Saturday, April 22, 2017

The 5 Eyes (6 eyes?) Meet in New Zealand- Presently

Interesting comment included asking if the 5 eyes, should really be knows as  the 6 eyes?
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Readers here have surely noticed I use the "5 eyes media" label to describe what is almost entirely all of the main stream and alternative media
I caught exactly, ZERO news stories originating from here in Canada on this meeting. Yet, Canada is assuredly fully represented at the meeting in New Zealand.

The real reason 5 Eyes are meeting in Queenstown

"The surprise by the corporate mainstream media that the 5 Eye Nazgul are meeting in Queenstown is Orwellian double think.
The truth is that the 5 Eyes spooks meet in NZ quite regularly and the surprise by the corporate media is more due to the lack of institutional knowledge now inside these news organisations.
This was March 2011…
Key meets high-ranking US intelligence chief
Prime Minister John Key has had a meeting with a man he describes as the most senior American intelligence official to visit New Zealand.
…this was September 2012…
US Defense Secretary’s visit ‘shows great progress’ – Coleman
New Zealand is hosting the United States Secretary of Defense today in a symbolic visit that could signal a move towards restoring defence ties between the two countries.
…and this was November 2012…
Mystery spook’s identity confirmed
The identity of a United States spy who mysteriously landed in Wellington last year can be revealed as National Security Agency director General Keith Alexander.
…this ignorant surprise at 5 Eye spooks visiting NZ hides the horrible reason as to why the 5 Eye Nazgul visit so regularly here, and that is because we are so apathetic that we don’t bother protesting these visits.
If these spooks were trying to meet in Canada, Australia, Britain or the US, it would provoke massive civil rights protests, but because they are held in the Shire, the sleepy hobbits of muddle Nu Zilind barely even register what the hell is going on.
It is time we pulled out of the 5 Eyes and became an independent nation again, whatever we gain from being a member is nothing compared to the control we are losing. The GCSB and SIS have both had increases in budget by 250% and 174% under National and Key reorganised the following intelligence apparatus to answer only to a small clique of security goons that Prime Minister Bill English now controls; the Organised Crime Intelligence Unit, Financial Intelligence Unit, Strategic Intelligence Unit, National Bureau of Criminal Intelligence, Identity Intelligence Unit, Threat Assessment Unit, Police Terrorism Investigation and Intelligence Group and the Special Investigation Group.
That’s a lot of security apparatus doing what?
The Government can barely keep our privacy safe as it is with their new demands of unconstricted access held by multiple agencies…
‘Extremely disappointing’: Minister still concerned after privacy near-miss
MSD privacy breach report raises more questions than answers: Anne Tolley
Our digital individualism has trapped us all culturally by the mass surveillance of the Deep State and its power over our Democracy is almost immeasurable.

Otaga Daily Times
 It was understood about 15 agencies that carry out intelligence for Five Eyes - the spying partnership of the United States, Australia, Canada, the United Kingdom and New Zealand - would be attending the conference, which was believed to run for about a week and include golf, it was reported.

The Otago Daily Times understands police officers from Dunedin, Christchurch and further afield are in Arrowtown to provide security during the event.
A group of police officers who ``looked like a rugby team'' reportedly arrived at Millbrook, near Arrowtown, late yesterday afternoon in unmarked police cars and a dog squad vehicle.
One road, beside the main reception area, was blocked off by road cones.
Black vans could later be seen in the distance at the golf resort. The main entrance to Millbrook was open and no security was present.
 Relevant related comment
 Lois Griffiths says:
The ‘5 eyes’ are really ‘6 eyes’ exposed by Jeff Halper, author of War Against the People , p104
“The IDF’s Urim facility in the northern Negev is part of the network of Echelon satellite interception ground stations initially set up in the early 1960s by the US, Britain, Canada, Australia and New Zealand (“Five Eyes”)…”


  1. Hi Penny:

    The report says:

    "....If these spooks were trying to meet in Canada, Australia, Britain or the US, it would provoke massive civil rights protests, but because they are held in the Shire, the sleepy hobbits of muddle Nu Zilind barely even register what the hell is going on..."

    I suspect that the 5 eyes are actually, like the CIA, the Ziofascist occupation security forces of all the occupied nations of the West...including Canada. All these countries are occupied and controlled by Ziofascists. The reason they meet in New Zealand, IMO, is because New Zealand has always been one of the "fall back" nations that the Zios will retreat to if they ever get booted out of the occupied countries. Remember how the Nazis all went to countries in Central and South America? Well, it's kind of like that.


  2. Would there be civil rights protests? I figure they would be able to meet without getting attention to themselves no?

    Personally I think it might be more in the idea that New Zealand is small country surrounded by water and because if that its easier to determine if there might be any spies from different agencies ?

  3. Hello GC and Kaz

    GC: The 5 eyes and the CIA go hand in hand IMO

    The ziofascists are holed up in more nations then just the 5 eyes though- think about france and germany? definitely ziofascist infested- but not 5 eyes:

    I think the 5 Eyes have to do with the British Empire,(not India) the CIA (think of the WASP aspect of the CIA) and likely more that I can't put a finger on it?
    Believe me I've been thinking about it too!

    Israel as a player in this all is interesting- since it's creation came out of the British Empire. Not saying it is, but, saying it's certainly possible.

    It's always claimed Israel isn't part of NATO,but, they are --- not officially--so their involvement with 5 eyes could be something like that

    I believe NATO (founding members) = 5 eyes too

    Kaz: I thought about that remote locale of New Zealand- away from prying eyes to a great extent- and very easy to determine if there is infiltration- makes sense

    and then there is the Israeli aspect- New Zealand is certainly Israeli infiltrated for such an obscure nation state

  4. The CIA is a Mossad foreign mole in the US and has been the driving force behind all the war-mongering and terrorism world-wide. CSIS in Canada is a branch plant of the CIA. No doubt all the five eyes countries have CSIS-like moles in their countries too....and no doubt New Zealand has a CSIS-like agency. This meeting is just a get-together of all the foreign-based Ziofascist/mossad agencies.

    1. Hey Greencrow!

      Can you point me in a direction to read up on the CIA Mossad as a foreign mole? I've never come across anything to suggest that? Of course I could be mistaken.

      My understanding was the CIA came directly out of the OSS-

      "The Secret Intelligence Branch

      When the OSS was created in 1942, its leader Gen. William J. Donovan had not intended for it to be an organization of spies. Donovan originally wanted OSS to support military operations in the field. However, he soon realized the value of clandestine human reporting. The OSS was modeled after British intelligence organizations and consisted of three branches:

      Secret Intelligence (SI) Branch
      Special Operations (SO) Branch
      Morale Operations (MO) Branch

      The Secret Intelligence Branch was established to:

      Open field stations,
      Train case officers,
      Run agent operations, and
      Process reports in Washington.

      Since the SI Branch was modeled after the Britain’s intelligence services, Donovan sent new OSS agents to the United Kingdom to learn about espionage techniques, covert communications, and secret codes"

      This is my understanding of the CIA earliest days.
      The OSS predates the creation of Israel

      However, there were/are plenty of jews in the CIA.(fight against communism?)
      In the book "The mighty Wurlitzer" this is very clear.
      So this is why I am unclear on the Mossad mole idea