Sunday, May 14, 2017

The Deal Associated Press (AP) & Roosevelt Made with Hitler's Germany

 Usually I just skim past any rehash of ww2 and nazi’s- It’s just so tiresome. However, I simply had to make an exception for this tidbit via Washington Post.
 As you read the entire news article you’ll notice it's written to gloss over the most curious admission  choosing instead to fret over photos published in the US.  It’s not that the photos published in the US don't interest me. They do. But the admission glossed over is the one of the US providing images to Germany....

At the height of World War II, the Associated Press made secret arrangements with an SS officer to obtain pictures taken by Nazi photographers that were distributed to American newspapers — a deal authorized by senior U.S. officials.
The extraordinary arrangement, which began in 1941 and ended with Hitler’s fall, is detailed in a lengthy internal report the AP released Wednesday morning. It comes several months after Norman Domeier, a German historian, discovered a letter describing the deal in the papers of AP’s then-bureau chief.
The report includes documents recently declassified at the request of AP’s management, including letters of approval from a wartime censorship office run by an ex-AP editor who reported to President Franklin D. Roosevelt. As part of the arrangement, AP shared pictures of U.S. war operations and Allied advances, which were reviewed by Hitler and published in Nazi publications.
 An AP editor who reported directly to Roosevelt - Who also shared picture of US war operations and allied advances
“With one known exception, the AP images that appeared in German publications through this arrangement were unaltered by the Germans, “ the report said, “but captions were rewritten by the Germans to conform to official Nazi views.
U.S. counterintelligence agents unaware of the approval found “definite proof” that the AP was “engaged in operations coming within the purview of the Trading with the Enemy Act,” according to a document referenced in AP’s report. The case wasn’t pursued.
 Obviously the case wasn't pursued because the President would've simply shut it down. 
Since the AP editor reported directly to FDR. 

"The case wasn’t pursued" & "editor who reported to President Franklin D. Roosevelt"

Why would Roosevelt have approved the sharing of US war operations and allied advances photos?

 Dealing with the images from Germany 

If we're supposed to believe that images regarding US ops were used by the Nazi's for propaganda, ("rewritten by the Germans to conform to official Nazi then should we interpret photos from Germany and their employment in the US?

AP's internal report exonerating themselves, of course

Firefighters at the scene of one of many synagogues across Germany that were set afire during the November 1938 Kristallnacht pogrom. This image was widely used by member newspapers

Is it sensible  that AP, when publishing these photos for the American audience, rewrote specific information/captions for the purposes of promoting propaganda to the American audience. I would think it perfectly plausible. 

Image above: 

Allegedly a synagogue? Not sure how one can tell from the photo, but, that's what is claimed in the caption accompanying it. Should we believe that caption at all? 

 Could this just be an image of an ordinary building fire with an exploitative/manipulative caption? We've all seen that type of manipulation via the media!

  I have to wonder why the fire department would even be there attempting to put out the fire if Germany and Germans wanted to rid themselves of the followers of Judaism? Why not just let the place burn to the ground? 

Propaganda, it's insidious.



  1. It reinforces the idea that World War 2 was a manufactured conflict. Information was being used by international elites to manipulate people into conflict. Now if only I could figure out the nature of that international elite *cough*banksters*cough* and even that is a euphemism!

    1. hey anonymous- Definite manipulation on many levels
      In the article there were those that did not know that thought it treasonous- but.. no investigation?

      I also thought about how the images at that time were just as lied about as now

      the fire image with the caption- made me think of the image in my previous post where the caption claims the militias are "carrying out mine clearing ops" are they really?

      I don't see specialized equipment for the work- or protective clothing- so why would I believe the caption

      here are russian sappers engaged in mine clearing

      that fire photo made me think of countless images I've seen over the 9 plus years of blogging that have no relation to the caption

      so many lies, over so long a period of time..

  2. We have that pegged, who Them are:

    1. Hi James- that's a whole lot of reading, I will partake in a timely fashion


  3. Speaking of WWII following the Chems


    1. I recall the reports at that time of the AP's reporters presence being simple happenstance- No way.

      "I decided to attend simply because it was on my way home from the Ankara office"

      It seems more likely he was sent to capture the moment..

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