Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Astana Three In Turkey- Affirm Support for Syria's Sovereignty

I really can’t understand why the alternative media is not discussing the Astana three meeting in Turkey (there are conflicting reports on the locale of this meeting in Turkey, so I've changed headline to meeting in Turkey)... What’s up with that?  Where are all these alt media supporters of Syria ? (of course I have my own thoughts on why the 5 eyes alt media isn’t touching this news and yes I checked a few places )
Astana has so far represented the one lone hope for Syrian survival. Return of Syrians to their homeland etc.,  However imperfect these three nations may be, even the Syrian government/media is acknowledging this trio as more beneficial to Syria. 
Unlike the UN which has contributed nothing positive for Syria

Globe and Mail
"The leaders of Russia, Iran and Turkey met in Ankara on Wednesday for talks on resolving the conflict in Syria.

The leaders meeting in the Turkish capital are expected to reaffirm their commitment to Syria’s territorial integrity and the continuation of local cease-fires. Talks were also expected to include the issues of border security, the distribution of humanitarian aid and drawing up a constitution for the country.
The leaders locked hands while posing for photos at the start of the meeting, but did not make opening remarks
No opening remarks necessary because the locked hands imagery is worth a thousand words. The image was posed for and done intentionally.

Guarantor countries’ joint statement affirms support for Syria’s sovereignty
via SANA

Ankara, SANA-Presidents of the guarantor countries of the cessation of hostilities in Syria (Russia, Iran and Turkey) stressed their support for Syria’s sovereignty and territorial integrity and continued anti-terrorism efforts.

The affirmation came in a joint statement following a trilateral meeting in Ankara on Wednesday which brought together the Russian President Vladimir Putin, Iranian President Hassan Rouhani and President of Turkish regime Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

“Russia, Iran and Turkey intend to eliminate the terrorist organizations of Daesh (ISIS) and al-Qaeda in Syria,” the statement said, affirming that “there is no military solution to the crisis and in Syria and the only possible solution is through a political process.”

The statement underlined the necessity of creating suitable conditions for the return of Syrians displaced by terrorism to their country.
Post from Monday regarding today's meeting:

Iran, Russia, Turkey:  Meeting in Turkey Wednesday April 04th

From earlier today:

Porton Down CAN'T Exclude Porton Down from Skripal Incident


  1. Penny, a bit off topic, but I wanted to give you praise for saying that Zukerberg's apology was fake. Here's proof:

    Headline: Mark Zuckerberg hints most Facebook users won't benefit from new privacy rules

    1. I haven't read the link yet YaYa, but, will do so.

      Figured it was all the stuff of PR.

  2. @ I have my own thoughts on why the 5 eyes alt media isn’t touching this news

    I can't wait to hear of them. My own feeling is that 'alt-media' is controlled opposition, if not a 'limited hangout operation'.

    1. "I can't wait to hear of them. My own feeling is that 'alt-media' is controlled opposition, if not a 'limited hangout operation'."

      WizOz- Did you read my mind? Hammer meet nail?
      Yup, that's it! limited hang out it is-
      one can say controlled opposition- that's good too.

    2. Yes Penny,

      I read your mind! I am a Wizard after all, although I prefer to think of myself as a Wise Man.
      But as I consider you a Wise Woman, the convergence of thoughts comes naturally.

    3. Thanks WizOz- I am both humbled and flattered you think of me as a wise woman- I do try to put thought into what I write here, that's for sure!

  3. Hi Penny,

    Long time lurker. Great blog -I like the way you connect the dots.

    Spotted something that I thought was interesting : "US to consider Islamist leader’s extradition to Turkey after getting documents"

    Is US working to prevent Turkey falling into Russia's camp? As long as Turkey controls the Bosporus and therefore the de facto gatekeeper of Russia's Black Sea fleet, US will not let Turkey drift away. IMO. Taking this further, is it Erdo's chess move to veer towards Russia alarming the US enough to sacrifice Gulen? Continuing this train of thought, if the return of Gulen brings Erdo back to the US fold, has Russia been played?

    Or this is a big nothing burger?

    1. Hey Lurker: Everybody is playing everybody here!

      *Russia's playing Turkey against NATO
      *Turkey playing US against Russia
      * US is trying to hang on and play Turkey until they can get more compliant leadership in.
      *Israel is, well, Israel. So it's creating chaos and then taking advantage.

      going to read the TASS article

      "US will take a decision on whether it should extradite the leader of FETO [Fetullahist Terrorist Organization], Fethullah Gulen to Turkey in connection with the assassionation of the Russian Ambassador in Ankara"

      That's just more of playing Turkey IMO - If the US was going to hand Gulen over they've had since immediately after the coup to do so to keep their NATO 'ally' happy- They didn't. So they are trying to dangle that carrot in front of Turkey in hopes of keeping influence, but, I don't know...

      *Russia building the nuclear power plant
      *Russia/Turkey and the gas deal
      *You've got the whole silk road plan
      *You've got the weapons deal
      *YOu've got massively increased trade

      At this point I can't think of what the US can give Turkey that will bring them back into the NATO fold, I really see the US employing time buying tactics in hopes of finally getting their compliant gov in (which they tried with the coup)

      "We will review any materials the Turkish government may provide in this regard, and will make any decisions about extradition on the basis or the facts and relevant US laws," she said. "We have no further comment."

      That's been the same line since after the coup- So nothing has changed.

      We might also look at this as Turkey testing the US.. how much does the US value their "ally"?

    2. What probably is more important in the relations of Turkey with Russia is that any role that Turkey would have to play in the Ukrainian crisis and in the Caucasus (direct threat to Russia by supporting the Tartars in Crimea or the jihadis in the Caucasus) has been put to rest. On the other hand Russia has infinitely more to offer Turkey than America.

    3. Hey WizOz- yes, there is the whole Crimea situation.. That said, I suspect that Usrael is involved with the Tatars as much if not more then Turkey... ditto for the jihadis where you have Israel and Saudi Arabia to contend with- Still I would agree that Turkey can assist Russia in that arena