Friday, April 27, 2018

Armenia & 23 on my Mind

As the Armenian identified driver of the Ryder van attacked - Coincidentally, or not so much, Armenia had a coup on the very same day. It's pretty clear there was western involvement in the coup.

I've drawn a few comments out from Arevordi's blog- Heralding the Rise of Russia (always linked here) Arevordi is from Armenia. And you can avail yourself of additional commentary at his blog.

Today I woke up to learn that one of Levon Petrosian's smut-peddlers has succeeded in ousting Serj Sargsyan. This morning I was reminded again of the saying, the people deserve the governments they have. Nevertheless, a part of me is happy. There was no bloodshed. Seeing just how hated and despised he was, Serj Sargsyan had the wisdom to step down. Now, perhaps Karen Karapetyan can rise to power. Mass hysteria has transformed into mass euphoria. Needless to say, a part of me is also very worried. The fundamental question is this: The "people" got what it wanted, but what happens next? This is why it's not a good idea to break something before you get a better replacement. You can't break something, and then "hope" for something better to come. So, will unsavory characters and Western-financed agents (which we know saturate the Armenian landscape today) be able to grab power? Also, what kind of a precedence does this set: Every time 51%-plus of the people dislike their leader, they will disregard the nation's constitution and take to the streets to oust him or her from power? The reality of the matter is that Armenia stands today on the cusp of a perennial freak show and circus.

  1. There is also somewhat of a surreal or supernatural feel to all this. It's as if we have been here before. It's as if ancient spectres are haunting us. It's as if the spirits of our failed ancestors are rising from their graves and leading us into yet another unknown. History is repeating. We are self-mutilating and predators in our neighborhood are smelling blood. We are once again opening the gates of our city to allow the enemy in. We are once again ready to tear to pieces our old prince and ask someone we don't even know to rule over us. We are once again getting ready to cut off the head of our sparapet, so that we may live in peace. The peasants are out in force, and they are ready to burn down their village to save it from phantoms both real and perceived. Collective hysteria has gripped the masses, and the moment has taken on a life of its own. It all seems/feels preordained by forces beyond our comprehension. So be it. I am just glad there was no widespread destruction and bloodshed.

    Once more, I am very thankful that Serj Sargsyan had the clarity of vision or wisdom to refrain from using violence, especially with genocide commemorations upon us. Once more, I want to warn that "radical changes" will not make things better. At this point, we just need to be happy that Serj Sargsyan voluntarily stepped down, and put someone like Karen Karapetyan into power. And be quick about it.

 Washington Post

SERZH SARGSYAN, who ruled Armenia as president from 2008 until this month, was a faithful client of Vladi­mir Putin. In 2013, after meeting with the Russian president, he abruptly dropped negotiations with the European Union and instead joined Moscow-led economic and security organizations.

Go back to the comments section in the first post regarding the Van Attack
The van attack that took place on April 23.

Something I forgot to mention was about the amazing news out of Armenia - the people came onto the streets to protest their president the other day, so eventually he had to know, the usual, he's corrupt, driven the country right down the tubes etc etc. They'd had enough of him and so out he went. Yesterday's Van Attacker, with an obvious Armenian name, got me thinking... You know how I love those weird connections!
Some kind of political message - Turkey - Russia - they're all connected states - perhaps?


  1. Marie: I like your thinking ;)
    I was completely unaware of the news about the Armenian President- it had already occurred to me about the Russian/Turkish/Armenian connection
    Nagorno Karabakh
Also there are known Armenian terrorists groups who have operated right here in Canada Who not coincidentally have a real tie with the PKK
So,yes, the fact that he's an Armenian, of all the ethnic backgrounds in the Toronto area is quite, quite... connected to the bigger geopolitical.

YaYaC had mentioned:

Penny, did you see where the Globe listed the names of the injured, and says the guy has been charged with 10 murders and 13 attempted - not 15 as we've been told repeatedly up to now. (I'm a big numbers nut, and I was waiting for this because the incident happened on the 23rd, and 10 dead, 13 injured adds up to 23 victims.)
Update: Coroner officially identifies victims of Yonge St. van rampage

Alek Minassian, 25, of Richmond Hill is charged with 10 counts of first-degree murder and 13 counts of attempted murder.
Exactly what YaYaC had anticipated. 23 victims in total.
Recapping: On the 23rd of April, Armenia had a coup. Meanwhile in Toronto, on that same 23rd day of April, an Armenian driver attacked 23 victims in total, killing 10, with a van. 

23 is an interesting number all on it's own- It is a prime number.

23 pairs of Chromosomes 

Psalm 23- The Lord is my Shepherd
"From there, the van proceeded southbound on Yonge for several blocks toward Sheppard Avenue. "

 From earlier today:

OIT Interview- Stephen Baskerville:The New Politics of Sex

I'm simply not buying the incel narrative in the van attack.  It fits too handily into the bigger identity politics/ bash  men rubbish that is obviously being pushed.

 Was just saying to hubby today, it would be so difficult in this day and age to raise a young boy with all the negative stereotyping around men.


  1. I too heard about the coup in Armenia and originally thought it to just be a "coinky-dink"... But now you and Crow have shown a definitive false flag in action!

    Honestly, I thought this could only happen in America but now we see how Jew controlled Canada is!

    1. Hey North:

      However we label/identify this incident, I firmly believe people did die.

      When it comes to these types of incidents it makes perfect sense to me that those powers that shouldn't be have NO PROBLEM killing innocent people. Anywhere.

      Look at all wars of choice- and the death and destruction that brings- All calculated. All acceptable to reach or attain a certain goal.

      People are expendable.

      Armenia has had a frozen conflict for a long, long time- It's definitely in the Russian sphere of influence making it a mark for the Usrael empire

      If you were unaware there were many Armenian "groups' embedded with PKK- together they pushed an anti- Turkey message- despite the fact that PKK is pretty anti christian

      This incident will certainly imprint a negative concept into the minds of Canadians

    2. This incident will certainly imprint a negative connotation, into the minds of Canadians and others globally, since this incident got global coverage, regarding Armenia and it's place in the geo political sphere