Saturday, May 20, 2017

Must Watch Trudeau be A Pompous Arse- Worse then Harper

Note the arrogant smugness of Trudeau. I did NOT vote for this groomed stooge.
 "Opposition force Canadian Crime Minister Justin Trudeau to humiliate himself by having to avoid the exact same question, in what has to be a world record, 18 TIMES!!! May 10, 2017. As the Speaker of the House said, it's up to Canadians to judge the quality of the answers, so please help spread this video for all Canadians to see because we can't depend on the CBC"
Fellow Canadians how are we liking Mr Trudeau so far?


  1. Smug hardly puts a dent in it. He is proving to be just as I foresaw after his birth. Only, considering the stakes, worse. This is what a daddy complex to a Commie deviant can get you.

    What scares me is that you know damn well he is promised a second go-around in power.

  2. Hi Penny

    Even his father, Pierre, was not as arrogant...but then Daddy didn't inherit Mommy's brains.

  3. Hey Noor and GC:

    I couldn't believe my eyes or ears..Just watching him in action- I was waiting for him to flip the bird to everyone.

    He may not realize this, cause he is clearly out of touch with reality, but Canadians want straight answers to straightforward questions- Our MP is Liberal here and I'm thinking about going in and putting the question to him, for an answer-

    Hubby's idea.
    I'm tired of the Trudeau worship
    He's not worthy

  4. Yep, and see the French have elected the same type of puppet. It could be worse we have the trumpster.

  5. Wow! What a ...hmmm...never mind. I think anyone can see what a ________ he is.

    What is going on that he won't answer this question? I assume the answer he repeats is what his lawyer told him to say? I'm assuming that if he gave an actual answer to the question it will probably be brought back against him as the investigation goes forward?


    1. Hey jo and Gwen: Yes, he is very much like the french PM- except is wife is closer to his age.

      Trump and him are two sides of the same coin

      Gwen: He's being investigated for his dalliances with the billionaire on billionaire island and a whole bunch of taxpayer money he spent on vacation..

      And there is probably more to it still.
      Trudeau and Aga Khan

      Then there was Trudeau and pay to play
      He's a scum- but apparently the world loves him and he has 'awesome hair'

  6. sorry to be OT, but what's going on over at Syrper? For me it's stuck at May 14, 272 comments.

    Hi Penny, this is Dharma Sanctuary.

  7. Hey Dharma- Yah, I see that May 14 date..
    but the post date is two days old- so May 18?
    I see some of the oldest comments are just over two days old..
    Maybe Ziad dated the post wrong?
    Though dating (time and date) is generated automatically by blogger??
    I don't know?
    Hope all is well with him?

    I'll peek back over there tomorrow, meanwhile, should you find out anything let me know?

    Thanks in advance Dharma :)

  8. Stunning video, thanks so much Pen.
    And once again, I only find out about what should be blasting on every front page newspaper, and online and media vehicle, only in your blog! Hilarious, if it was satire - which it really looks like. Disgusting, in that this is reality.

    There should always be a means to make people answer direct questions, and even if they "can't" or "won't" answer them, at least state why or give a reason. For us normal folk, we'd be asked by the judge, then held in contempt of court, then eventually jailed if we continued to not answer. I think the politicians who are SUPPOSED TO SERVE US should be held to the same standard. And if they are found to lie, then they should be booted out.

    1. Slozo: I stumbled across that at WATTS UP
      and I could not believe that there hadn't been widespread coverage of Trudeau's behaviour-

      YOu know if this was Harper it would have been all over the place, but, it's Trudeau and were supposed to love him as he destroys the country

      His disdain for Canadians is obvious.. and hardly any Canadians care :(