Saturday, March 31, 2018

Breaking News: Syrian Forces Liberate All Cities of Syria's East Ghouta

The Syrian army's command  has said that its forces have liberated all the territory of Eastern Ghouta, including cities and settlements.
"After a series of carefully planned battles and military operations conducted by our armed forces with the help of friendly and allied forces, control over all the cities and settlements of the Damascus suburb of Eastern Ghouta has been restored," the statement said.
The army command stressed that the operation had secured the Syrian capital and the main routes leading into the city.
A source in the military told Sputnik earlier that the cities of Irbin, Jobar, Zamalka and Ain Terma had been fully freed with the government troops being deployed there in order to check if the cities are mined.
"A large warehouse with ammunition and small arms belonging to the militants has been found in Ain Terma," the source added.
The militants' southern outpost in Eastern Ghouta which included the four cities was considered the most dangerous for Damascus, as militants launched their attacks against the city from there.
According to the source, the last convoy consisting of 65 buses is preparing to evacuate 2,935 people from the four cities, including a thousand militants to the Idlib province. With all the terrorists being evacuated from the four cities, the last city under the control of militants will be Douma.
Good news for Syria and Syrians. Definitely good for the residents of Damascus!


  1. Hallelujah! This is a small bit of good news before the big crunch of routing ALL the proxies out of Syria. I would love to visit that country at some point! And Happy Easter to you and yours, Penny.


    1. thanks GC- happy easter back at ya!
      Syria would be beautiful- When I first started blogging on Syria back in 2011- I used to feature different images of various sites- there were many beautiful places

  2. Fabulous news!

    Next the good guys should take aim at the pocket on the southern edge of Damascus as well as the larger one to the east!

    1. Not sure what they'll do next, but, I'm watching!

  3. There are three hard-to-crack nuts in south Damascus: Qalamoun (border-cross to Golan/Israel), Daraa (b.cross to Jordan), Yarmouk camp (Daesh/IS stronghold, in striking distance from Damascus city).
    SAA is moving troops around all of them in order to obfuscate which one will be targeted first.

    They're also massing troops in the east, on their bridgehead of the eastern Euphrates shore, aiming at the Daesh (ISIS) pocket in the desert that borders Iraq. This latter op is in US/SDF operative range, though. And it would require tight coordination with Iraq - e.g. to allow air hunting of militants swinging back and forth across the two countries.
    It's one of the desert areas which Daesh is coming from, to inflict SAA endless little stings around Al Bukamal, T2 pumping station and so forth. Daesh is exploiting the de facto ceasefire enacted by USA/SDF after Olive Branch Op in Afrin (and the de facto safe zone of the US base in Al Tanf) to play a low attrition bleeding and scattering of Syrian military resources.
    Even though it's a minor annoyance, the KIA toll is mounting and the troops' morale (mostly conscripts/NDF in that area) may suffer.

  4. Trump says the US will be out of Syria very soon. The US is reinforcing al Tanf with heavy weaponry. Looks like they're arming the insurgents and mercs whose directing will pass to Mossad, at a guess.
    Happy Easter Penny.
    Cc :)

    1. Trump is, of course, lying- The US isn't going anywhere- I always think he says stuff like that so the media runs with distracting headlines while behind the scenes- the real action is ongoing-

      "Looks like they're arming the insurgents and mercs whose directing will pass to Mossad, at a guess."

      Israel has been involved so perhaps their going to take a more obvious role at this juncture?

      Happy Easter to you too

      Or as I used to say in my more practicing Catholic days
      "Christ Has Risen"

    2. correct he is lying and at lest this isn't a April 1 joke on the Syrian Army victories.

    3. hey jo, I know he's lying- he's always lied. Same as any politician- but yes the Syrian victories are good news.