Friday, June 9, 2017

Vaccine Derived Polio Outbreak in Syria

I'll cut through the GIBBERISH that always accompanies big pharma spin via main stream media content and get to the facts.

Oliver Rosenbauer said "Are we concerned that we're in fact going to be seeding further future polio vaccine-derived outbreaks? ... Absolutely, that is a concern. And that is why this vaccine must be used judiciously and to try to ensure the highest level of coverage," Rosenbauer said.

"This is kind of what has become known as the OPV, the oral polio vaccine paradox," he said.

The new cases are a vaccine-derived poliovirus type 2, a rare type which can emerge in under-immunised communities after mutating from strains contained in the oral polio vaccine"

The polio outbreak is vaccine derived. 
Therefore this type of polio emerges in vaccinated populations.
And giving more vaccines will seed future outbreaks
But apparently there must be more vaccinations to fight the vaccine induced polio cases?

Get the logic there? Of course you don't! Because there isn't any- And this is not a first time, for this blog/ger covering these vaccine induced outbreaks the WHO is so fond of creating and spreading.

2015: Vaccine-derived polio breaks out in Ukraine and Mali
Polio problems. Last week, the World Health Organization (WHO) announced polio had paralyzed a 4-year-old and 10-month-old in Ukraine, marking Europe’s first polio outbreak in five years. And on Monday, WHO said a child in Mali, a nation in West Africa, had contracted polio and been paralyzed.
In both cases, the polio came not from a virus circulating in the wild but from oral polio vaccines,

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  1. Thats chemical warefare. We also did it to the NA natives.

    1. It's dysgenics- It was then and it still is now
      And it's done to all of us

      pertaining to or causing degeneration in the type of offspring produced.

  2. I was going trough some old data and found this. I do not know if you already knew about it.

    1. I did not know about this...I have doubts about the veracity of this report

      Undoubtedly ex baathists are in ISIS, but,

      "It is unclear when exactly they met"

      If he knows they met, he should know when they met- I always have troubles with that type of info

      I also have difficulty with the ISIS from Syrian to Iraq- when to my knowledge it went the other way.

      I wrote quite a bit about this at the time of it occurring...

      I'll keep it under my hat Kaz

    2. When they went from Syria to Iraq it were as Al-Qaida members. I think might have been an attempt to stall USA, because assad might have thought he was next in the freedom list.