Saturday, November 25, 2017

Occupying Syria: SDF Reveals 4000 Troops in Syrian Kurdistan. Ahead of Geneva

The news regarding more then 2,000 US Troops present in Syria- alongside this latest leak from the US backed “SDF” aka PKK/YPG  mentioning a total of 4,000 troops,  all coming to the fore ahead of the Geneva talks this Tuesday November 28/2017?!?!   Can that be a coincidence? I think not!
Should we expect an announcement of the US intent to "keep the peace" through this transitional period?  Will Syria be federalized? Will the annexed Syria territory fully armed and occupied by the US and PKK thugs be legitimized? It's all in the presentation boys and girls.... We'll see where the cards fall this week.

 From yesterday:US will Finally Admit/Acknowledge More Then 2,000 Troops in Syria

Geneva Conference November 28/2017 

UN getting ready for new peace talks on Syria

 The office of the UN Special Envoy for Syria Staffan de Mistura on Saturday issued a latest statement in Geneva, showing that they are getting ready for the new round of the intra-Syrian peace talk which is expected to kick off next Monday.

 Ramzi Ezzedine Ramzi said four baskets would be under discussion in the eighth round of Syrian talks in Geneva slated for November 28, adding that the focus will be on the second and third baskets, pertaining the elections and constitution.
 Trump must not give up on ousting Assad

If the White House statement about “stability of a unified Syria” means that Trump has accepted Assad's rule, then he has made a huge mistake. The president, Congress, and the State Department should speak out against Russia's rigged diplomatic initiative, ensure that future peace talks allow the legitimate opposition real agency to make decisions, and demand implementation of the Geneva II Communique that was endorsed by the U.S. and Russia calling for Assad's departure.
Shlomo Bolts is the Policy and Advocacy officer at the Syrian American Council.
Shlomot Bolts eh?

Flashback: New Group Promotes Jewish Kurdish Alliance & Kurdish Statehood

 Here's the reveal of the 4,000 troops present alongside PKK/YPG aka "SDF"

A source from the Kurdish-led Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) has revealed that thousands of military personnel of the US-led Global Coalition are present in Syrian Kurdistan and other northern regions of the country.
Nearly 4,000 troops and military advisors of the anti-Islamic State Global Coalition are present in Syria. Besides Americans, there are also German, British and French troops,” the source told BasNews, seeking anonymity for security reasons.
No mention of Israeli's but you know they are present!
He confirmed that the Coalition troops have been actively fighting alongside the SDF fighters against the Islamic State militants.
Actively ethnically cleansing, yes.
The Coalition forces have set up more than 10 military installments and airbases across the Syrian Kurdistan (also known as Rojava), according to the source.
There had been reports putting that number slightly higher, but, whatever? 10 Military installments and airbases in annexed territory is bad enough
He pointed out that the Coalition personnel, apart form fighting the Islamic State, provides the SDF forces with military training to help them with their battle against (resident Syrians) extremist groups.
Two unnamed US officials previously said the Pentagon is likely to announce in the coming days that there are about 2,000 US troops in Syria and not 500 as it was stated before.

The "federalization" of Syria is a done deal. Bashar Assad knows this.  Russian leadership knows this as well. The USrael isn't going anywhere. And the fighting will still not end!
The presentation should be quite an exercise in mass perception management.


  1. Any reports about Canadians amongst the foreign invader military force that is illegally operating in sovereign Syrian soil?

    1. pretty sure the Canadians operate in Syria-
      mostly via Iraq

      you know unifying the new Israel?

  2. if they are allowed to do this in Syria,then their remake of the whole world,according to their image will surely follow this template.That's why it is important not to let this succeed, in my opinion.

    1. hello anonymous:

      I agree if they succeed here, yes, they will push ahead elsewhere- but how to stop this?

      Obviously mass awareness. Sure.
      Non participation.
      Questioning everything?
      Is that what occurred wrt Syria?

      I sure saw a whole lot of cheering for the Kurdish thugs- all over the place- Best fighters against ISIS repeated all sorts of so called alt sites.
      There was no fight against ISIS by the Kurds.
      There was no real fight against ISIS by the coalition either
      They were both US proxies- always.
      I still feel disgusted about that- I've put a lot of heart into my coverage of Syria- And the way this is heading breaks my heart :(

    2. What is the end plan of the elites, Penny? Are they trying to kill everybody in this world?

    3. "Are they trying to kill everybody in this world?"

      Hi Ally
      No they aren't trying to kill everybody- the elites just want to manage everyone- keep them dumb and down and controlled- that's what psychopaths do