Friday, July 21, 2017

Julie Payette Should Not Be Governor General of Canada

Julie Payette Should not be Governor General of Canada

First reason? As a Canadian woman, I want to state unequivocally, that Julie Payette should be held to the same standards a man would be held to if one had been nominated for this position.

Secondly I am of the opinion, though it is claimed this position is “largely ceremonial”. It  isn’t.  Have Canadians forgotten the multiple prorogued governments granted by the so called ceremonial Governor- General   Julie Payette is very compromised making her unfit for this position.

Finally - I am of the opinion Julie Payette has only been nominated for this position due to her sex- Female.  Making her appointment blatantly sexist.  With consideration to her francophone status and popularity in Quebec.
"Trudeau will be hoping to get a political boost by appointing Payette, who happens to be a francophone woman from Quebec, which happens to be the key constituency for the Liberal Party of Canada"

She was involved in a motor vehicle accident which saw an individual die. One can read about the accident here- Julie Payette involved in fatal collision before assault charge laid
Along with additional information about Julie Payette’s divorce which curiously saw divorce records unavailable for public scrutiny because there is presently a motion before the courts to seal the records

“Those records should be public but the bulky files were "in a judge's chambers" Wednesday, a clerk said. A motion is before the court to seal the records”
 Ms Payette was charged with assault, the charges were dropped, and expunged from her record. It's likely Ms Payette, herself,  made the motion to seal the divorce records. 
Sealed divorce records and expunged assault charges? Curious? 
 -Narrative control. 
 -Perception management.

Julie Payette’s assault charged expunged

This charge came from a domestic assault incident- The media is dancing around it, but, it seems obvious. She assaulted her husband. Her husband was not charged and it is highly unusual for a woman to be charged with assault in a domestic incident unless something egregious happened.

Like it or not Payette's past is news
This week, iPolitics reporter BJ Siekierski learned that Julie Payette, the woman whom Justin Trudeau intends to make governor general, faced a second-degree assault charge in Maryland in 2011, apparently related to an incident with her husband. The charge ultimately was dropped and later the record was expunged.

The assault charge was reportedly discovered by iPolitics in what it called a routine background check on the former astronaut. The alleged offence took place on November 24, 2011, at Piney Point, Md and has since been removed from Payette’s record.
The record appears to show Payette was charged under Section 3-203 of the Maryland Code, with punishment carrying a jail term of up to a decade and $2,500 USD in fines. On December 8, 2011, the assault case was entered as nolle prosequi, meaning either the victim refused to press charges, a witness recanted or the district attorney sees little chance of conviction, iPolitics reported.

Second-degree assault charges are often laid when a person is accused of causing physical injury to another person or by making them fearful of harm.
Wondering if this was an ongoing issue between Payette and her then husband?
At the time, Payette was living with her then-husband, William Flynn, a retired Royal Canadian Air Force pilot and F-35 fight jet advocate. Payette and Flynn split in mid-2013, according to family court documents related to custody rights.
It sure appears as if Ms Payette has much to hide and is going to great lengths to bury some uncomfortable facts about herself! Not confidence inspiring is it?

Amazingly, the CBC had an interesting op ed about the very obvious double standards being applied in this situation

Trudeau's silence on Payette's expunged assault charge shows double standard: Robyn UrbackTrudeau was forthright in the past about unproven allegations concerning his MPs. Why so quiet now?
What makes the story exceptional, however, is the prime minister's reluctance to address the report with anything beyond a cursory "no comment."

In a thoughtful column for iPolitics, Susan Delacourt posited that Trudeau's response might not have been so nonchalant had reports surfaced of a male governor general-designate with an expunged (domestic) assault charge in his history.

"It brings up a thought-provoking question," she wrote. "Could the PMO simply say 'no comment' in response to reports about an assault charge involving a male appointee?"

"Probably not," she answers. "Let's all cast our minds back to Trudeau's delivery of swift justice against two former Liberal MPs accused of pressing unwelcome advances against two female New Democrat Mps."  

It's not a perfect comparison, but the difference in approach is striking: a couple of men were treated as guilty before we knew the facts, and Trudeau jumped in front of the microphone at seemingly the first available opportunity. But now, with a woman at the centre of the controversy, he's totally mum.

It's not far-fetched to think that if it was discovered that a male governor general had an assault charge in his past, Trudeau would seize the opportunity to evangelize about male aggression and domestic violence. Then again, I don't think Trudeau would appoint a male governor general with a past assault charge — even one that had been dropped and expunged — in the first place.

I don’t think he would appoint a male with a past expunged domestic assault charge either. 
Not politically correct in our present day male bashing society.

On the other hand Julie Payette’s nomination is all the more acceptable for the male bashing agenda ongoing present day? Payette assaulted her husband. And Trudeau plays the identity politics card very well when it came to suspending two male members of caucus based on allegations, alone. In their own ways- Trudeau and Payette are both male bashers.


  1. Hi Penny:

    I have a problem with the Payette appointment due to her association with the fraud NASA. This "Space Agency" is nothing more than a teller of fairy tales...complete with expensive taxpayer-funded graphics.

    But, on the lighter side, look at it this least Payette is not banned from travelling to Foreign Minister Chrystia Freeland and Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer.


    1. Hey GC

      Ms Payette clearly abused her husband, and there are serious question about her being on the phone when she struck down the pedestrian..

      She's doing double duty to hide her dirt. With moves made in the court system these past couple weeks to block access to divorce proceeding which would undoubtedly shed light on her abusive nature

      She's unfit- If this was a man with that kind of dirt Trudeau wouldn't touch him

      Trudeau is the identity politics/divide and conquer PM.

      NASA is a whole other story and sadly not too many would understand what a fraud institute it is

      However people can surely understand criminal charges and spousal abuse are serious matters and double standards don't serve Canadians

  2. Her association and condoning of a lying, fraud institute and her dubious record with the legal system go hand in hand and I agree that considering the totality of it all...she should NOT be appointed to a high profile government post.

    1. we are 100 percent on the same page. I suspect other Canadians feel the same way, but, of course the media doesn't really let that on.. sigh :(