Thursday, February 8, 2018

US Kills More Then 100 Syrian Fighters ( SAA or allies, I'm unsure)

 The US got ahead of the propaganda game immediately calling their attack a response/defense to a so called "unprovoked attack" It's not an "unprovoked attack" when the US and it's kurdish thug allies have ANNEXED and are OCCUPYING the territory of a nation they are NOT WELCOME in. 
Stating that right up front. I've not looked into what exactly occurred in Deir ez Zor, but, the US and their proxies should not be in the locale they are! Period. Therefore any spin about unprovoked attack is to be tossed to the trash. Immediately.

Following up on the post from yesterday:

US Special Forces "Very Proud" of Occupying Syria- Blunt Warning to Turkey

Where I'd stated:
" It's pretty obvious that tensions are escalating in Northern Syria.  The US has sent an undeniable F U message to Turkey.  I personally can't interpret this latest report any other way."
Here's the latest:
 The US-led coalition killed more than 100 Assad regime fighters in eastern Syria on Wednesday, officials said, in the largest deliberate strike carried out by Western forces against pro-Syrian government troops.
The coalition said it struck regime fighters with airstrikes and artillery after they launched an "unprovoked attack" (BULLSHIT/SPIN)  against the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), the Western-backed rebels fighting the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (Isil) in Syria.    
"We estimate more than 100 Syrian pro-regime forces were killed while engaging SDF and coalition forces," a US military official said. 
The strikes took place in the Euphrates River valley in the province of Deir Ezzor, where Isil still holds scraps of territory but is under intense pressure from both Syrian regime forces and the SDF. 
The US has struck pro-regime forces in eastern Syria several times but Wednesday's attack caused more casualties than any previous deliberate strike.
The US said that around 500 pro-regime troops, backed by tanks and artillery, had launched what appeared to be coordinated attack on an SDF headquarters. 
The US did not specifically say if the fighters were from the Syrian army or an allied militia or a foreign fighters group like the Lebanese militants Hizbollah. 
The Syrian regime said the fighters were from a local militia fighting against Isil and accused the US of "aggression" and a "new massacre." 
Damascus regularly protests against the US-led intervention in Syria, calling it a violation of Syria's sovereignty, but has been largely powerless to stop it.
That's right! A violation of Syria's sovereignty! So take your thugs and get the hell out of there!
The whole area would be vastly more peaceful had the US and co  not brought their KurdIShIS fighters into the region in order to redraw the maps of the area. 

NTS had caught this yesterday as the news broke: BREAKING NEWS - The US Has Now Attacked The Syrian Government Forces In Deir Ez-Zor Province!

I'm pretty sure there will be more information later today. Stay tuned!


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  2. Not wanting to be that guy, but. Is there any sovereignty left in the first place.

  3. Syria is a sovereign nation, and has every right to defend itself..

    The criminals in the US and Israel have illegally INVADED and have occupied Syrian territory...

    The US has no rights at all in Syria according to every aspect of international law...

    1. sovereign how ?

    2. Syria is an independent nation, with its own government, laws, and its own borders. It is part of the Arab League and has been a major part of the Middle East since its creation as a nation after the ending of the Ottoman Empire as well as having the French evicted during World War II...

      If you are meaning the areas of Syria that are presently NOT controlled by the central government in Damascus, realize that those areas are under illegal OCCUPATION by forces under US control or directly invaded by the US itself...

      Occupation does not and never equates to "sovereignty"....

  4. sovereignty is one of those topics like democracy


    "A sovereign state is, in international law, a nonphysical juridical entity that is represented by one centralized government that has sovereignty over a geographic area. International law defines sovereign states as having a permanent population, defined territory, one government, and the capacity to enter into relations with other sovereign states"

    I think it's a pretty decent, basic definition of sovereignty and the nation state. And the US is definitely not respecting that.

    1. But from a different point of view it can be said, that Syrian Sovereignty can only be viable in areas under control on the Syrian Government. How can you have Sovereignty over a geographic area, which you don't control.

      You either have the muscle to hold your area or you don't. that is whats to it. Or if you are liked people will muscle up for you. But did that happen.

    2. I mean lets be honest here, The government either pulled back its troops or a chunk of it defected. So it lost territory, therefore cannot collect it taxes, left its local population there to their own future.

      And in a matter of time Isis Territory became in a certain way consumable. So it got started to be consumed by the PKK and the Americans helped them as SDF. At that moment every territory they captured from is now a proxy territory.

      And lets say that they are able to hold that territory a while longer and than it starts getting recognized by the EU countries, a few African countries the Saudi bloc. Who is gonna stand behind the Syrian government after that. Turkey has to maintain its position of whole syrian but without assad, because of number of refugees and the fact its allied with the FSA. Than you have left Iran and Russia who are already getting exhausted and Russia still has the Ukraine front which has to be resolved. Than you might wanna say China, but China does not want to be seen in radar. Because currently its trying to put everyone in the region to its submission and is busy making cadavers disappears. And for reason nobody is willing to report on this. I guess its because it are cadavers and not human bodies.

      I mean we see that they don't care a Nickel about Turkeys problem. And right now Iran, Russia and Syrian government have been bombing the deescalation zones like that matters anymore.

      Honestly, I have to restrain myself to keep this text clean

    3. "But from a different point of view it can be said, that Syrian Sovereignty can only be viable in areas under control on the Syrian Government"

      Yes, that can be said. However, the US bullying it's way into yet another nation because it can is not acceptable IMO.

      Might does not always make right.

      "And in a matter of time Isis Territory became in a certain way consumable. So it got started to be consumed by the PKK and the Americans helped them as SDF."

      The Americans helped consume the territory through their support of ISIS. And the PKK. That's how I see things.
      It's clearly been a dog and pony show of the US playing the Kurd vs ISIS team for years and years now.

      The PKK could never hold the territory without the US by their side. Legitimizing them in order to gain recognition from the international community.

      "Who is gonna stand behind the Syrian government after that"

      I do see that as a problem. Because the Syrian government will need allies. This will not come freely.

      " Russia still has the Ukraine front which has to be resolved"

      Turkey is part of that resolution- At least I think that is what Russia is angling for.

      I agree Turkey's problems get no notice- there is even loud complaining about them wanting to send the refugees back to Syria- though for Turkey, it's understandable, it's a burden on their economy. It creates tension in the population etc.,

      The deescalation zones were never going to be perfect-

      It's very frustrating isn't it?
      I mean the whole thing is one big mess..
      And there are so many ways one can look at it.
      Don't know what else can be said