Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Woman Who Said The Germanwings Pilot Crashed The Plane On Purpose Actually Made Up That Story

Isn't this interesting? She lied. All these years later. 
Just another example of how your perception is managed and how narratives are contrived to serve agendas. How much of this vile woman's testimony factored into the demonization of the Germanwings pilot? All of it, I'll bet.  Trial by media, as usual! 
Keep this in mind as we follow the USS Fitzgerald incident

Link- June 21/2017

"Maria W." told a German newspaper she was the lover of Andreas Lubitz, who copiloted the Germanwings flight that killed 150 people in 2015. 

Days after the crash, the German newspaper Bild published an interview with a woman who claimed that she was Lubitz's lover. Her story lined up perfectly with the emerging narrative of an unstable and destructive pilot.

Like a gift to the liars in charge!
"Maria W." told Bild she was a flight attendant who traveled through Europe with Lubitz. She said he had told her that one day he planned to "do something that will change the whole system, and only then will everyone know and remember my name."
Liar! I recall this fabrication being everywhere at the time of the crash.

Die Zeit first reported doubts around her account in March. Prosecutor Christoph Kumpa described Maria's account as a "hoax," but Bild stood by its story. BuzzFeed News is the first news organization to confirm that it is false.
Maria claimed to have secretly spent nights with Lubitz in hotels all over Europe, but a logbook of his flights for the year preceding the crash, provided to authorities by the pilot's family, shows he spent the night outside Germany only once, in Budapest. That flight had no cabin crew, as it was to transport spare parts, not passengers.
"We can absolutely confirm that Maria W.'s story is purely fictional. During a fourth meeting in December 2015, she explicitly admitted to it," RTL spokesman Matthias Bolhöfer told BuzzFeed News.
"At first, she didn't want to tell us her real name and she exclusively wanted to meet up in a neutral environment, in a bar in Frankfurt, and only with a woman," RTL manager Thorsten Wimber said. "So we sent a female colleague. Her impression was: 'Maria W. is trustworthy.'"
But when RTL requested evidence to confirm her identity, Maria failed to provide it. When RTL confronted her with doubts about her story, Maria presented email and chat records between her and Lubitz, but wasn't able to provide a witness who could confirm their relationship.
Email and chat records- LOL
The broadcaster eventually got in touch with the Düsseldorf public prosecutor's office, which discouraged them from running an interview with Maria W.
Wimber says Maria also apologized at her final meeting with RTL, when she admitted she'd made up the story. "She told us she was surprised how much effort we put into our research," he told BuzzFeed News. The editor also told Maria that if she shopped her story to another media outlet, he would go public "because this was clearly fraud."
Bild's press office told BuzzFeed News "that we generally don't make statements with regard to sources and editorial procedures," but the editorial staff is concerned about the attempt "to challenge the coverage of Mr. Lubitz's mass murder of 149 human beings with the aid of alleged speculations of third parties."

The paper said that since the Düsseldorf prosecutor hasn't accused Bild of fabricating the story, "we don't feel a correction is necessary. Instead, we will hold on to the reporting on the gruesome killing spree of Mr. Lubitz."
Since the prosecutor has not or will not accept that Bild LIED they aren't changing a dam thing!

But nobody is claiming that Bild made up the story — it simply appears to have been duped by Maria. Prosecutor Kumpa said that he "has substantial doubts and must conjecture that the woman has fabricated the story."

The revelation that Maria's story is false comes as Lubitz's family is aiming to clear his name. They've threatened to sue German authorities over what they say are wrongful claims.

Documents and investigation files seen by BuzzFeed News also show that Andreas Lubitz apparently wasn't diagnosed with depression before the deadly plane flight and didn't have a history of inpatient treatment. The Lubitz family also alleges that the official investigation didn't meet international standards. The responsible authority in Germany, the Bundesstelle für Flugunfalluntersuchung (BFU), rejected all accusations and told BuzzFeed News that the new Lubitz report will not change its official conclusions.

"Andreas Lubitz apparently wasn't diagnosed with depression"
The key witness lied and lied and lied.

I sincerely hope the family can get some justice for their much maligned son- What a disgrace!

Here's one of the many media reports from 2015- Lies, lies and more lies

Maria now understands Lubitz's eerie prediction that "one day everyone will know my name." 
“I never knew what he meant, but now it makes sense.”

One lying whore can do so much damage- Not calling her a whore cause of her alleged womanliness- calling her a whore cause that's what she is "today a whore can be a person that compromises him/herself in any kind of way for monetary or other gain"  : compromise oneself for money or other gains

An accurate descriptor of this person


  1. Hi Penny
    Acc. to englishrussia itsnowed in Russia yesterday, Murmansk and Barnaul are mentioned.


    1. wow, that's unusual since it is summer in the northern hemisphere- that said the past two nights here have been in the 50's Fahrenheit- this morning it was 51 Fahrenheit or about 11 Celsius- Day time highs have been in the low 70's F

      Great weather but a bit cool for summer, really..

      I have observed this cold wet spring took a big toll on the birds.. Clearly they were unable to incubate their eggs successfully-

      Much less Canada Geese, Mallard, Robin & Mourning Dove offspring then other years. Much less.

      I wanted to do this whole post on how the cold and rain affected the Great Lakes and what is being attempted to alleviate the flooding that has been a huge problem in Lake Ontario- but, haven't been able to get it done...


  2. Right, I indeed did not remember this case being solved, but that everybody stopped reporting at some time. But still begs the question why it happened.

    1. Hi Kaz
      after I saw this, took the time to do a bit of poking around- it seems there were other theories having to do with the plane, malfunctions, cabin depressurization- the possibility that carbon monoxide had entered pilots cabin etc. Weather factors. Then of course their could have been military malfeasance- fudging with the equipment

      Clearly Germany was looking for an easy out and they chose to demonize the dead guy- hence the liar to present the narrative to the media

      Hopefully the family can get this cleared up?

    2. I hope they can, it really looks difficult and seems like an uphill battle.

  3. Hi, they went alright but not as good as I was expecting. I was always pretty average at school and thought that a lot of what we were taught was simply rubbish but I still went along with it. I watched the video from your post in late May about education and I absolutely agree with everything. From my experience, I can relate with a lot of what the woman says that we are being trained to be emotional rather than rational. In maths especially, there are questions with no 'right' or 'wrong' answer. You get the marks for how you figure things out. Pretty scary that we are shifting further away from the truth every year. My parents were very strict about me getting an education and going to university so here I am. I am glad that soon, my education experience will be over! I have also been reading some interesting essays about education in the last few days:
    I just pray that I do well in these exams, still!
    As for the psychic, I agree with you that humans are born with many skills that we lose because of being conditioned and manipulated by society. But this woman that I saw in the shopping mall was amazing. She told me things that have happened in the past that only me and my parents would know. And she predicted some things that will happen to me in the future.

    1. Ally- we did the same thing with our daughter-
      and she has done well for herself-
      that said...
      If I could do it again? I'd do it very differently- recently spoke with her about the brainwashing she received regarding "being a good citizen"
      work and pay taxes- at the time that occurred I was furious with the school system and told her there is more to be a good citizen then that, in fact it was about being a decent human
      Suggested that toxic meme was implanted in her mind poisoning her thinking without her being aware of it

      She assured me it wasn't.

      Personally speaking I have learned way, way, way more since leaving school then I ever did in school other then to basic reading, writing and math

      Nowadays the kids don't even learn that properly- and that's something else I could talk at lenght about but I'll spare you :)

      Perhaps that psychic was able to tap into something real then?
      Let me know if the predictions are accurate

    2. ._. , in my not so humble opinion
      That is just the pretense to a horrible mistake. No-one is able to predict the actions of any individual. This kind of stuff is pushing you towards confirmation bias. No-one knows what any futures hold, but you can end up working to the future which someone else laid down before you.

    3. I agree with you. English is a difficult language but still, there are many people even at my uni who do not understand the basics of the English language e.g. where to put an apostrophe. It is strange because we supposedly have better education now but I just feel like we are actually, as a society getting dumber and dumber. Too many people still do not know basic English or history but are doing a degree in Law or Maths. I studied French for a long time and did pretty well in it in my exams but yet, I am still unable to have a basic conversation in French. I have figured that the best way to learn things is outside of school and on my own. My school experience was ok, but I was often picked on so nuch for asking too many questions. The smallest thing I was unsure about would bug me and the whole class would get annoyed. Even my closest friends I met outside of school, not that I have many. But I think that school taught me that I have always been a bit different to everyone else!
      As for the psychic-as you said yesterday, she was very perceptive about me and told me things about my personality that were true. But she was also able to go into finer details about my life e.g. family members that have died, how they died and what they looked like. She knew something about a person I loved and where he lived and where I met him. And she made some predictions about my future: that I would become a writer/journalist and would drive a Mercedes!

    4. I agree with you in some ways Kaz but what about when they talk to the dead?

    5. Again, the Jinn. You are underestimating them. See it like this, You know the concept of Big brother. Its something we would like avoid since it will give complete power to those who can control flow. Now The Jinn who have a way longer lifespan(~1000+ years rumored) than we have, can follow people and imitate them. But they come in different kinds, you have honest ones and tricksters who are not obliged to tell the entire truth.

      So in this case, it might as well be that they called in a Jinn who knows(talk/ know/ relations/ actions/ etc) that specific person.

    6. I won't dismiss what you are saying, Kaz but I will look into it. Very interesting exchange. I have become more interested in the supernatural lately and want to find out more info. If you have some, please send links. Why is it that the psychics can call in Jinns and not us though?

    7. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    8. Because there are ways to initiate a contract with one of them, but when that happens you will have to struggle for your sanity and depending on the Jinn it will try to take advantage of your the moment you grow weak.

      When it comes to links. You will not find this information this easy on the net, What I know is something I learned over the years. I have found 2 books which seems okey-ish, but I haven't read them and they are in turkish.(well one of them is acquirable in german)

    9. Thanks a lot for this info. It is good that you spend your time researching these things. :)

    10. You are welcome,

      In the end its a matter of the more you know, the more control you have over yourself.

    11. Ally and Kaz.. I found this?

      It seems pretty basic, but, is it correct?

    12. I will read through it now, Penny and tell you what I think.

    13. even though you can get the gist of it, this is also why I don't like 3rd party sources so much. The use of the language is quite unrefined, and he has sneaked in a few Proverbs as literals.

  4. Maria W? What is her last name, Weiss?

    Has she been to Israel lately or the Israeli Embassy or missions in Germany?

    As for the weather, here in the Midwest, we've been having days of 92+ degree heat, broiling hot, weather that should happen in late July or early August.
    My guess is that someone is fiddling with the weather here in the States, making it hotter than normal so we'll beg for carbon swaps.

    1. Greg: "Maria W? What is her last name, Weiss?"

      It would be interesting to find out her entire name wouldn't it? Alas.. though we know she lied, we can't know who she really is..

      Today it's 68F or 20 C and raining.
      In the lower Great Lakes/Niagara region it's usually warmer then this..
      We had a couple of hot days last week
      And we did finally manage to plant the rest of our garden- 3 weeks behind- we'll see how the crops fair???

      No begging for carbon swaps- they will be the final nail in the global tyranny and pilfering of humanity..

  5. Hi Penny

    In Prague it's 32 today, it does seem a little early. The ground gets hard and when rain comes it bounces off and hardly penetrates the soil.

    Lat year elderberries in late summer early autumn had withered, could only pick them near the river.


    1. yah, last summer was like that here- not overly hot but no rain..

    2. Talking about the weather. Here in Manchester the weather is constantly changing. One minute it will be 32 degrees, the next it will be raining. Unpredictable.

    3. Ally, Try Melbourne (Aust) we manage 4 seasons in 1 day more than once per year. Example 40 deg before lunch by evening 16 with hail, as a bonus you also get the smell of burning bush due to bush fires. Still one of the best places in the world though. Been here 30 yrs now and still love it.


  7. Is this some sort of joke??

    1. I always like when God gives rights to some people but not others... ;)

      so God gives the Jews rights to railroad the Palestinians and God gives the Kurds the right to railroad the arabs in Iraq- that some crazeeee God!


    2. Barzani is an opportunist, I actually expected some other narrative, but alright god gave us this land narrative it is.

    3. Hi Penny,
      When presented with the statements god gives me the right>>>>>> Ask where is the letter signed by God? No letter, no permission. Naturally if he does show a letter it is a forgery, ask Did you write this yourself?? I found it shuts up a lot of non-sense rubbish ... also a conversation killer :-)

    4. good idea Gordon, I like it!

      Kaz, that worked before, so it's tried and true

  8. Hi Penny, I have just recently decided to enter a Young Writers competition and I will write a dystopian story of 100 words. Any ideas? Looking for inspiration...

    1. Shouldn't be to hard, just look around..
      I see dystopia all over the place.