Saturday, August 26, 2017

Tim Kelly Interviews E. Michael Jones: Meyer Lansky & The Cincinatti Ballet

I like Tim Kelly @ Our Interesting Times! (always linked in the sidebar here at the blog)
He does a great job interviewing all sorts of people. 

 Mr Kelley recently interviewed E. Michael Jones. This is not the first interview these two have undertaken, but, this is the first one I've ever posted here.  Why, you ask?
Because for some reason I just found it so very interesting. So much so that I listened twice & may give it yet another listen!
 E Michael Jones is often labelled/name called as an "antisemite" I don't care. I've been labelled that before myself, and worse. Labels aka name calling are often employed so a consumer of media/information does not even bother to consider  information being presented. Information that might spark a flame. Turn on a light. Open a door.  Labels/name calling such as that have no power unless you ascribe a specific power to it. Don't do it!
 I don't choose to taken in by the name calling game.  Rather, my preference is to listen to the information presented and see if it jibes with what I already understand. In the case of this interview and it's topic of societal degradation. This is apparent. Jones addressing this from a more historical perspective aids in filling in the picture.
What is the role of the Talmudic tribe in this societal degradation? It seems oversized for the numbers of that tribe. Why are we tolerating their leadership in issues affecting us non Talmuds aka the goyim? E Michael Jones speaks of when Talmudic judaism over took, I guess what must have been actual or historical Judaism?  He makes the point that Talmudic judaism came after Christianity?  Opposite of common presentation. Quite thought provoking and I wonder what others think about that?

 Can't help but notice after  the Charlottesville incident, the ADL is one of the main mouthpieces to the media presenting the narrative we're supposed to believe. Southern Poverty Law Centre being another one. Why should we believe these narratives? The presenter and what is presented? Why is the ADL telling us what to think?  Who does the ADL really serve?  I'm going to save the historical creation of the ADL for another post! (It's a doozy) Knowing what I do know about the ADL, it has to be asked why should we accept any narrative that organization presents as worthy? What do they have to gain from pushing the anti christian black vs white narrative? More cultural degradation? More divisive identity politics?

It gets me thinking about what is going on in the middle east and Syria. Where there has been a concerted effort to target Christians and/or foment antagonism towards Christians, particularly, employing Sunni Muslim Kurds, in moves that are very advantageous to Israel's expansionist goals in the region.
It's strange how one can see or understand repeating patterns, playing out in plain sight... if one really pays attention.

Link to the Show 


  1. And btw I do happen to agree with his concept of Logos and an ordered universe- you'll understand the reference after the interview

    door opening kind of stuff

    Additionally if anyone wants to expand on that topic feel free.. here is wikipedia's page on the topic

  2. Hi Pen,
    I enjoyed the talk. Thanks for putting it up. The link to the ADL makes a lot of sense.

    I have thought for a long time that modern art and much of the social engineering is deliberately designed to not make sense and this goes back to MKUltra.

    The first thing you need to do to condition someone is to confuse the shit out of them. Confusion is psychicly painful and we inherently want it to stop. Add fear and it becomes an imperative. If this means eventually accepting nonsense as truth to make this internal pain stop, then so be it.

    The Tim Kelly interview led me onto another one of his featuring (I think) Joe Atwell. They tie it into E Michael Jones and Cincinnati towards the end. It is about 'The Bankers' Coup' in 1933 that Smedley Butler was supposed to have exposed in the nick of time.

    It turns out it was a scam to help FDR get re-elected by convincing many people that the bankers were against him. I couldn't help thinking of the Trump campaign and how the press was so totally against him and how that swayed many people to think (or at least wonder, like myself) that he was the real deal.

    1. Hey james

      as I wrote that post, the interview you sent me the link to with SM and Ezra was playing in my head..

      Ezra pushing an obvious anti christian agenda.. while claiming to care,the wolf in sheeps clothing.

      same game at play

  3. The Tim Kelly/Joe Atwell talk is based on a lengthy research article written by a Josh G. It can be accessed here

    1. I heard that interview and fwiw do recommend Joe and Tims Powers and Principalities interview series
      I've found every one of them interesting
      I'm never bored thanks to the diversity of topics discussed on so many good Internet radio programs

    2. Thanks for the link, I'll have a look at the research

    3. Thanks for the recommendation regarding the Powers and Principalities series, Pen. I had been wondering if it would be worthwhile listening to. So I shall now :) Take care

  4. If you haven't been called anti-Semitic and worse by a certain group of ethnic gangsters, then you haven't been posting enough truth, which will get you the anti-Semitic label faster than anything.

    Here's what I posted on "Fig Trees and Vineyards" blog, see his reply about Syria after the first post:

    “The Revolutionary Abolitionist Movement is a political movement dedicated to freeing people from bondage and building resistance in the United States.”

    Just like every other Antifa group, they oppose white supremacy, racism, and bigotry. Seems reasonable, right? But read a little further into their “Political Foundation” and you will find a few things that aren’t so reasonable.

    They advocate for the abolition of gender:

    They advocate for the expropriation of good, lands, and tools:

    And finally, just like every other Antifa group, they oppose capitalism and are open proponents of communism.

    Now the blog owner's comment:

    The part about the “Rojava revolution in northern Syria” is a tip-off. This is most likely a Zionist front operation. “Rojava” is the Kurdish name for northern Syria. In other words, “RAM” is advocating balkanizing Syria and turning part of it into a Kurdish state–precisely the goal of Israel and the neocons in Washington.

    The ADL, the SPLC, Zionism in Kurdistan and the antifa hate thugs, all wrapped neatly into one festering package.

    1. I see it's Gilad Atzmon's post, which I did read earlier this week

      It's amazing how finally this past year the immoral creation of Rojova and the heavy hand of Israel are finally being understood- It makes me so dam thankful
      Finally- after years of being alone, then finally finding Scott @ Willy Loman writing on the subject and being hated on for outing that...ongoing remake of Syria- It feels good to see reality being addressed

      Antifa = Red Brigades in Italy

    2. Hang on
      Antifa = Red Brigades
      Antifa = Black Bloc

      we've all seen this before, alleged left antifascists acting exactly like fascists serving the elite psychos.. However, it's vastly expanded and it clearly did with the help of zionist interests