Monday, June 12, 2017

The Target is Not Qatar, but, Saudi Arabia

Interesting oped
The recent decision taken by some Gulf countries to isolate Qatar is actually an indication that major events are about to take place in the region. We all know that these tremors are not under the control of one country, but it is not clear who will benefit or be affected by them. There is a significant difference between political change and physical change: political and social change may carry data which are beyond the calculations of physical change.

The number of actors in the Middle East today is beyond measure. Everybody has his own plan, but the internal inconsistencies of these plans do not allow anyone to make changes in the policies of the Middle East. Under these circumstances, we may find some parts who build their roots on top of their enemies or we may actually see a structure that is in its final stage suddenly sabotaged by someone else. The United States, which incites one terrorist group against the other, is doomed to deal with the destruction that this terrorist organisation made.

As a matter of fact, it is known that it is impossible for the United States to present a consistent and strategic plan for the Middle East today. Actually, Trump’s exceptional positions are being made up day after day by American agencies, lobbies and forces. For example, the US State Department has opposed Trump’s tweets on Qatar which pretend that he was the one who gave the authority to implement these decisions during his visit to Saudi Arabia.

Within a few hours, the US State Department contradicted Trump, referring to the continuation of good relations with Qatar adding that America is not in favour of the boycott of Qatar.

But what is strange is that news on Qatar’s isolation is hardly being covered by the American media. The reason is clear as the United States is so preoccupied with its crises to the extent that it cannot pay attention to the crises of the Middle East or elsewhere. This point alone is enough to prove the irrationality of the countries of the region that depend on the United States when making their plans.

When looking at the reasons declared for the isolation of Qatar, it is possible to say that these reasons will, before anything else, create more trouble for those who took this step. (KSA)In reality, they committed the mistake of classifying Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood as terrorist groups supported by the State of Qatar.

However, regardless of what anyone says about Hamas, no Muslim in the world has it in his conscience to categorise Hamas as a terrorist group. Hamas is a popular uprising and resistance movement that emerged as a result of the Israeli occupation of Palestine and Jerusalem. It is a legitimate movement. There is no doubt that the Islamic countries did not stand behind the issue of Palestine until it reached the Hamas movement. These countries will inevitably be held accountable by their people and history, but they can pay part of the price of this failure by supporting Hamas’ resistance.

The State of Qatar is one of the rare countries that tried to pay part of this price and it deserves the appreciation of the Islamic world for this. But, all the countries that have lied to Qatar, because of its support of Hamas, in order to get the satisfaction of America should realise that they will get nothing from the United States, since America itself is in a spiral and it cannot pay attention to anyone.

What’s more is that the United States, which is supporting terrorist operations against Turkey through sustaining the Kurdistan Workers’ Party’s (PKK), the Democratic Union Party (PYD) and the People’s Protection Units (YPG), is not in a good position to blame anybody for supporting terrorism. It appears that the United States does not even take into account the rights of its allies. In this context, a question arises: “Which is less dangerous, the United States’ friendship or enmity?”
The crisis in Qatar is a crisis for the Islamic countries and they have to solve it among themselves. Regarding our analyses, the issue of Qatar is a crisis that has been already planned to increase the region’s tension. As a result, it will have no benefit for those who started the campaign either, since it is a step that can push them into greater instability too. (KSA)

Turkey’s mediation and impartiality

Despite having extremely high level relations with Qatar, Turkey tried to put out the fire from the start and assumed the role of mediator between the sides. Saudi Arabia is one of the most important elements of stability in the region and, until now, Turkey tried to refrain from any discourse that would disturb it regardless of their disputes on many issues. If we reflect on the coup in Egypt, we will realise that it was actually the first step of the great instability we are experiencing today, knowing that efforts were made to prepare a coup in Turkey with the Gezi events, simultaneously with the Egyptian coup.
I wrote about this all those years ago..

flashback- December 2013: Egypt and Turkey: Destabilization and Destabilization

Unsurprisingly, truly unsurprisingly, the new saviours (alleged) of the Egyptian people have now labelled Muslim Brotherhood a "terrorist organization"
Yawn. This convenient branding will be used to further degrade and destabilize Egypt.
But, Egypt is not going to be alone in this campaign of destruction. The labelling or branding/rebrand of Muslim Brotherhood as a 'terror' group bodes very ominously for Erdogan and the Turkish people.
flashback- You can take that back a bit further to July 2013: Rebranding the Arab Spring to Reorder the Middle East/Africa

Back to the oped

Saudi Arabia supported the coup in Egypt, but Turkey objected to it. Despite this, Turkey has not tried to strain its relations with Saudi Arabia because it supported the Egyptian coup. Because, a threat that may target Saudi Arabia will have a greater and negative impact on Turkey and the entire Muslim world. Hence, regardless of all their disputes, Turkey’s relations with Saudi Arabia must always continue at the highest level. This is important, in terms of the leading role both Turkey and Saudi Arabia are playing for the security, peace and quality of the entire Muslim world.
Recall Egypt's reaction to the 2015 coup attempt in Turkey?

flashback:  Turkey's Coup- Pt 1: Contradictory Claims and Egypt's role
 **Egypt's media openly promoted a successful Turkish coup in their media:
* Coup in Turkey succeeded and still ongoing
 *Egypt Media Jumps the Gun on Turkey Coup

Likely because Egypt was heavily involved (el Sisi, schooled in the USA)

Even though Turkey has assumed the role of mediator in the Gulf conflict, those claiming that it has taken a position in support of Qatar against Saudi Arabia are not well intentioned. There is an asymmetric partiality, and what should be done when one of the sides is about to almost eradicate the other? After one of the sides is eradicated, there will be not be two sides to mediate between. Turkey is not the United States to sell out its ally at the first opportunity that arises.

Both Turkey’s friendship and enmity are real. It should never be forgotten that Turkey strongly and openly objected to the decision process in the United States which blamed Saudi Arabia for the September 11 attacks. It stood up against the United States for Saudi Arabia. When it is faced with injustice, Turkey will continue to stand by Saudi Arabia, just like it is standing by Qatar, which is faced with injustice today.

By taking part in this entirely unjust campaign, Saudi Arabia is taking a great risk. The greatest display of friendship and brotherhood we can show for our friend, our sister country Saudi Arabia, is to protect it from this risk.

Saudi Arabia is a nation divided.. and the foolish prince that the US favours will destroy Saudi Arabia. But that's all part of remaking the Middle East/North Africa

Persian Gulf Princes & Quest for Power Aided by Donald Trump

From yesterday:

Iranian Kurds Responsible for ISIS Attacks in Tehran


  1. Something BIG is afoot. First, Qatar gets pressured to kick Hamas leaders out, now Lebanon is being told by the Khazar Land Thieves to kick out Hezbollah, while Israel's willing bitch, the Pentagon, commits daily war crimes against Syria, all the while stealing their territory.

    I've sent several tweets to the butchers at "Operation Inherent Resolve," the murderers who are bombing civilians and Syrian Army troops, telling them they are committing war crimes and you do know what happens to war criminals? The last time, included a pic of a gallows pole, in case they weren't getting the point.

    Surprisingly, no replies!

    What a peaceful world it would be w/o Israel, which Saudi Arabia is too stupid to know and will only find out when it's too late.

    1. Hey Greg!
      Nice touch with the Gallows pole :)

      There is a supermoon near the end of June... might be the right time to kick off the final blow out?

      The US like England does this 'you and him' fight type thing and it appears as if setting Saudi Arabia against Qatar serves that goal very well

      It takes in Syria, Turkey, Iran, Egypt , everyone..
      This isn't just about Iran or Saudi Arabai
      it's everything

  2. Heavy fighting in Qatif? Eastern province? Qatar...

    Never hurts to hedge the Aramco considering the latest warnings out of Russia on $40. US policy in KSA: recidivists vs. the future

    Just in case
    U.S. signs new defence accord with Gulf ally UAE
    UAE confirms military activities on Yemen's Socotra island

    Sponsored succession and fratricide (the recent IRG warning about the DCP)

    Putin days ago on the recidivists
    "People with such convictions like the senator you mentioned, they still live in the Old World," Putin


    1. Tactical Report quoted sources close to the crown prince as saying the US government “knows well” that he is in good health, adding that they know about his wellbeing because he is well looked after by an American medical team.

    2. Three current and former U.S. intelligence officials give various assessments of his health. One senior military intelligence official said that bin Nayef may be near death. A second official didn't go that far, but admitted, "He is not in great health."

      Another Hajj stampede?

    3. Reidle betting on the stong horse? Or is he?
      Ya'alon: Israelis Secretly Meeting With Officials From Gulf States
      Israeli defense minister's speech at Munich security conference turned into confrontation with Saudi intelligence chief, who responded: Handshakes with Israelis never helped Palestinians.

    4. hello linkie person!
      wondered where you had gotten off to?
      and as usual more to read then I have time to get too. I'm days behind on a Raqqa post as the ethnic cleansing carries on there

      And the hit piece on the Kurds so the US and company can wring their hands in the future and cry blowback is still in the thinking about phase

      There is too much news for this one gal blog some times

  3. It would be hard to understand what's really going on in the ME, if you think that the mountebanks performing there act rationally. You are 'by the rivers of Babylon'. 'Babel' is the short term for confusion. Babylon is the 'Mother of harlots and all abominations', the place where all confusion in the world stemmed from. The world would be definitely a better place if this cancer would be excised once and for all. Let the Sunni/Shia exterminate each other. The world shouldn't care who is the 'real' successor of Mahomed, the false prophet who "came to you in sheep's clothing, but inwardly he is a ferocious wolf" (the more if they are the Ülkü Ocakları), who would be anyhow "cast with the Beast into the lake of "fire and brimstone". “See to it that no one deceives you". I think the Russians are not deceived.

  4. The only aspect that fascinates me - since Trump averred that 'the media is the enemy of the people' or whatever - Qatar not only hosts American troops and Airbases in the region ....... it also hosts the tv info resource Al jazeera. Which, as an Australian, also watch (in english).

    An Australian journalist, Peter Greste, who worked for Al Jazeera(english) was jailed in Egypt.

    Is this an attempt by the Trump arrogance to shut down any attempt by independant investigators to discover the true sources of global 'terror'? If so - Saudi Arabia stands as a primary source.
    If so, Why is Donald Trump 'sucking up to them'???

  5. Apparently, since his return to the UsA, Donald Drumf mentioned that 'the isolation of Qatar was his suggestion' ... ??

    This bloke is either a complete idiot in world affairs - or a sneaky arrogant arsehole, with only one goal. Enriching himself.

  6. OR .. the Saudis and Arabs are playing Don Drumf for the fool he seems to be .. heh.

  7. Seriously ASIO and ASIS are rethinking transfer of information.

  8. Davoh- I look at this from an order out of chaos perspective plus the US and UK like when others fight between themselves and they can manipulate the situation to their advantage

    Drumf is a psyop