Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Hysteria reigns as "CO2 levels cross 410 ppm " First Time In Human History

CO2 levels on Earth cross 410 ppm for the first time in HUMAN history! That's a bit over the top, no? How could those that make these claims possibly know this? Obviously that can't.

* co2-levels-on-earth-cross-410-ppm-for-the-first-time-in-history

*Earth’s Carbon Dioxide Level Breaks Dangerous Records In Human History

This Carbon Level Claim is  Lie of Omission

So let’s talk about this?

“The first time the observatory recorded CO2 levels passing 400 ppm was back in 2013"

- So the observatory recorded levels surpassing 400 ppm’s in 2013 and not since?
-'Cause there is no mention of these levels being consistent year after year since 2013.

- There is no information regarding levels being in the 400's prior to 2013
-There is no mention of the 2013 level being duplicated in 2014/2015/2016? If they were also high I'm sure the articles would not have ONLY cherry picked the 2013 data?

Some more quotes from the article:

“the latest number – 410.28 ppm to be exact “

“410 ppm is just the start of the terrifying records that will shock us in the upcoming months”

“Scientists at the UK Met Office predicted that March or April could witness CO2 levels reaching up to 410 ppm.”

Except the UK Met Office was wrong regarding their March to April window, because it took until May for the 410 to be hit

“According to the Scientific American, high levels of CO2 signifies that more heat is being trapped, thereby causing the climate to change at an accelerating rate.”

Oh really? Then why is it so unseasonably cold here where I live and for many many miles all around me-
1- Why is it unseasonably cold in  Ontario? 
* My furnace just 'kicked in' as I type this up (May 02/17) - Cause I love paying high heating bills in May- facetious

2-Why is it unseasonably cold in Manitoba?

3- Snow in Alberta- Late April

4-Montreal, unseasonably cold and wet

Why is it unseasonably cold just across the Niagara River in the US? Yesterday in southern Ontario- Niagara Region it was a balmy 9 C or 47 F. And that was May 02/2017. (Just three weeks to go till traditional planting time) It will  cool off overnight to about 6 C or 41 F

According to the common lie/lore all this carbon should be making everything warmer?
“high levels of CO2 signifies that more heat is being trapped, thereby causing the climate to change at an accelerating rate.”
Where is the heat? Where is the warming? There is none to be seen within many many miles of where I live! Yet according to the climate liars- I should be toasty- Real science is observable.

Let’s talk about the fact it’s been so unseasonably cold here that the leaves on my maple tree (south facing) are yet to unfurl (flowers and the beginnings of leaves are present). 
And it’s May 03! 

My Mulberry tree, which I can view easily from my computer here hasn’t got one leaf to speak of. Nadda one. My neighbours Silver maple (north facing) has no leaves- The Birch tree in the yard behind mine has no leaves. The Black Walnut tree a couple of yards over has no leaves.

So, basically it’s May 03- It’s unseasonably cool to the point the leaves haven’t unfurled yet and I’m heating my house, still!  Yet  I’m supposed to believe these alleged historical carbon levels indicate heat is being trapped!?  Well, where is the heat? Obviously spring is a bit laggard this year... and this is a very likely contributory to high CO2 levels- That will change in short order and I guarantee you won't hear or read a dam word about it!

Let’s talk about SEASONAL CO2 Fluctuations- A Natural Occurrence in the Real World

The Keeling Curve
 This shift between the fall and winter months to the spring and summer results in the sawtooth pattern known as the Keeling Curve measurement of atmospheric CO2 such that every year there is a decline in CO2 during months of terrestrial plant photosynthesis and an increase in CO2 in months without large amounts of photosynthesis and with significant decomposition.

 In general, researchers found strong seasonal CO2 fluctuations throughout the Northern Hemisphere and weaker fluctuations near the equator and in the Southern Hemisphere

The station at Barrow, Alaska (71° N latitude), for example, experiences enormous swings in seasonal CO2. In fact, at this site, the daily 400 part-per-million (ppm) benchmark was passed for brief periods starting in 2006

At the opposite end of the spectrum, at the South Pole (90°S latitude) and other sites in the Southern Hemisphere, there is hardly any seasonal variability.

These latitudinal differences in fluctuation are the result of photosynthetic activity by plants. As plants begin to photosynthesize in the spring and summer, they consume CO2 from the atmosphere and eventually use it as a carbon source for growth and reproduction. This causes the decrease in CO2 levels that begins every year in May.
Because photosynthetic activity is the cause of seasonal CO2 swings, regions with more plants will experience larger fluctuations.

Why Does Atmospheric CO2 Peak in May?

Tim Lueker, research scientist in the Scripps CO2 Research Group, only needs one sentence to explain why atmospheric CO2 peaks in May. 

“Springtime comes in May in Siberia,” he says.

And what month is it? Oh yes, it's May!


First, the significance of spring is related to the shift of terrestrial plants from barren winter branches to bountiful spring leaves. 
After the leaves on the trees drop in the fall, the leaf litter and other dead plant material break down throughout the winter thanks to the hard work of microbes.  During this decomposition, microbes respire and produce CO2, contributing to atmospheric CO2 levels in the process.  Thus over the course of the winter, there is a steady increase in CO2 in the atmosphere. 
In the spring, leaves return to the trees and photosynthesis increases dramatically, drawing down the CO2 in the atmosphere.  This shift between the fall and winter months to the spring and summer results in the sawtooth pattern of the Keeling Curve"

 Isn’t nature amazing! She, like a good mother,  is taking care of exactly that which needs to be taken care of ! She's smarter then any of climate scientist drivel I’ve had the displeasure of reading! Our planet, on it’s own, takes care of itself.  Without our awareness. And sadly without most people even realizing! The fact that the trees, shrubs etc are still without their leaves (never mind drawing CO2 for fruit/seed production etc) implies that they have not yet drawn all the carbon out of the atmosphere that was produced, as food for them, by the previous seasons decomposition- If there was no or low carbon in the atmosphere for all the vegetation there would be little or no vegetation. There would be no new life

Thanks to the high carbon levels in the spring, the new living plant growth is robust and has lovely vibrant colour. The lawn is very nice, green and lush. The CO2 enables all that fresh new growth for the coming season.  Undoubtedly once all the leaves/plants begin their photosynthesis the carbon in the atmosphere will drop- Dramatically. The frenzied headlines are  lies of omission to create fear.  The carbon fluctuation cycle as demonstrated by the Keeling Curve is normal.  I really do wish people would inform themselves in order to understand the natural cycles of our home planet!

Is heat being trapped by these dangerous CO2 levels?

 If we are to believe these “dangerous” CO2 levels were trapping excessive heat, there would be no unseasonably cold temperatures being experienced by millions. But that’s not all!  In the Great Lakes region were experiencing record lake levels.  I reside in the Great Lakes area and have seen this with my own eyes at Lake Erie. Where it is obvious the lake level is elevated.

Yes, we've had quite a bit of rain which is definitely raising the lake levels- But we've also had NO WARMTH that would cause evaporation of the water, which would reduce the water levels

Water Levels up on Great Lakes
There are three components that affect water levels. Evaporation off of a lake’s surface is a negative, it draws water from the lakes. Contributing factors on the positive side include precipitation and runoff into the lake, and connecting channels that inflow from the upper lakes and outflow from the lower lakes. They all determine how much water a lake receives.”
There is no evaporation taking place- Because that would require heat- and there hasn’t been any (save for about two days?) to begin the process despite these ‘dangerous’ carbon levels  allegedly trapping heat-  
Think of heating water on the stove- Water changes to steam and it evaporates. 
Think of a puddle after a rain, the sun comes out, the puddle evaporates.
As of Tuesday, April 18, Lake Erie was 46 centimetres above average for this time of year. Caldwell says the lake was 174.68 metres above sea level, and that its average at this time of year is 174.22 metres above sea level.

The high Lake Erie levels are contributing to high Lake Ontario levels

Lake Ontario is about 30 centimetres higher than normal for this time of year and is approaching one in 100 year levels for the lake,” said Christine McClure, water resources manager. “We are warning shoreline residents these high water levels, combined with high winds and waves, may cause damage to their shorelines and shoreline infrastructure.”

McClure said residents should take care to secure personal property such as boats and docks or any other loose items along the shoreline.
“It is likely that these high water levels on Lake Ontario and the Bay of Quinte will continue for the next few weeks.”

She noted the federal government monitors Lake Ontario, and predicts water levels on the lake could rise another 20 centimetres between now and early June.

“The major natural factors affecting Lake Ontario levels are inflow from Lake Erie, precipitation, evaporation, runoff, and wind effects,” she said.

I am not excusing any real pollution- in fact I abhor that. However, knowing that CO2 = Life on this, our carbon based life form planet, these over the  top claims, actually scare mongering, are particularly disturbing to me because they are suggestive of an anti life agenda. 

Shine on you crazy diamonds 
 It would be impossible for life on earth to exist without carbon. Carbon is the main component of sugars, proteins, fats, DNA, muscle tissue, pretty much everything in your body.

UPDATE: May 03/2017- English vineyards hit by 'catastrophic' frost, wiping out half of harvest
 The air frost that hit last week caused "catastrophic" damage to buds that had bloomed earlier than usual thanks to a warm start to the year.
Nick Wenman, founder and owner of Albury Organic Vineyard in Surrey, said it was the air frost that was particularly damaging, with three bad nights last week - the worst being the night of 26 April.
"It was like an Arctic wind which blew through the vineyard and froze everything in its path," he told BBC Radio 4's Today programme.
While secondary buds are expected later in the year, these are "never as fruitful" and do not have as long to ripen, he added.
He said 70-80% of buds at his vineyard had been affected which will mean at shortfall of 50% of its yield.
I can recall Ontario's grape growers and small wineries having a couple years like this. It's sad.

I like this little historical bit in the BBC article
  • Wine-making was brought to Britain by the Romans about 2,000 years ago.
  • By the time of Henry VIII there were 139 sizeable vineyards in England and Wales.
  • Vineyards reduced over next few centuries, partly due to climate changes (cooling)

It let's us know that England was much warmer- Romans bringing winemaking
Then it cooled off- vineyards reducing
Will England be able to sustain wine making at this time?


  1. Penny:

    Told you ...................

    " Israel Denies US Extradition Request for Jew Threat Maker "

    1. You were right Mieszko! Not that I doubted you would be after your previous comment. Nice Mossad operation to stir the global anti semite meme pot up

  2. I don't know if its me, but shouldn't they be talking and working on the health of the Ozone layer instead of CO2 ?

    1. Hey Kaz:

      There are a ton of others important things that should be worked on, if the environment and life was a real consideration

      For one example- pharmaceutical pollution of fresh water- now there's a big one!
      That needs addressing, but, who will do it?

      2nd- Run off from factory farming, polluting the water?
      Not even on the radar!

      3rd- GMO and the danger they pose to the natural world

      4th- petrochemical fertilizer use

      5- paving over/building on arable land- tied to excessively high real estate prices- that alone should have Canadians in a tizzy- particularly here in Ontario..

      I could go on and on and on

  3. Hi
    Snow in the Czech Republic in mid-April, more than a metre in higher areas, sleet in Prague, still coldish now.

    I assume that the PTB would like people to think of time as linear rather than cyclical, that way they can carry on making the same mistakes and have people live in a temporal cocoon.

    Perhaps some of the levels going up are results of the destruction of infrastructure in Libya, Syria and Iraq though I'm apt to blame those goddamned 'exhalers'.


    1. Hey aferrismoon:

      I like your thinking with regard to cyclical time as opposed to linear- must be why history repeats- and you can see these same patterns

      "Perhaps some of the levels going up are results of the destruction of infrastructure in Libya, Syria and Iraq though I'm apt to blame those goddamned 'exhalers'."

      That is one of my massively huge peeves with the phony greens- which is all of them IMO.
      Not a peep about the war machine. No siree
      They should be hand in hand with the anti war movement making the masses aware of the horrid environmental destruction brought on by all the wars being waged-

      Instead 'the sounds of silence' no condemnation- nothing- ever.

      I've never read any of these climatologists say anything like "oh we must stop all the war making"

      And you know why that is?

      Petrochemical industry makes money from all that war and that very same petrochemical industry is paying the lying climate scientists!!!

  4. I've updated with news out of England- devastating frost hitting their fledgling wine industry

  5. No arguments here.. But I know from my years in Physics and Chemistry that CO2 in itself is absolutely NOT a so called "greenhouse gas" as they falsely claim... Its presence in our atmosphere is not only for botanical respiration, but it acts as a coolant....

    Again, the only reason why they are pushing this Carbon/CO2 lie is because the products that produce CO2 can be metered and taxed!

  6. "the products that produce CO2 can be metered and taxed"

    like us?

  7. I am off grid with 100 acres CB island eastern Canada. Every year I take time off planting on Mar 15 and get on my Honda Shadow drive 60 miles into N Sydney to pay insurance.
    Not any more, now its a monster gussling 4x4 to go to hiway and plow out car. no more planting outside green houses it would freeze spring and fall.

    I do know carbon tax is to fund the up and coming 1 world Govt.

    1. Hello!

      Hubby say's your living the dream and asks if we can come and live with you- lol

      We saw two Honda Shadows last week at Shorthills Provincial Park- that wasn't you was it ;)

      Seriously, we're jealous- we do what we can to be self sufficient- I suspect we're amateurs compared to you though

      Hubby and I were talking today about the coolness that has descended on us here in Niagara- we used to get our garden in ahead of the plant date
      but for years it's been later- This year between the cool and the rain- we haven't got the garden even prepped yet

      And yes the carbon tax is to fund our enslavement- I wish people would wake up to that FACT

      And also the fact that the climate changes- Period.
      It's not static-

    2. I am on the World Cooling boat :|

      For example this youtube channel is only bussy with cooling events arround the world.

    3. thanks kaz

      feed the migrating birds
      we had a mourning dove pair in the leafless front tree- They might have stood a chance if the tree had it's proper leaf cover- But it didn't and their nest and the bird on it were blown out of the tree in the driving rain and wind

      it was sad to see, but, there was nothing we could do

      the nesting bird was distraught
      the egg fell to the ground and the nest went down the road

      had the leaves been full they would have been much more sheltered- perhaps the egg would have been a loss anyway? it's been so cold and wet the nest must have had water in the bottom of it

      sad,really :(

  8. This from website 'Englishrussia' - May snowfall in Siberia

    Carbon Tax - the lies of Emission

    Phony greens - maybe the real ones haven't unfurled yet :]


    1. the phony greens will never unfurl- to much 'green' in their coffers for them to ever be anything but the liars they are
      take that Greenpeace- that's why it has that name
      money for peace with corporations


  10. Um, dunno about you lot ... but there IS actual evidence that glaciers (in many different places) are melting ...

    1. Has there been actual evidence of non seasonal glacier melting? Resulting in the drastic ocean rises ala Al Gore?
      Real hard evidence? Or aspersion and manipulation like the fear mongering headlines used in this post?

  11. On the other hand ... the entire planet could retreat into the safety of 'Trump's Tower" ....meh

  12. Penny, I hope you are not affected by the floods?

    1. Hi Kaz- thankfully I'm not close enough to either of the great lakes erie or ontario to be affected
      Others haven't been so lucky-

      Was at the beach yesterday (Lake Erie- Nickel Beach) and the Lake levels are so high it's quite stunning!

      this is Nickel Beach

      You can see a yellow metal fence that separates private from public beach- the end of that fence is out of the water in 09- however the water level of the lake has crept up the beach itself and the lake level now reaches up to and takes in half of the fence itself. So almost half of the beach is underwater as of this past sunday
      We've had localized flooding here (river and road washouts)- apparently lake ontario is much worse.

      I love going to Nickel Beach because there is a pair of nesting bald eagles- and we saw them so close up this past year ( on many occasions too) - they are just beautiful- we had hoped they would be successful in raising at least one baby eagle and we may have caught a glimpse of it this past sunday- they are awe inspiring birds- beautiful and powerful

    2. Thats nice