Monday, May 8, 2017

Macron Triumphs? Record Votes for Nobody.

Emmanuel Macron's triumph over Marine Le Pen in the French presidential election has been hailed as a landslide victory for the centrist candidate and a widespread rejection of his rival's far-right platform.

But Macron's mandate may not be as overwhelming as it seems. A record number of French voters were so dismayed by their options that they either skipped the election or cast their ballots for no one at all. 
 The so-called "ballot blanc," or white ballot, has a long history as a protest vote in France, going all the way back to the French Revolution. This time around, nearly 9% of voters cast blank or spoiled ballots -- the highest ever since the Fifth Republic was founded in 1958.
 . According to a recent Ifop poll, 40% of French voters said they would cast a blank vote if it were recognized under French law.
Check the graphics at the article- both interesting and unfortunately unpostable
Does anyone have the stats on percentage of population that actually voted?
It seems abstentions and votes for nobody took a larger percentage of the vote then Le Pen and Macron's win can scarcely be called triumphant!

The protest vote

Guillaume Castevert, 46, from Bordeaux in southwest France, said he voted blanc in the final round after his favored candidate, Jean-Luc Melenchon, of the left-wing Le France insoumise movement, was knocked out in the first round. 
Like many voters, Castevert was scared of a Le Pen win and wanted his voice to be heard, but refused to vote for Macron, whose policies he disagrees with. "I don't want to vote against something," he told CNN. "I want to vote for something."
He's also deeply unhappy with the French electoral system. "I'm quite convinced that the election system is not very democratic. In fact, it's quite the opposite," he said. "Every five years you make people feel like they are important, like their vote counts, but it doesn't really matter."
Castevert said his white ballot represented a vote against both candidates and against the system he believes they represent.
Democracy should be about the people, he said. "Now it's not the power of the people, it's the power of a few people."
  "Now it's not the power of the people, it's the power of a few people."


  1. I was thinking how much the blogger Nobody, who is no longer with us would love the thought of "nobody" having gotten so many votes.

    Gallier2 will get my reference. james too.
    Be back tomorrow

    1. Hi Penny, his blog is still accessible though
      For those who do not know him, it's a good read even after all those years.

  2. Hi Penny:

    Nice to learn that France has a "None of the Above" option on its ballot. This is something I have always suggested for Canada and posted about numerous times. I knew Ireland had such an option, but not France. You can leave your ballot blank (or spoiled) here in Canada but the results will not be tabulated and announced the same as the candidate's votes.

    1. There's no such thing in France. The blank vote isn't counted in the vote.

  3. Frances new prezz is obomber 2.0

  4. There's one nice anagram one can make with Emmanuel Macron:
    "Mammon enculera". Which roughly translates to "Mammon will fuck in the ass".

    1. gallier2- I was wondering what your thoughts were on Macron- He seems to be weaselish- His looks- not trustworthy- shifty- diabolical-

      What's the wife, his handler?
      I don't buy the narrative, it's off- IMO

    2. Oh and gallier2- Interesting anagram!
      hubby and I laughed

    3. Yes, he's nothing more than a puppet. She his handler? May be. She was his teacher and knew him at age 15. Definitely pedophocracy territory here.
      As for my take on the issue. France is done for. It's fubar. Alain Soral's book "Comprendre l'Empire" (Understanding the Empire) has as subtitle "Demain la gouvernance globale ou la révolte des Nations ?" (Tomorrow the global governance or the revolt of the Nations?) and that says it all. Either your with us or against us and France is now deeply in the camp of the NWO.

    4. If England leaves the EU- and I suspect they will- France will be totally subordinated to Germany in the EU, yet again- Interesting cyclical history..

      It's too bad, didn't know if Le Pen was as presented, or if she would've turned into Trump, but the banker isn't good for France that's for sure