Tuesday, February 27, 2018

As Expected, Saleh Muslim, Released- Going to Finland- Not a surprise either!


Former Syrian Kurdish PYD leader Saleh Muslim said on Tuesday he had been aware of a Turkish warrant for his arrest but did not take it seriously, calling the allegations against him false.
Muslim was detained over the weekend in the Czech capital at the request of Turkey, which accuses him of disrupting the state and aggravated murder.
A court released him on Tuesday despite Turkey’s call for his detention pending an extradition request.
He didn't take it seriously because he is 'above the law'. And he knows it.
 Muslim, who pledged to the Czech court to remain in the European Union pending further proceedings, told reporters he had not decided where he would go next. He added he had permission for residency in EU member Finland.
Czechs reject Turkish criticism:
 “The Czech Republic strongly rejects any accusation of support of international terrorism,” the ministry said, adding extradition proceedings have not been concluded by the court decision.

Finland eh?  Oh Finland...... Saleh heading to your safe refuge is not a surprise

Finland & ISIS go hand in hand. PKK/YPG & ISIS go hand in hand. 

Bearing those facts in mind, Saleh heading to Finland makes perfect sense. I've come across Finland and it's abundant links to terrorism more times then I can recount. 
In case your unaware I'll link to some additional information.

How the worlds "safest" country (Finland) produced so many ISIS fighters 
"The most recent major analysis of foreign fighters in Syria found this quiet corner of Europe has the highest percentage of Muslims per population joining ISIS in the world
Finland Ready to Welcome Jihadists with Social Benefits and apartments 

Sound like another Canada.

Finnish combatants abroad may number more than thought
 "Special researcher Pekka Hiltunen from the Finnish Security Intelligence Service (Supo) says that the number of combatants who have left Finland in order to fight in the Syrian and Iraqi conflicts may be 10-20 percent larger than presumed"
 Finland is conveniently located next to Russia- so it's a great place to kick off the planned destabilization and balkanization of Russia

Norway is yet another breeding ground for PKK/ISIS terrorists....

flashback 2014: Redrawing the Map of the Russian Federation


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