Thursday, April 6, 2017

US Launches Airstrikes Against Syria- Military Intervention Begins

Donald Trump launches US air strikes against Assad regime in Syria with 59 Tomahawk missiles as military intervention begins

Syrian state TV slams American 'aggression'

Syrian state TV reports: "American aggression targets Syrian military targets with a number of missiles."

Trump: air strikes in the 'vital national security interest' of US

President Donald Trump has said the strike on Syria was in the "vital national security interest" of the United States
Trump calls on "civilised nations" to join the US in "seeking to end the slaughter and bloodshed in Syria".
He said there can be no dispute that the Assad regime used chemical weapons, referring to Mr Assad as the Syrian dictator.
He said years of attempting to change Assad's behaviour had failed.
Is Israel going to join in tonight too? Early am Syrian time. Australia is considering involvement.. unsurprisingly

Trump's first use of military force

His administration is less than three months old, but Mr Trump has already ordered military intervention in the Middle East - an act that contrasts sharply with both his statements on the campaign trail about the "disasters" of previous US military action in the region and the relative caution with which the Obama administration approached the question of whether to attack the Assad regime.

Runways, aircraft and fuel points targetted

Runways, aircraft and fuel points at the base were the targets of the air strikes, US official reportedly state.
The air strikes happened at 3.45am local time (1.45am GMT + 1).

Airfield used in Tuesday's chemical weapons attack struck

The Shayrat air base, near Homs in central Syria, was struck by the missiles, which were fired from two US vessels stationed in the Mediterranean.
The base is believed by US officials to have been used by Syrian jets in the chemical weapons attack on Tuesday.
It is not thought to be a large air base, and that 50-60 missiles would do serious damage.
At least 83 people died in Tuesday's attack, including 30 children. The atrocity changed Mr Trump's attitude to the Syria civil war and Bashar al-Assad.

Hillary Clinton calls for U.S. to bomb Syrian air fields- Just hours before the strikes hit

 In her first interview since her stunning presidential election defeat by Republican rival Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton on Thursday called for the United States to bomb Syrian air fields.

I think we should have been more willing to confront Assad," Clinton said in the interview, conducted by New York Times columnist Nicholas Kristof.
"I really believe we should have and still should take out his air fields and prevent him from being able to use them to bomb innocent people and drop sarin gas on them."
Clinton noted that she had advocated for a no-fly zone in Syria after leaving government, something that Obama opposed.

Despicable. Just despicable!! This news really disgusted and saddened me

Read from earlier today

No Fly/Safe Zone Pretext for Syria? Cause Trump was Absolutely Going To Do Safe Zones!


  1. The Syrian Army had too many successes recently so Israel kicked the ass of Trump and Trump is doing what Israel tell him. His is not a Russian agent. He is an Israeli agent, the same as Clinton, Obama and Bush.

    Unfortunately it turns out that the Russian air denence systems are worth nothing. Yeltsin and Yugoslavia, Putin and Syria, two failures.

    1. BTW:
      David Icke was right.
      "Trump & Clinton The Election Deception"

    2. Yes your are right about the Air systems. But the question is why? Russia want it so and plays only a game for us or the Systems are shit.

    3. No air defence would have come into play
      Russia would have had prior knowledge and stood down

    4. Only 23 of 59 U.S. missiles reached Syrian base -
      U.S. strike on Syrian airbase has low efficiency - Russian Defense Ministry

      Also note the Russians saying offensive on strikes just like the surprise rebel offensive after the Israeli airstrikes on Damascus
      Interfax ISIL, al-Nusra launch large-scale offensive immediately after U.S. strike on airbase in Syria - Russian Defense Ministry

      Rebels Damscuss 20Mar

      Israeli strikes 17MAr17

      Israel puts its david's sling into operation days ago

      Dont forget the 2013 missile launches in the med that no once claimed with eastern trajectory


      SU not SS or Susside, is it 1984? SS-22 REPORTED IN EAST GERMANY
      SS-22 was seen at Bernsdorf, East Germany, about 33 miles west of the Polish border, they said. From such a position, the SS-22 could hit targets throughout West Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands and Denmark, as well as part of Britain, France and Italy.

      Wiki: The use of Sukhoi Su-22 aircraft in the attack was also noted by pro-rebel sources (SOHR).[1] Later, the Russian Ministry of Defence repeated the claim made by the Syrian Armed Forces,[31] but said the attack on the ammunition depot took place between 11:30 and 12:30 EEST.

      St. Petersburg Metro bomber, identified as 22yo Dzhalilov,

    5. thanks for the updates, I've been busy reading
      saw that about the missiles so where did the other missiles go?

  2. Never mind Icke

    January 18/2017:Trump's Presidency: A Dangerous Deception

    "Personally speaking here. I've never been a believer in "the Donald" as the leader of any sort of grassroots/populist movement. Nor do I buy the common presentation of the media being opposed to him. I'm also not a fan of the whole 'deep state' is against Mr Trump. I see the psychology of influence at play."

    Yours truly and William Engdahl and other information too

  3. btw: the post was put up at 10:20 pm est
    immediately after hearing Trump on television- what a shocker!

  4. I'm sure you guys have already found this, sharing anyway. Cheers Penny!