Monday, December 4, 2017

A Whistle Blows & No One Hears: Where Is The Alternative Media?

Whistle blower defined: 
A whistleblower (also written as whistle-blower or whistle blower)[1] is a person who exposes any kind of information or activity that is deemed illegal, unethical, or not correct within an organization that is either private or public
Talal Silo has been whistle blowing so vigorously lately- I'm surprised he's not short of breath.
I'm a bit dismayed at how little coverage the so called "alternative media" has been giving his reports. Where are all you "truth tellers"? Challengers of the authority? And questioners of 'official narratives"?

I always thought the self proclaimed left supported whistle blowers- Especially when they outed unlawful, immoral and disgusting government double/triple murderous/treacherous dealings.
Hm! I guess not! The only alternative site I noticed giving this whistle blowing any coverage was Red Ice. Have any of the readers here noticed these news reports getting coverage elsewhere?

Talal Silo has been verifying a whole lot of what I've written about for years here and it just keeps coming! I don't require his verification, however, it strengthens all that's been researched and written about- From KurdIShIS. To US colluding against Syria. Her leadership. Her people. And her sovereign territory.  Where are all the Syrian supporters our there in alt media land?

" Daesh terrorists were allowed to leave Syria's Raqqa by order of the United States in order to resist the Syrian government army in Deir ez-Zor."

"According to the Americans, the [Syrian President Bashar Assad] regime army could reach Deir ez-Zor in six weeks. But when the regime army proceeded faster than expected, the U.S. wanted the SDF to begin negotiations with Daesh. Thus, the terrorists would go to Al-Bukamal [near the Iraqi border] and prevent the regime’s advance. Talks were held to allow 3,500 terrorists to leave," Silo, who fled to Turkey in mid-November, said.

They played the second drama to the press. They forbid journalists from going to Raqqah [Raqqa]. They told the journalists that they would fight foreign Daesh members who are unwilling to leave the area. But they did not even shoot a bullet. During this time, Daesh members who left the city reached the places they were going. Then we announced that Raqqah was taken. We found out later that some of Daesh members gave bribes and went to other places," Silo said.

Raqqa was not the first place from which Daesh terrorists were evacuated as a result of an agreement, he noted, adding that the same deal was made with regard to Al Tabqah near the Euphrates River, where the United States allowed a safe corridor to be created for 500 Daesh militants, with weapons and ammunition to be relocated to Raqqa.

"It was the third. … The Manbij Military Council issued a statement just before Manbij was declared clear. It announced that 2,000 Daesh members were allowed to leave the city with human shields. The SDF, the U.S. and Manbij Military Council provided security for Daesh members and allowed them to go towards Jarablus. This was the first agreement," Silo said.
So the US and the Kurds colluded with ISIS, their pals and partners, to impede the Syrians from taking back their territory.... Wait just a minute! It's flashback time

August 17, 2016:KurdIShIS, KurdIShIS, KurdIShIS- US Backed Kurds Let ISIS Leave Manbij

-The militants' convoy left the town after being guaranteed safe passage by the SDF.

- The militants left the city on Friday while being monitored by US drones, the same day when the US Department of Defense announced that the liberation of Manbij was in its final stages.

- The liberation of Manbij was announced by the Pentagon on Saturday

Regarding Silo's claim for ISIS getting the free pass at Raqqa:

 Sunday October 8/2017 Final Assault on Raqqa
What I think is much more likely!   

"ISIS"(PKK/YPG/Assorted special ops and a veneer of Arabs) is converging in one convenient location where they will be loaded up covertly and transported to Deir ez Zor. To fight SAA and allies. 
 After all a stadium is convenient location for an irregular army to converge for ease of transport. This move can easily be obscured by darkness. The presence of other troops. Distracting/frightening gunfire sure to keep the curious away. What a great way to hide from civilians and other prying eyes while covertly moving fighters from one place (Raqqa) to another (Deir ez Zor)
Followed up by  : Wednesday November 15/2017: BBC Tells "Raqqa's Dirty Secret"
Oh wow, did you know that the US, Britain and their Kurdish lackies conspired to transport "ISIS" safely out of Raqqa!?!? The BBC presents their report as if it's something shocking, but, necessary. The entire article stinks of damage control!
Pretty sure I've got something here on  Tabqa- Can't find it at the moment. 
That said Talal Silo is leaking. Whistle Blowing. Talking US/Kurdish/ duplicity against Syria and oddly enough all those who allegedly speak truth to power have nothing to say about all this verification coming from a whistle blower? Or are they aiding in the obfuscation of truth?
I'd like to know which it is? Yes, I know not everyone can cover everything all the time. But Talal's information is verifying US collusion with terrorists... It deserves more coverage then it's gotten. Something is amiss in the 'alternative media'

 From earlier today:

Yemen: Saleh the Sellout Dead ? Escalation in the Cards?



  1. Gallier2
    I'm going to get up the part two of google's censorship of my blog tomorrow (?)- I hope...wanted you to know I appreciated all the help you gave..
    Way too much going on as of late- at home and on the planet
    But I intend to make the point clearly that people need to get away from google the censoring - search engine

  2. This is crucial information, Penny. Yes, I am juggling too many balls in this circus already and cannot keep up with all the issues and/or lies. I freely admit it.

    As long as we all spread our talents out over the geopolitical arena...we should get some truth out on most topics...most of the time.

    1. Hey GC:
      My reference to "alt media' isn't really about you or north or willy loman, etc.,

      - it's those who present themselves as alternative or who present themselves as challenging authority, plus having the resources to get this information out
      That would be:
      21st Century Wire
      Truth out
      Zero Hedge

      And many, many others I used to admire.
      Have any of these places mentioned Mr Silo's whistle blowing? Not that I've seen.
      And if anyone wants to enlighten me I'm good with that.

      He's outing US treachery and it's being swept under the rug- Sputnik has covered it- as have the Turkish outlets..

  3. One more thing..

    I don't consider myself "alternative media"

    I have always seen this blog as a means to discern facts from lies using my own critical thinking skills- to satisfy my own desire to live real

    I added this quote to my sidebar

    "What is a lie? It is to say what is real is not real. It is to deny the existence of what exists"

    My goal is to figure out what really exists.

    And I do it as I did when I started this blog in 08- Mostly on my own. Or with the help of my hubby- And some assistance from savvy readers- And that's it.

  4. Some random thoughts:

    I would really like people to be careful when referencing Sputnik, RT etc. They are after all propaganda stations like the MSM in the West. Kaspersky actually own the IP range which include RT and Sputnik, and all three are very closely associated with the Kremlin.

    I know that some people think Putin is a great guy. He isn't, of course. He is a politician/thug who will kill people if needed. I think he is a very clever guy, but I wouldn't trust him as far as I can throw him, and I think he really has been trying to undermine western democracies (something that I think is payback, really, and in a way I respect him for that).

    But be careful with the information. These organisations are propaganda outfits, and will be spinning things to their own advantage. And also remember that even though MSM is mainly propaganda, there will also be some truth to some of the stories the MSM puts out. Don't throw the baby out with the bathwater. It is not a black and white world out there.

    As for Red Ice. I would avoid them completely. They used to be ok, but have gone super-far-right, and that is not a good thing. It helps to ferment stupid racists, and causes more problems. Probably part of the infamous "powers that be"'s program to cause dissent in the ranks ie divide and conquer, Hegelian dialectic and all that ...

    And I would also be careful with The Saker, and The Duran as well. I feel they are both Russian propaganda outfits (feeling more than anything ... but my feelings are usually correct).

    Anyhow, it is best still to try and think for yourself. Take EVERYTHING with a pinch of salt. And also remember that some people in the MSM, like Rachel Maddow, are actually genuine people who live in a mainstream world. Their eyes have not been opened to the actual truths of the world which are very dirty. I started watching Maddow only quite recently. I'd known of her, and my wife had started watching her to get her head around the Russia stuff (which, I believe is true). I started watching her, and discovered that she does seem to indeed be genuine about what she is doing. She is loud, and Jewish ... but ... she is not trying to pull the wool over people's eyes. People in the MSM can be genuine, and try to do good. Like I said, it's not a black and white world out there, and the Russia thing has really opened my eyes to the complexity and greyness of things.

    Anyhow, you are all doing good work ... even though I may disagree with you now and again.

    Best wishes

    H Price

    ps Sorry if this comes across a bit ranty. We all try our best to put out the right information, and sometimes it can be a hard task to actually sort out the wheat from the chaff. Some truths are not actual truths, no matter how much we would like them to be. Baddies can do good things, and goodies can do bad things. We're all human, and a mixture of prejudices, faults, quirks etc. But don't get too caught up in any media organisation, and claim that they are putting out the unvarnished truth. There is a lot of misinformation, disinformation, lies and chicanery from all media outfits. It is always good to keep one's foot in the cynical bucket, try to be critical about everything, and don't believe everything as the truth, or fiction. Some fake news is real, and some real news is fake. It's up to us to see if we can figure out which is which. My feeling is if it is matter of fact, then it is generally the truth. But that's just a feeling ...

    1. Hi H Price:

      I am careful with all information posted here- I've been accused of being excessively careful.
      And was not the least bit offended.

      I would be un-accepting of the whistle blowing Mr Silo had done if it did not already line up with what I've written about for years- Which is why I've been linking back to numerous older posts where I'd been able to discern for myself what had been happening.

      I concur with regard to red ice- not entirely my cup of tea- but not entirely evil either- I cannot decide if they are part of the Hegalian dialectic?

      As for Saker? And the Duran? I've not much use for either of them- Not specifically because they are Russian propaganda but for other reasons- which were discussed in the Project Owl post.

      "But don't get too caught up in any media organisation, and claim that they are putting out the unvarnished truth"

      Alt or mainstream- Agreed!
      I can assure you that would never happen :))
      Thanks for your input H Price

  5. In this day and age, if you can or do think for yourself, you are alternative media, even if your only output is talking to a neighbor. The cloaking and disinformation underway is now three or four levels thick, and it is important and necessary for collaborative communication and work because the volume is unmanageable, if not the complexity. And if it appears that a single individual, as in my case, can no longer manage without assistance and/or support larger than that available while arguing against corporations that are fat with cash and government support, and if that individual reads the tea leaves that tell him that there is a much, much larger battle for truth and humanity looming on the horizon, then he must prioritize and choose to prepare for a long war that will still be going on long after he has become ashes -- in my case by documenting for future generations how it is that we got into this mess.

    Evertyone's energy is required. If we cannot or will not band together to define strengths and roles, then it is necessary for the individual to take those steps he or she deems ultra-important.

    1. Editor- that's a good way of putting it

      " if you can or do think for yourself, you are alternative media"

      I hadn't thought of it in that way

    2. Ed(itor) -Is there anywhere I can find out what happened to your blogs? I don't want to ask you to repeat yourself if you've already written about it elsewhere. I read them intermittently, every few weeks, but I usually read through to where I left off. I'm glad to see you're still active and dwelling amongst us here in the margins, and thank you & Penny both for your excellent and tireless work.

    3. Thanks, Joe, for your readership. I killed the blogs. I pulled the plug because of obvious interference from numerous parties and the spectre of increased hassle; people who speak their minds and speak against the monied interests of the deep state oligarchy are soon to become victims through a variety of means (economics, intimidation, organized and paid bullying, violence), so I withdrew, not because of my fears but becauae of the spectre of collateral damage to others. The content was vaporized by the hosting entity, though it still resides on my hard drive.

      I am currently writing a massive e-book which, pending the outcome of the current net neutrality debates, will appear as an e-book, a serialized blog or in some self-published manner. I have often joked that we will all become wandering minstrels, night watchmen ("it's 2 AM and they just poassed a secret tax bill and are debating the priviatization of covert intelligence"), or silent monks hiding in some fortified cave.

      The task of writing this book will take me deep into next year. It's aimed at my children's children and their children, to demonstrate how it is that we have been brought to this current state of affairs from mindsets and intricate plans launched a long time ago, and what can be done, through self-education, to thwart (or insulate one's self from) the tyranny just over the horizon.

      It's based on my reading voraciously, in part on my earlier e-book on the proper use and cultivation of one's mind and spirit. I was hospitalized and otherwise laid up for over a year and I put the time to good use.

      When sufficient progress has been made, I will publish an outline or table of contents, and the bibliography (to which I have just added three more books).

    4. Rappaport's article on the surveillance state is compelling:

  6. HP says..."Like I said, it's not a black and white world out there, and the Russia thing has really opened my eyes to the complexity and greyness of things."

    Which includes all the propaganda being pushed 24/7 on the M$M about Russia. If there was any evidence about Russiagate...they would have provided it by now. I believe Putin when he says, as he has several times now, why would Russia tamper with the US election when it doesn't matter WHAT party or president is elected...the Deep State ("Men in suits") run the US anyway.

    1. We just gotta do our best and sort the wheat from the chaff GC. I like that editor used that term, because I like and use it myself- It's so succinct.
      In both the 5 eyes msm and 5 eyes alternatives that dress up destabilization campaigns in different language, sometimes not so different, and yet somehow they pose as alts

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    1. thanks Davy- I'll have to get over to Greg's blog