Thursday, June 15, 2017

US Moves HIMAR from Jordan into Syria- Taking the War to the Persian Gulf

 As the US continuously expands it's war making in the region- 3 airbases in stolen northern Syrian territory - Rocket launchers from Jordan to Syria- Training terrorists right in Syrian territory. North and South. 

As mentioned  in the comments yesterday:

The U.S. has deployed a truck-mounted missile system into Syria, an official said Wednesday, to a forward operating group of rebels and U.S. military advisers that have repeatedly clashed with government forces.

The deployment raises the stakes in eastern Syria, where Iranian-sponsored pro-government forces have outflanked U.S. advisers and rebels holding the Tanf border crossing to establish their own link to Iraq for the first time in years.

They are now waiting for pro-Iranian forces to link up with them on the Iraqi side of the border, while preparing to march on Islamic State positions to the north, in the Euphrates River Valley.

Shifting the HIMARS missile system into eastern Syria from Jordan will give the U.S. a precise, long-range weapon to protect its advisers and allies in Tanf, and to attack Islamic State militants further downfield. It has a range of 300 kilometers (186 miles).

The deployment also insures that the military can protect itself from attacks in the area when weather would limit the ability of strike aircraft to reach there in time.
Is the war in Syria nearly over?
Or is it expanding

As mentioned repeatedly here- US and their Kurdish allies giving ISIS a free pass: And civilians being the actual target in Raqqa.

Read:  Pacifying Raqqa: ‘Staggering loss of civilian life’ during US-backed siege of Raqqa – UN

 Heritage Foundation

"Considering the reported ease of gains so far in taking back the caliphate’s capital, ISIS could’ve decided to make its last stand somewhere else in Syria beyond Raqqa, prolonging its existence by trading space for time"

Oh, like maybe in Palmyra? 

Russia media acknowledging the US movement of  HIMAR Rocket Launchers from Jordan into Syria 

The United States has moved the HIMARS multiple rocket launchers from Jordan to Syria, Russian news agencies cited Russia's Defence Ministry as saying on Thursday. The HIMARS, which stands for High Mobility Artillery Rocket System, could be used against Syrian government forces, the ministry said.

 The HIMARS is a truck-mounted system which can fire missiles as far as 300km and will heavily boost US military power in southern Syria.

 Expanding the war into the Persian Gulf Region:

Interesting oped:
 The war shifted to the Gulf: The plan is the Mecca wars

 Last few paragraphs:
The West set the game through sectarian identity and both states, overwhelmed by their ambitions, surrendered to their weaknesses and fell into this trap. We are going to consider these wars as the Shiite-Sunni wars and take sides accordingly, yet by the time we find out it is actually a plan for the destruction plan of the region, it is going to be too late. Unless we come to our senses, we are going to be the ones destroyed, all of us. There will be no Iran left, nor Saudi Arabia. While their plan to destroy every country, including Turkey, is obvious, are we going to remain silent to these developments?
The war shifted to the Gulf, the goal is the Mecca wars
The Qatar crisis might be alleviated. But it has paved the way for one thing: The war has started to shift from Syria to the Persian Gulf. Even though the crisis may be alleviated for the time being, Pandora’s Box has been opened and the signal flare has been set. Now, the crisis will not leave the Gulf. The things that can happen within two years are: Through Iran and Saudi Arabia, they are going to divide the entire region into two enemy fronts. They are going to start endless sectarian wars. This war is going to have the capacity to lead all the way to Mecca wars and the tanks are going to be able to reach the doors of the Kaaba.
The West’s aim is to not only destroy countries, destroy the region, but to make the religion of Islam and sects lose value and turn them into symbols of enmity. I guess this is the biggest plan. The Mecca wars project is the product of such an atrocious plan.
That is of course, if we don’t get back on our feet and ruin this game.
 While I may quibble with the details the author is correct in asserting the plan is to shift the war to the Persian Gulf in an effort to smash multiple nations, destroy the region and then re order it. Remaking the region- is the agenda.


  1. At this point, political Islam is on course to discredit itself without too much additional external goading required. That is to say, there is an operational difference between "divide and conquer" and self destruction and self-alienation.
    With respect to irreconcilable Islamic political orientations, there is Sunni vs Shia enmity, there is radical Sunni vs non-radical Sunni enmity, there is Sunni vs Alawi, Yazidi etc. enmity, not to mention Sunni vs secular muslim, and non-muslim/christian enmity (interesting that there is very little official Sunni vs Israeli enmity). All of these enmities have recently brought nothing but whole-scale devastation and desperation to their adherents, constituents, and general populations. The legacy of these enmities, whether induced or otherwise has been self-destruction of the side(s) championing these enmities.
    One can certainly argue with confidence that the fomenting and fostering of these enmities has primarily been instigated by, and serves the interests of Israel and the western neo-liberal global deep-state. Regardless, the sustaining ideological and economic forces are undeniably based within the majority muslim nations of the M.E. (and beyond).
    The self-destructive forces inherent in the political application of irreconcilable Islamic enmities will mindlessly proceed until the near-total exhaustion of the people of the region and their treasure. I'll give it no more than a couple generations before we see the complete discrediting and demise of political Islam as we know it today. Could this be the long-term goal? Maybe, maybe not...after all the trend in muslim countries prior to the late 70's was in the direction of greater secularization and multi-confessional tolerance. Effectively, political Islam was on its way out before the west began to stir the hornet's nest. It now look's like regardless of what the West and Israel has put into motion, the fire that burns will die out only when there is nothing left to burn. Sad indeed, yet one can also foresee that only then will come the time and necessary vision to settle the score with the corrosive forces of the West and their ilk.
    As far as HIMAR is concerned - it says more about US weakness than anything. They obviously can't fly where they want to, and conventional artillery cannot make up for it. Tactically HIMAR works best on static (or situated) targets. A fluid blitzkrieg attack combined with air power and Scuds can seriously undermine the operational effectiveness of the system.

  2. Putin says Russia to beef up Syrian military


    Chief of Staff General Mark Milley: CALL

    "I want be clear to those around the world who want to destroy our way of life and those of our friends and allies. "The US military, despite all our challenges, will stop you, and we will beat you harder than you have ever been beaten before.

    1. 711

    2. did you catch the Turkish pm aid implicate din gulen, like dav and gul?

      Erdem previously served in the highest judicial body and as the undersecretary of the Justice Ministry.

      same as gul and dav


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