Saturday, April 15, 2017

Turkey's Referendum: "To Close To Call" ???

According to 5 eyes media- Both sides, Yvet (Yes) and  Hayir (No), are neck and neck. Is that accurate? Come on, it's 5 eyes media!

This is same media that swore up and down that Hillary Clinton was going to win the US election. This is the same media that makes real out of the unreal, thinking specifically about the recent, alleged chemical attack in Syria.

Here's an example of five eyes media perception management regarding Turkey's referendum.
Via Canada's own CBC
 "The most recent polls put both of these sides neck-and-neck still. It has been like that throughout the campaign," said CBC's Nik Köksal
That's been the consistent theme throughout the western media reports- "Neck and neck"
Of course this spin is being engaged in because it provides the 5 eyes media the option of claiming there was voter fraud and "Erdogan stole the referendum"

A claim that will be as substantive, valid and truthful as the recent accusation of Assad gassing his own people. Again.
It won't matter though. Because way to many people will be willing to jump on the bash Turkey, Turkish people and Erdogan bandwagon. 

I've been keeping an eye on the referendum news from Turkey via a journalist embedded in Turkey. I suspect he is monitoring and requisitioning internal polls for certain interested parties. Though he could just be interested for purely personal reasons, much like myself, but that seems doubtful. Oh well.

Let's look at the referendum numbers and stats coming out of Turkey via James in Turkey

As of April 13/17

As of April 6/17 

As of March 30/2017
 What we are looking at here, and I mean really looking at is a roughly 60 yes/40 split nearly consistently-  James in Turkey discusses how these numbers came to be very clearly also discussing the previous success the polling company employed, had in correctly calling other referendum results:
Nonetheless, the company is confident they have a sample that broadly reflects Turkey’s demographic make-up. Qriously would argue its referendum methodology is tried and tested, having successfully called the UK’s Brexit and Renzi’s Italian referendum last year, as well as this month’s Dutch election. I leave the judgment to you.
 Recall the media spin prior to the Brexit? And then of course the hand wringing and wailing afterwards about the actual vote- which saw Brits wanting to leave the EU.  

I'm taking the same position taken all along- This is a referendum for the Turks.

Highlighting, again, a point that was made in this post: Turkey's Referendum: Is The Sky Really Falling?

From an embedded audio clip
 Interestingly DW found plenty of Kurds willing to vote "Yvet" in the referendum-
  Kurds are not a black and white case in Turkey- unsurprising to me. Many blame the PKK for the violence that they live through! Yes, that is the Kurds that blame the PKK- which is not a surprise, again! A Kurdish man, who loves President Erdogan? Something we'd never hear of in the west, I mean, 5 eyes media. It's an interesting 10 minutes. Give it a listen and share some thoughts.

" The most striking regional result is southeast Turkey – YES (68.4), NO (31.6)where this poll suggests reports of the pro-Kurdish HDP’s dwindling influence appear to be true. Other regional differences are less striking: western Aegean and Thrace, both solid CHP areas, are firmly in the NO camp, while some of Yes’s strongest results come from the pro-AK Party Black Sea"
 The Turks will live with the results of this referendum. As the American populace lives with a Trump presidency and we here in Canada suffer under Tru-dough's prime minister act.  Outside interests may not be as willing to live with the results of Turkey's referendum. I suspect this is the reason 5 eyes media is spinning neck and neck. Or to close to call. The media is providing a cover story for future/probable interference in Turkey.

Oh and lastly check out the media page at

Very informative- Hurriyet is a Gulen/CIA production. Hurriyet is nearly exclusively used by many alt media sites I consider untrustworthy. I had always suspected it was definitely pro Atlantacist, as mentioned, and always had to verify it's content elsewhere. 
 I'm sure readers here have noticed that practice, also reading my mentions of that on a number of occasions.  CNN Turk, lol, I recall that from the coup attempt. The guy at Incirlik was watching CNN to get his updates on the coup.. Makes sense that CNN Turk had the inside track, especially when one considers CNN's role with Syria Danny.. Recall that?

Wanted to add this one to the post!

Henri J Barkey: Turkey will never be the same after this vote

The man who was in Turkey immediately preceding the coup.. and he spins all the western 5 eyes memes- 

"Even so, the contest is too close to call."

 You can see internal polling directly above to close to call is not based in reality

" Turks have a tendency to buck the system when they feel that the rules of the game are unfair or that they are being bullied by their leaders. No one should assume that the vote will turn out the way Erdogan has planned"

  Barkey is planting the idea that there will be conflict, mayhem and manipulation.
According to Istanbul Police's Intelligence, Counter Terror, Cyber Crime and Criminal Units, Barkey was holding a meeting with 17 top figures, most of them foreign nationals, at a hotel on Istanbul's Princes Island on July 15, the day of the failed coup attempt in Turkey.

Barkey was staying in the Splendid Hotel, which was used as a British Military Headquarters during the days of occupation in 1919, between July 15 and 17.


  1. Thanks for this update and for your coverage of this crucial issue, Penny. We don't get this info anywhere else. Almost all the elections and referendums of interest to the perps during the last several decades (since they took over the West) have been "too close to call" dontchaknow. On a closely related topic...I am disappointed in Erdogan's wishy washy stance between Russia and the west re the recent Syrian attack. He is being quite short-sighted, IMO. In that recent podcast interview of F William Engdahl, Engdahl called Erdogan an "opportunist" when asked to describe several current leaders. Your thoughts?

    1. Yup, I would say Erdogan is an opportunist!- Same as every other political leader in my opinion.
      I would even characterize Erdogan as shrewd-

      Shrewd defined as : having or showing an ability to understand things and to make good judgments : mentally sharp or clever

      Thinking about Putin wrt Ukraine- He, as the leader of Russia, and and being a shrewd leader himself, took the opportunity presented by the western coup to encourage a separatist movement, knowing the sentiment was there.

      And I actually do think based on all my own reading the AK party is popular in Turkey-

  2. 2 shorts videos of TRT world news about the system. Thought worth sharing

  3. thanks kaz

    I'm presently watching the first one and it's interesting that he noted the system as it is is a bit of a hybrid, which I noticed as I did the research for a previous post

    Because the Turks already vote for their president (Erdogan) which is different then a normal parliamentarian system where the leader is not elected by the people- ie: we did not actually vote for PM Trudeau here in Canada.

    There is a real cult of personality around Erdogan, which is noted in the first video,for positive or negative, in Turkey. In western 5 eyes media it's very noticeable as a negative much like Putin is the Tsar type stuff

    I do not like when everything comes down to 'cult of personality' I witnessed Canadian media engage in that manipulation around Trudeau and didn't like it. Putin has that type of following also- not sure if he has it in Russia, but, he certainly has it on line.
    I refuse to let that influence me thinking.

    I like that the person pointed out that this is a change of system and not about Erdogan, because it is important the Turks and everyone outside of Turkey understands this is a system change, not an ego trip for anyone- As I stated in my previous post it's best not to make this about Erdogan, because he will not always be leader..
    But the system will be changed

    I also watched the second video- thanks for leaving the link to that one also

    1. I am also very unhappy with this entire cult movement around him, but this is more a problem within Turkish society then anything else. And its also which alot of anti-Erdogan intellectuals point out, but somehow they all fail to accept the fact is, that It was not Erdogan who set up this trend, but by the accumulation of the last century. Like a philosopher Locke said about raising children, children start with a blank slate and everything they learn from that age will be the foundation on which they will build everything. Now knowing this consider the fact that from very young age the idea of Ataturk as their Savior and their only reason of existence is being rammed into their skulls, year in and year out and then wonder why the There is a Cult problem in turkey. And they consider the cult of Ataturk natural.

      I like to communicate with people and become sad when people become puppets for cults. Setting up a layer between me and themselves, unable to communicate.


    "President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan and his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin discussed the latest developments in Syria by phone on Thursday, according to the Turkish presidency.

    During the conversation, the two leaders highlighted the importance of joint efforts by Ankara and Moscow to continue the work of the Geneva and Astana peace talks"