Thursday, December 14, 2017

US F-22 Fires Flares to Warn Russian Jets in Syria

It is an anonymous report.

U.S. F-22 fighter aircraft fired warning flares on Wednesday after two Russian Su-25 jets entered an agreed upon deconfliction area in airspace east of Euphrates river, a U.S. official said.

The official, speaking on the condition of anonymity, said the incident involved two F-22 jets and the Russian jets departed from the area after the flares were fired.


One official said that the aerial encounter lasted "several minutes", as the Russian jets crossed the de-confliction line several times.

US Air Force Central Command has indicated in the past that Russia regularly crosses these lines, which were established in an effort to avoid conflict between US-coalition forces and Russian forces. Russia crossed the line near the Euphrates River six to eight times a day in late November.

It doesn’t appear that Russia acknowledges this deconfliction zone. Not according to the "official" To my knowledge there is no agreed upon deconfliction zone east of the Euphrates..
At least not one publically acknowledged or necessarily agreed to as such.
However, I’ve long maintained the US has created and attempts to enforce a no fly zone east of the Euphrates. 

June 23, 2017:  Syria: Second SAA Jet Deterred by US Over An Obvious No Fly Zone
June 20, 2017:  Did the US, Again, Enforce a No Fly Zone over Annexed Syrian Territory?

Updated December 15/2017:

hattip Gallier2: 
It's funny that your sources (Reuters and Independant) didn't mention what Konashenko stated « after the appearance of a Russian multifunctional super maneuverable Su-35S fighter, the American fighter stopped dangerous maneuvers and hurried to move into Iraqi airspace. »

" « after the appearance of a Russian multifunctional super maneuverable Su-35S fighter, the American fighter stopped dangerous maneuvers and hurried to move into Iraqi airspace. »"

So the Americans left the airspace...........
« The statements of the US Army representatives that a part of the Syrian airspace belongs to the US is puzzling, » Konashenkov stated, reminding the Pentagon that « Syria is a sovereign state and a member of the United Nations, therefore, the United States does not own any part of sky. » 

It's not puzzling why the US would claim Syrian airspace belongs to them- That is a part of their agenda- as mentioned.
From Yesterday.

Was the Missing Argentinian Sub Being “ Chased By British Helicopter” Before it Disappeared?

How An Arctic Current Could Cool the Climate in Europe


  1. Russia should let Syrian jets take over in this area...It will look absolutely rancid if the US shoots down Syrian jets in Syrian air space. IMO, eventually Syria will have to be the entity that kicks the US out of its territory, anyway.

    1. I disagree on how this will appear- spin is everything
      the war for the mind is fought as hard, if not more so, then the war on the ground.

      All the US has to do is claim they are protecting the other eternal victim- the kurds- everyone will jump on board!

  2. I've sent a number of Tweets to the shit heads at Operation Inherent Resolve, with comments about their latest war crime. Then ask, U do know what happens to war criminals?

    Then I include a pic of a gallows.

    Guessing I'll be kicked off Twitter come 12.18. Can't have no uppity types sassing Massa.

    The only real DC zones were created by Syria, Russia and Iran, the ones who have a legal right to be there.

    Fucking UN is worthless. They should of already filed war crimes charges against the USA and Israel decades ago, but they like the good life in NYC and don't want to leave or wind up dead.

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Hey Greg: Yes, the useless nations is an absolutely dysfunctional, lipstick on a pig, window dressing type organization- by design.

      Did you see/read what De Mistura said yesterday?
      As hard as he tries to cover up for the fact that the UN is working for the dissolution of Syria- he can't- It's too obvious- I personally believe the UN should be scattered to the winds

  3. It's funny that your sources (Reuters and Independant) didn't mention what Konashenko stated « after the appearance of a Russian multifunctional super maneuverable Su-35S fighter, the American fighter stopped dangerous maneuvers and hurried to move into Iraqi airspace. »

    1. thanks for that gallier2!
      I'm going to add that into the main post

      Notice in the strategika post?

      "The statements of the US Army representatives that a part of the Syrian airspace belongs to the US is puzzling, "

      It's not really puzzling because the US is enforcing some type of no fly zone- that is their agenda/plan.. so it makes perfect sense that is what they would say

    2. Gallier2
      any thoughts on that Arctic current?

    3. Yes, I had to smile too when he spoke about puzzling. Subtle way of remind that the US is not welcome, but too subtle for them to grasp.
      As for the current, yes there's much more to cyclic wind and water currents than climate "scientists" want to admit, but it's not new and it was part of my realization that AGW is a scam between 2006 and 2009. On wuwt there was then an article with a very nice animation showing that polar ice extend on the north pole was in majority dependent on ocean and wind currents. Polar temperature has only a minor effect on the melting (to be clear, the ice is melted by higher temperatures but the thing is, the currents push the ice southward to the warmer parts, more pushing=>more melting, the temperature in place are relatively uninvolved, which is logical as they barely go above 0°C even in summer).

    4. Iran's Revolutionary Guard says it has fired several missiles at ISIL positions in Syria's Deir Az Zor province in retaliation for two deadly attacks in Tehran earlier this month that were claimed by the armed group.

      Nikki Haley, the U.S. ambassador to the United Nations, said in a statement Tuesday that the July 22 launch involved an Iranian Qiam-1, a liquid-fueled, short-range Scud missile variant. Iran used a Qiam-1 in combat for the first time in June when it targeted Islamic State group militants in Syria over twin militant attacks in Tehran.

      “Iranian missile fingerprints,” Haley said. One short-range ballistic missile fragment lacked large stabilizer fins that are common to that class of missile. The only known short-range ballistic missiles that don’t have those fins are Iran’s Qiam missiles, Haley said.

      The bomb-laden craft that attacked a Saudi frigate last month was unmanned and likely Iranian, the U.S. Navy has determined.

    5. Gallier? If you can leave the link to that article or where I would look to find it at wuwt
      I'd appreciate it, greatly.
      I read over there regularly and do like how they've been tearing down the whole polar bear manipulation
      that was a despicable act on the part of the photographers- to exploit that animals suffering for financial and political gain- disgusting!

    6. anonymous- thanks for the links!
      I'm going to read and play catch up
      I've so much info lnked but have been so busy lately..

    7. That's not the animation I had seen at that time but this one illustrates a little bit the issue
      The other animation was an embedded youtube video, but as said I read the article 10 years ago and wuwt has an extensive archive, finding the specific article I had in mind is difficult, sorry.

    8. no problem gallier- I'm going to check out the link.
      The video embedded in the post regarding the arctic current should make it very clear to readers here that water currents are a huge factor in the breaking up of Arctic Ice- large expanses of ice in relatively short time frame.

    9. The article is actually fitting to my previous comment. It's possible that it actually was the one I had read at that time. As you can see, there are 2 external links in the article to extended videos of the animation and both are dead. One of them afaicr was 10 minutes long and covered several years of ice growing and shrinking. It was fascinating, ii had something like a heart pulse to it.