Wednesday, February 28, 2018

US & France Tell Turkey to Stop Afrin Operation.. Turkey Rejects Their Call

I've read the most recent resolution several times- Afrin isn't mentioned at all. 

As reported previously the US wants Turkey to suspend it’s operation in Syria.
Monday, February 12, 2018: U.S Wants Turkey to Restrain Their Operation in Syria

I find it extremely telling that the US HAS NEVER, NOR WILL IT EVER, tell Israel to restrain their operations in Syria.. but will tell an alleged ally? Who is the real ally? 
From earlier today:  Israel Arming & Supporting 7 Different Syrian "Rebel" GroupsWith multiple relinks to other reports regarding Israeli involvement in Syria

Would the US and France be looking to use the recent UN resolution against Turkey?

Clearly the US and France are playing a public manipulation/relations game via the media... that much is very apparent. I do believe the US is looking to legitimize it's occupation of Syria.

*US State Dept. tells Turkey to ‘go back and read’ UN cease-fire resolution
“US State Department Spokesperson Heather Nauert at a press briefing on Tuesday urged Turkey to read the entire UN Security Council resolution passed over the weekend for a cease-fire in Syria while avoiding saying that the Turkish government should abide by it.”
* France's Macron tells Erdogan ceasefire must apply to Afrin

"Paris: French President Emmanuel Macron told his Turkish counterpart Recep Tayyip Erdogan on Monday that a proposed UN ceasefire for Syria must be applied across the country, including in Afrin where Turkey is waging an offensive against a Kurdish militia."

Why would the US & France request Turkey stop it’s operation against known terrorists, who not coincidentally are backed by the Usrael/France in Syria- While the US and France say nothing about Israel’s multi tiered operations, with "relatively moderate" terrorists, that have been ongoing consistently in Syria since the destabilization began in 2011!  At that time their were alleged ordinary Syrians calling for Israel to come and save them.  I was first introduced to "Syria's Chalabi" all those years ago- And like other "syrians" who wanted to overthrow the Assad government.. Farid Ghadry introduced himself via Israeli media

In 2011 readers here met  Farid Ghadry grovelling away to the Israeli media
Farid Ghadry
"Don't fear the fall of Bashar Assad. Syria will not fall into the hands of the Muslim Brotherhood," exile Farid Ghadry told Ynet Monday in a reassuring interview in the US.- Israel should not fear the prospect of Bashar Assad's downfall, as the Syrian people are not interested in war with Israel, a leading Syrian dissident says.
 Farid was all for Israel- Israel has been destabilizing Syria from day 1.
The US and France had nothing to say then and still nothing to say now.
 Could the difference in US and France’s stance be explained by the fact that the US is supporting Kurdish terrorists in their remake the region plan?  Israel 2.0 and all?

While Turkey is impeding the remake agenda for their own security reasons.?  Impeding through cooperation with Syria regarding their mutual annexing PKK/YPG problem- 
It’s quite clear to me there is quiet cooperation ongoing between Turkey and Syria regarding the Afrin operation. With both parties set to gain from ridding the Afrin region of the US backed thugs..

And isn’t it odd that the US and France both claim the recent Syrian resolution is the reason for their demand? When there is in fact nothing in that resolution that even mentions Afrin!
I noticed that right away when reading the resolution, which you can find at the blog.  It's embedded in the post relinked directly below:

UN Security Council Approves Syrian Cease-fire/Vasily Nebenzya

another commenter observed that same fact:

brdlipFebruary 24, 2018 at 5:07 PM

I clearly see Russia's hand throughout the resolution. They included the refugees of Rukhban camp in Al Tanf, the situation of the besieged Alawite enclaves in Idlib, the de-mining of Raqqa, the prevention from using schools and hospitals as military posts, the exclusion of Al Qaeda from the truce, the stop of the shelling of Damascus, and so on...

(not a word on Afrin, by the way)
Turkey’s response to US and France perception managing manipulations of reality
Turkey forcefully rejected on Wednesday Western calls to suspend its offensive in northwest Syria, saying the United States misunderstood the extent of a U.N. ceasefire resolution and accusing France of giving “false information” on the issue.  
Ankara has said the United Nations resolution demanding a 30-day ceasefire across Syria does not apply to its five-week-old military operation in Afrin against the Kurdish YPG militia, which Turkey says is a terrorist group.

In strongly worded statements to two NATO allies, (allies?) Turkey’s foreign ministry spokesman said a U.S. State Department appeal that Turkey “go back and read” the ceasefire resolution was unfounded, and he also denied that Paris had told Ankara that the truce also applied to its Afrin campaign.

On Monday French President Emmanuel Macron’s office said he had told Turkey’s President Tayyip Erdogan that the U.N. demand “applied to all of Syria, including Afrin, and should be implemented everywhere and by all without any delay”.
Turkey’s Foreign Ministry spokesman Hami Aksoy challenged that account, saying Macron did not specifically mention Afrin in their telephone conversation about the ceasefire resolution.

“Our reaction regarding the error of giving false information to the public was conveyed to French authorities,” Aksoy said.
France and the US are clearly playing games with Turkey. There is not an “official” start date for this so called humanitarian ceasefire.. Never mind the fact that Afrin is not mentioned at all. So it seems odd for the US and France to make this demand.

The French and American demands come immediately preceding the release of Saleh Muslim who was heading of to jihadi central in Finland.

flashback :As Expected, Saleh Muslim, Released- Going to Finland- Not a surprise either!

Not coincidental, of course. Muslim's release was definitely guaranteed via some sort of western intervention... Which wouldn't please Turkey. But then his release wasn't intended to keep Turkey happy. Perhaps it was a signal to the US's Kurdish allies?

Jonathan Spyer

"If so, Western pressure on the Czech Republic will lead almost certainly to Muslim's release, indicating an embryonic, unspoken political alliance now existing between the Syrian Kurdish leadership and the West.
If not, Muslim will remain in custody and possibly be extradited to Turkey. If this takes place, the Syrian Kurds will conclude that the West has used them as cannon fodder"
I've been very clear here at the blog that the US is not using PKK/YPG as 'cannon fodder'
They have grand, grand plans.


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