the US, as they prove that Turkey won't accept a PKK state at their border and that they are going to fight.
    Here I'm talking about the military, Erdogan is sucking up to Trump -- as usual.

    1. Hi Rescue:

      was wondering where you had gotten too?!

      I just haven't had any time to do that- I've got a backlog of posts and I'm playing catch up big time! But, I have a pile of items linked- I just need the time to write it all up

      Hoping tomorrow?
      I've got another one almost all ready to go that will be controversial...

  3. Turkey has signed a deal with the Russians for S-400 SoA. The again most don't know is the Russian techs control the rockets not the buyer that might be different with China.