Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Airstrike or Cyber Attack on Syria?

Conflicting reports abound. 

Reports of multiple airstrikes:

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(Qasioun) – The Syrian regime media announced on Tuesday's dawn that unknown missiles hit Shuairat airbase in the eastern countryside of Homs and Dumair airbase in Damascus countryside.

The Syrian regime authorities said that it could intercept the missiles and down it in Homs and Damascus airspaces, without revealing any further details or the side responsible for the attack.

In details, Shuairat airbase was targeted with 6 cruise missiles, while sources in the Syrian oppoisition suggested that attack launched by Israel.

Dumair airbase, moreover, was targeted with 3 Cruise missiles and were intercepted by Surface-to-Air missiles, people in Eastern Qalamon area witnessed the interception of missiles, while the Pentagon denied launching any attack last night on Syrian regime positions.

Several media sources said cruise missiles could also hit Nayrab airbase in Aleppo and an airbase in Keswa area in Damascus countryside, but the Syrian regime denied it.

Times of Israel- Israel-US cyberattack triggered missile defenses

Pro-regime commander says Russian experts brought in to deal with incident initially thought to have been a missile strike

A false alarm caused by a “joint electronic operation” carried out by Israel and the US led to the firing of air defenses missile over Syria overnight Monday, a commander of militia forces supporting the regime said.
Speaking on condition of anonymity to Reuters on Tuesday, the commander said that the Syrian radar system had been targeted in the alleged cyberattack and that Russian experts were brought in to resolve the issue.
Syrian state news originally reported overnight that missiles targeting government air bases had been shot down over the western city of Homs, but later said the air defense systems had been triggered by a false alarm.
Large explosions were heard near Al Shayrat Air base in Homs province, and in eastern Qalamoun near Damascus, where two other air bases are located, the Syrian Observatory for Human rights reported.
Following initial reports that a strike had been carried out by Israel, an IDF spokesman said he was “not aware of such an incident.”
In Washington, Pentagon spokeswoman Heather Babb said that “there are no US or coalition operations in that area.”
 RT: reporting false alarm

 Several sources in Syria said the overnight deployment of anti-aircraft weapons at a military base was triggered by a false alarm, not an actual missile attack, as previously claimed by some media outlets.

Airstrikes? Cyber Attack? False Alarm?
Cyber Attack Leading to a False Alarm? 
Not sure, but, it's good to keep it under our hat.


  1. "Times of Israel- Israel-US cyberattack triggered missile defenses"

    Maybe a trick with a drone that fools the system? Perhaps they tested it on their own systems first, hence the similar incident reported from Israel? I do know that Zionists use simple tricks to create an illusion of sophistication and invincibility; or to distract and misdirect.

    I think the Zionists are either lying or misdirecting, i.e. SSDD.

    1. Don't know what it is anonymous?
      I couldn't be sure there had been an actual attack?
      that means I wasn't comfortable based on information to call it an attack- (though their could be more information available at this time?)
      So the cyber attack seems plausible
      Testing the waters?
      I don't know?
      Just worth watching IMO

  2. "It's will be another muh holocaust if youse GOYIM don't destroy Syria. Now gibs me another 6 gorillin shekels for my suffering!"

    Signed Rabbi Pederastein

    1. Greg: Rabbi Pederastein?

      Israel wants Syria destroyed- that's undeniable

      Notice how similar Donald Trumps "make America Great Again" is to the neo cons "Rebuilding America's Defences"

      Both policies revolve around rampant militarization and global domination- that's not a coincidence

      in my opinion