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US Access to 5, yes 5, Air Installations In Stolen Northern Syria

With the capture of a strategic airfield in northern Syria this week from Islamic State, U.S.-backed forces and the American military have access to five air installations in the region, a network that can prove decisive in the fight against Islamic State, according to U.S. officials and analysts.
March 26/2017:  Taking Raqqa: Dam, Airport Captured- US Deal with Kurds On Syrian Territory
Two U.S. officials told VOA that American engineers and crews were working on repairing and restoring the airfield near Tabqa dam that was taken by the U.S.-backed Syrian Democratic Forces on Sunday.

U.S. General Carlton Everhart, commander of the Air Force's Air Mobility Command, told VOA that his men had airlifted SDF forces behind IS lines to allow them to launch the attack that captured the airfield.
March 22/2017: US Launched "Surprise" Attack On Raqqa. Blocking SAA/Hezbollah/Russian Forces
Everhart would not confirm or deny whether his men were repairing the Tabqa airfield, because of operational security, but said his men would be able to “do so at a moment's notice
The capture of Tabqa airfield comes as the U.S.-led coalition has been quietly increasing its aerial capability in northern Syria to include more landing areas and bases for taking the fight to IS.
Kobani to play role
U.S. military officials and SDF commanders told VOA on Friday that an airbase in Kobani will be the headquarters for U.S.-led coalition operations to retake Raqqa.

The Kobani base includes an airfield that was built from scratch by U.S. forces, they said. The base has been “up and running for a while,” one U.S. military official said, but is “still a work in progress.”

Speaking on condition of anonymity, the U.S. military official said the airbase about 110 kilometers north of Raqqa would be used in the same way as Qayyarah Airfield West in Iraq is being used for operations to retake Mosul.

Silveria, the deputy commander of U.S. Air Forces Central Command, told reporters that Air Force engineers had restored a Syrian airfield so it is capable of receiving regular shipments of ammunition and supplies. In March alone, Silveria said, the airfield was used for at least 50 landings by C-17s and more than 100 landings by C-130 military cargo planes.
The Kobani airfield “is used more due to its size and because it is better equipped,” SDF commander Nasser Haj Mansour told VOA.
Kobani and the newly seized airfield in Tabqa increase the capability of the U.S.-led coalition to strike from the air and resupply troops on the ground.
Kobani and Tabqa plus three equals 5 accessible bases- Equals permanent occupation by the US of annexed, by the Kurds,  northern Syria
Those bases add to three others already controlled by U.S. allies in the region: Syrian Kurds built an airbase last year on farmland known as Abu Hajar airport in the Rmelan area and nearly doubled the length of the runaway to initially allow for delivery of cargo. Two other airfields in the region, one formerly used for agricultural purposes and the other a former Syrian military base, have also been expanded by Kurdish forces.

Recall my post from 2014?  Kurdistan. NATO’s new Southern Flank?
Yes, I wrote that in November 2014- It is now April 01/2017

If all goes well for NATO, Israel and the Kurds.  Turkey will be supplanted as NATO’s Southern Flank. It seems to be just a matter of time.....

Like I’ve said for years, all done in plain sight- Right before all our eyes.

Out with Turkey and in with a new NATO friendly Kurdistan. But more then just NATO friendly? Also oil rich. And very friendly with Israel
fresh crow pie
 For all my attackers/detractors - please step up for your oversized piece of crow pie!

Brief digression...

I have to admit, it has astounded me to think of all the PKK/YPG cheerleaders, yes, they really are the same, so many of you, wacky cult like followers, marxist dingalings, cheering for a bunch of terrorists/drug dealers/ organ traffickers being armed by America to destroy nation after nation. All who wrote rubbish like the Kurds are  “the only reliable proxy force available to the U.S.”  Bullocks! You all supported the war machine- Every last one of you.  As you cheered the kurdish militas you also cheered for ethnic cleansing of tens and tens of thousands- The murders. The rapes. The displacement. The weaponized migration.The msm and the alternative media both sold the lies hook, line and sinker. The truth really was staring us all in the face. This chapter in recent history really clarified, in my mind, who or where I should look for trusted sources and who/where I should not look. While also reinforcing  the idea of trusting one’s own judgement- Employing logic- Understanding logical fallacies. And thinking for ones self- while questioning everything and everyone.  Only, after informing oneself to the best of one's own ability! It was a learning experience :)

Alternatives to Turkey's Incirlik-

As stated previously
"However, analysts note that the U.S.-led coalition's efforts to upgrade air facilities in northern Syria could eventually reduce its reliance on the Incirlik base.
Any alternative to Incirlik reduces Turkish bargaining power and leverage,” said Michael Rubin, a former Pentagon official who is now an analyst with the American Enterprise Institute in Washington"
August 2015: Is Turkey Heading to Partition? American Enterprise Institute
 Well, well, well. So let’s see I’ve been prognosticating the destabilization/destruction of Turkey for how long now? I had dropped hints through out the blog on many an occasion.

2014: Kurd/ ISIS Symbiosis- The impending destruction of Turkey


2014: Pt.2- Kurd/ ISIS Symbiosis- The impending destruction of Turkey
 After that two post kick off  there have been numerous other posts delving deeper into and expanding a bit more on the subject of Kurd/ISIS symbiosis leading to the impending destruction of Turkey. The Kurd/ISIS symbiosis is not coincidence. That symbiosis points to a cohesion. As stated here on multiple occasions.
I took my lumps for this theory. I was derided. Attacked. Trolls visited. I seem to have been blocked from gatekeeper sites for pointing out what appeared obvious to me.


All those civilians still living in Raqqa- Most of them Arabs- Once they leave, if they can make it out- they will not be coming back.

 CENTCOM: More U.S. artillery troops may be needed in Raqqa

Gen. Joseph Votel, commander of U.S. Central Command, told Congress more U.S. troops may be needed to support the Syrian Democratic Forces' offensive to capture Raqqa.

“While exploring the northern side of the SDF-controlled part of the Tabqa dam, the RT crew – which became the first international news channel to film there – managed to catch a glimpse of US soldiers embedded with the Wrath of Euphrates operation.”
US soldiers were always embedded with the "wrath of Euphrates" operation.


US military delivers equipment to Kurdish forces in northern Raqqa: report
 “A lot of New weapons and Tanks arrived to SDF to use in Raqqa battle,” Hassan posted on Twitter today.

And Finally- Got this graphic from Scott @ Willy Loman How the Greater Kurdistan Project Works in One Simple Graphic A one word title for this simple, effective graphic "KurdIShIS"

 hatip to Scott, again

 From earlier:

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  1. ok so this is your analysis on what you believe is happening in Northern Syria...from what the Americans seems the be doing..What is important in my opinion though,is what the Russians and co. are thinking and are going to do do about it.That will determine the outcome in all this.

    1. my analysis is based on what is reported as occurring in the region from multiple sources-
      First of all people have to realize it's a remake of the region- from the Middle East to North Africa

      The writing was on the wall in 2014 when I wrote Kurdistan NATO's new southern flank- In 2014

      The Russians- have Tartous and Mediterranean access- I expect they will accept that. Unless all hell breaks loose, but, that's very dangerous

  2. I expect Turkey will ultimately join forces with Syria in order to prevent an independent cultural-marxist Syrian-Kurdish nightmare popping up in northern Syria.

    ""The US have been trying to divide Syria from the very beginning," Mustafa suggested. "This is an American project. We, Syrian Turkmen, are against this. Syria's territorial integrity must be preserved. In addition, it must be the Syrians themselves, not external forces, who decide the form of government in the country. The Syrian people must decide whether there will be a federal form of government, or some other form.""

    Obama was lying when he promised Ottoman 2.0 to the Turks -- the New Middle East maps always showed a partitioned Turkey.

    1. I've waited for Turkey and Syria to get their act together- I mentioned times when it seemed possible-
      I've stated repeatedly Turkey and Syria and Iran all need to get on the same page..

      One of the last interviews Assad gave, I knew there was no chance of that occurring- and I hope to be wrong- believe me I still want to be wrong

      As far back as 2013 Turkey was not going along with the destabilization- (Reyhanli bombing 2013 was the warning then, but I didn't catch on until 2014). By 2014 I knew for certain, Turkey was already being targeted for destabilization.

      Yes, Obama was lying- We don't actually know if Turkey believed the lies-

    2. Turkey has been negotiating with Assad, since early march, for recognition and restarting diplomatic relations. I believe this will happen after the referendum on April 16.

  3. PS Plus there is no way that the Syrian People, SAA, Iran and Hezbollah will quietly accept the division of Syria. Aint gonna happen if they have any say in the matter.

    If Russia backs away from supporting Syrian unity, then we'll finally know that that country is another Zionist satrapy.

    The argument than Russia would want to avoid conflict with the West doesn't cut it -- the whole point of Russia's intervention was purportedly to stop the spread of the Western-mercenaries (Al-CIAda...ISIS) into Iran and then ultimately Russia. So it is not in an independent-Russia's interest to allow Israel 2.0 to pop-up in Mesopotamia. Unless, of course, Russia aint independent.

    If the Russians don't face down the Western-backed mercenaries in Syria, ultimately they will be fighting horde's of em on home soil. Unless Russia's role was always to help manage the breakup of Syria. If so, Iran better watch out...

    We'll soon find out.

    1. Take2-
      "Plus there is no way that the Syrian People, SAA, Iran and Hezbollah will quietly accept the division of Syria"

      Oh, I agree this won't be accepted- That's why the US is there to stay- to make the balkanization as intolerable as possible- And to prep for an attack on Turkey and Iran

      "Syrian Kurdish Safe Zones Could Thwart Iranian Threat to Israel"

      And help Israel to attack Iran too!

      As for Syria..

      Syria: From Hot War to Frozen Conflict

  4. Ziad says to Penny :D

    "I haven’t read anything from you, Penny, recently. Where are your articles? Send me some on my email so I can post them. Ziad ."

    Viva alt-news; viva alt-news-confab. It's good to talk (RIP Bob Hoskins).

  5. US presidents change; US foreign policy remains the same... it must to remain Kosher approved.

  6. Hi Penny,
    It seems Tillersons visit mattered a great deal, just not in relation to foreign policy.
    The Reza Zarrab case has been hovering over Erdogan's head for three years now. He, AKP and many Turkish business leaders, are accused of violating US imposed sanctions on Iran.
    Last week the US arrested, in New York, the deputy CEO of Halk Bank in connection with the case.
    People connected to the White House are in charge of the prosecution:

    1. Hey Rescue! I did see that news and have reported on the other case previously- So they have a club to beat Turkey over the head with- That's to apply pressure.

      How is Turkey going to deal with this?

  7. Regardless, Erdogan is now being blackmailed, majorly, by the US. The day after the meeting he realised some of the top G├╝lenist from prison, causing anger in Turkey. One can only wonder what the US will ask next?

    1. Oh geez, I didn't know that Rescue. I'll have to have a look at that.. thanks