Friday, May 26, 2017

Manchester: Blowback as CIA Obfuscation

 Rant time!

Is the Manchester bombing really "blowback"?

 I've long had issues with the common presentation of blowback.   Writing about this for the first time in 2014. Following up again in 2016. And, here we are again!

The term blowback ORIGINATED with the CIA.

 "Blowback” is a CIA term first used in March 1954 in a recently declassified report on the 1953 operation to overthrow the government of Mohammed Mossadegh in Iran"
It is claimed that "blowback" is a metaphor for the alleged unintended consequences of the US government’s international activities that have been kept secret from the American people.

This term blowback can of course be applied to the alleged unintended consequences of any intelligence agencies covert activities

The fact that it was the CIA that created this term for what they claim are 'unintended consequences" is a huge red flag.

How do we know the consequences were unintended? 

Because the CIA tells us so? Should we take the CIA at it's word? 
Are they known for their honesty? Or their deception? 

When considering blowback, as an alleged unintended consequence, we have to consider the real possibility, in fact the likelihood, that the term was coined as a deception. 

It's quite interesting to observe that the concept of "blowback" and the creation of NATO stay behind operations/covert ops aka Gladio sometime after WW2 very nearly run in sync with each other. As does the very creation of the CIA itself,  after WW2(in cahoots with MI6)

1- WW2 ends
2- CIA created
3- CIA/MI6:  Stay-behind armies
4- CIA coined term "blowback", made public in 1953, most probably as an obfuscation for intelligence agency covert irregular ops.

As  explained twice previously the term blowback is circular reasoning-  

Both literally and figuratively speaking. I expect that was why the term was created. It was intended as a type of circular reasoning- to explain away an actual occurrence. And as a metaphor. A figure of speech.  Blowback.

2014: The logical fallacy of “blowback” Intoxication with the blowback mind virus

 Blowback, as commonly touted by the lying war mongering media, is always presented in this fashion: unforseen consequences from previous actions  Emphasis always on the “unforseen” Unforseen- defined as not anticipated or predicted.

Is it sensible that the Manchester incident could not have been foreseen or anticipated?
It is not. Because it has plenty of precedents. 

Blowback very often walks hand in hand with incompetence.

If we as individuals undertake behaviours repeatedly that cause harm, can we claim blowback as the excuse? Obviously not! So why do we not only believe but continue to make excuses for those we allow to lead? When are we going to hold the 'leaders' accountable? Why do we continue to excuse their abuses?

2016: Blowback: Begging the Question/Petitio Principii and Circular Reasoning

Blowback is a logical fallacy. Blowback assumes the conclusion in it's premise.
It's a closed loop which shuts down any questioning.

 The claim of blowback should be employed judiciously and looked upon much more critically as an answer to the why of some thing happening. Guess that explains why I stay away from blowback as a routine fall back response!

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  1. Manchester wasn't blowback - it was a false flag. See Manchester numerology:

    1. Hi Kurt

      I do not believe it was blowback- blowback can't even be rationally considered based on the number of precedents- but too many jump on the 'blowback' meme/mind virus without thinking logically about what blowback actually is and it's insidious affects on the masses: ensuring continued acceptance aka compliance with the evil behaviours/covert ops of intelligence agencies

      oh dear it's all just an unintended consequence..

      that's nonsense and that's why I wrote on the topic yet again

  2. Hi Penny

    I am shamelessly saying hello and pointing you to my latest blog post in three parts - I managed to get hold of a concise timeline of news reports on the event... I watched it unfold as I was up all night with my insomnia bout and so ended up glued to the news event throughout!

    Obviously, as you are aware this is MAJOR take over of our lives in the UK right now...crazy levels!

    Cheers in the mean time

    P.S. Shameless is the title of a very popular tv show that use to run here set in Manchester!

    1. Hi Marie- I'm going to stop by and read asap
      No problem with the shameless plug- lol!

      I'm just annoyed with this blowback bullshit!
      It's mind control 101- control the parameters of discussion and consideration- control the reality
      which is why the CIA came up with that mind virus

  3. Yes, I used to watch Shameless^^ haha
    Manchester has had false flags in the past-1996 MI5-controlled IRA.

    1. Ally- meet Marie-
      I don't know Shameless at all
      Can you link to something regarding MI5 and IRA in Manchester?
      ty ally

    2. It was just a very bad TV programme filmed in Manchester that I used to watch many years ago.
      And regarding the links between the IRA and MI5, it was on the news a few years ago that Brit spirs had infiltrated into the IRA, allegedly to find out what was going on. But this is bullshit; I believe they were behind this group to undermine the Irish Republicans. I don't know if you know too much about Ireland but the Northern part is part of the UK, and the Southern part (Republic) is independent. Most Irish want to unite their country that has been taken away because of British colonialism but London still wants the North under their control.