Wednesday, June 21, 2017

USS Fitzgerald Collision Update- Commander Bryce Benson Released from Hospital

Since interested parties are working so very hard to manage our perceptions... I'm making available  some additional info regarding the Fitzgerald Incident.
 Below is today's screen shot, from the official US Navy blog.

You can clearly see the date is June 21/2017 and the US Navy still has the 2:30 am (local time)
as the time of the incident

 Despite pushing an altered time line on the ACX Crystal's owners for public consumption

Big Lie Damage Control: Altering Timelines/Saving Face for US Navy & the Fitzgerald

I am also making note of the fact the Commander of the Fitzgerald had already been released from hospital-  Literally the day after the incident occurred.  Clearly not seriously injured at all.

 USS Fitzgerald’s captain, Cmdr. Bryce Benson, WI native, released from the hospital

 He was released from the hospital Sunday, June 18th, officials with the 7th Fleet said on Twitter.
 The USS Fitzgerald’s captain, Cmdr. Bryce Benson, who was injured in the ship’s deadly collision with a commercial vessel, took command of the guided-missile destroyer last month.
 The 10,000-ton destroyer and the ACX Crystal, a 29,000-ton container ship flagged in the Philippines, collided early Saturday local time off Japan’s Izu Peninsula,


  1. Hi Penny
    Yes I was aware of the 1 hour difference just time pressured, to much to do in too little time... :-)
    The question that needs asking is Why is 1 hour so important, what was happening at 1.30 that needs covering up? Just a thought. Cheers Penny

    1. I think, just my opinion, that the US is looking to spread the blame.. be demanding the timeline get altered they are attempting to put some of the blame for their deadly arrogance on the crew of the Crystal

      FYI: I'm still getting visits from obviously interesting parties

  2. Hi Penny
    This is just released showing the likely turn of events note the ""real Time is set at 1.30 not 2.30

    ""“The ACX Crystal powered out of the deviation it performed at 1:30 a.m., which was likely the impact with the USS Fitzgerald, pushing it off course while trying to free itself from being hung on the bow below the waterline,” private naval analyst Steffan Watkins told the Washington Free Beacon in a report published Friday.

    Coast Guard officials from Japan and the US opened an investigation into the crash upon learning that it took almost an hour for sailors on the merchant ship to notify authorities of the naval emergency. It now appears the sailors aboard the Crystal simply didn’t know they had struck another ship.""

    ""After the accident, the ACX Crystal continued on its course and even picked up speed, before it eventually lowered velocity and turned back around. “This shows the autopilot was engaged, because nobody would power out of an accident with another ship and keep sailing back on course. It’s unthinkable,” Watkins said.""

    Alternatively, Washington Free Beacon writer Bill Gertz writes that the discovery leaves open the possibility that the Crystal’s software was hijacked by malignant actors. Nevertheless, “investigators so far found no evidence the collision was deliberate,” Gertz notes.""

    That may explain the timeline confusion. However I am still unable to explain the damage profile.

    Cheers Penny

  3. Oh the link to the article

  4. Just came across this explanation, offers a different point of view.
    Interesting ... no!

  5. Hey Gordon! Thanks for the links. I saw the past few days there was much hay being made about the ship being on autopilot.. as if this was unusual. Except it's not- those big shipping boats are almost always on autopilot- when they get to port- tugs bring them in- they have almost zero maneuverability compared to the fitzgerald.

    I watched some of the video, but, not all of it
    will watch it in full today
    thanks again! :)