Monday, May 15, 2017

Assad's (Hitler) Crematorium Claims the US

If at first you don't succeed? Lie, lie again. 
We're getting into Holocaust™ territory with this claim
Reinforcing well known, well worn mind viruses.

 New York Times

The Sednaya Prison complex outside Damascus, Syria
Is this the Sednaya Prison Complex? Could this be something other then a prison? I don't know. And I've no intention of taking the US word on this!

 The State Department released satellite images on Monday that officials (CLAIM) said showed that President Bashar al-Assad of Syria has built a crematory at a military prison outside Damascus to hide a large number of executions.
Stuart E. Jones, the acting assistant secretary of state for Near Eastern Affairs, said officials believed that the crematory had been constructed so that little evidence exists of the thousands of people who are executed every year at the Sednaya Prison complex.

Lots of beliefs out there. Lots of claims too Not all of them factual. 

The evidence presented by the United States remains circumstantial. Satellite photographs of the complex show that while nearby buildings were covered in snow, the roof of the building suspected to be a crematory was free of snow, suggesting a significant internal heat source.
 Should I believe what is being said? Should I believe this circumstantial evidence?
Mr. Jones said that prisoners had in the past been buried in mass graves, but that a crematory could dispose of the bodies without leaving evidence behind.
  "...could dispose of the bodies without leaving evidence behind"

Making this an ideal claim for the US to make, right?

Obviously I cannot believe ...


  1. Strangely enough on yahoouu the comments were "This just more propaganda by the fake news Amerikan govt."

  2. "...Satellite photographs of the complex show that while nearby buildings were covered in snow, the roof of the building suspected to be a crematory was free of snow, suggesting a significant internal heat source...."

    lololol if only the PTB would place such confidence in empirical evidence of intense thermal heat....then they would have investigated the melting steel in the WTC...and not accepted the lies about Arabs in Caves in Afghanistan...then there would nave been no wars for resources/Jews and we would be in a different era now. Instead they try to make fools out of all of us with their "selective" choice of evidence.

    1. hey gc- I wonder how many people are actually believing this?

  3. "Syrian Army Retakes Most of Rebel-held District on Edge of Damascus

    IDF Airstrikes

  4. The Syrian army aided by Iranian-backed militias was moving troops to a desert region near its border with Iraq and Jordan just as US backed rebels are consolidating control in an area from which ISIS militants had recently pulled out, rebel sources and commanders said on Monday
    But the push by the Syrian army and its Iranian backed allies could risk bringing them to close to the Tanf base near the Iraqi border where US special forces operate and train FSA rebels, rebels said.

    The base is being expanded to become a launching pad for operations to oust militants from the eastern province of Deir Zor, that straddles Iraq, from the south east of Syria, regional intelligence sources say.

    1. “The Syrian desert will not accept new occupiers it got rid of Baghdadi’s caliphate (ISIS head) not so that Iran’s terrorist militias take its place. It is our strategic depth,” said Captain Ahmed Tamer, the head of the Ahmed Abdo Martyrs Forces.

    2. The Abdo Martyrs Force is some version of FSA?
      (there have been so many versions of it)

      And their going to fight who exactly?
      "Iran's terror militias"
      So groups allied with SAA?

    3. Eager lion exercises ongoing in Jordan..More staybehinds?

    4. Unilateral souther no fly zone as the us Israel appendage to the de escalation zones

      Netanyahu just called for asouthern golann buffer as the jpost reports on the former idf calling for assassinating assad.

      Airstrike daara?