Friday, April 13, 2018

Breaking! TRUMP/US/France are STRIKING SYRIA

 The US, France and Britain are hitting Syria right now and will continue with sustained bombing!

President Donald Trump decided to strike Syria on Friday, according to several reports. The news comes following last week’s chemical attack in the city of Douma, a rebel-held city near the capital of Damascus.


President Donald Trump is addressing the nation on the situation in Syria Friday evening.
Trump has decided to bomb the country, according to U.S. administration officials who spoke to Pentagon correspondent Joe Tabet.
“US administration official confirmed to me that a decision to strike #Syria has been taken,” he tweeted.

I'm listening to the monster right now as he blathers on- Disgusting!
The U.S., the United Kingdom and France launched strikes against Syria to retaliate for a chemical weapons attack. "Chemical weapons are uniquely dangerous," President Trump says in announcing the attack. Syria's use of them are ‘crimes of a monster.’

Explosions Heard in Damascus Region - Reports

According to reports, explosions have been heard within Syria's Damascus region as US President Donald Trump announced on Friday that he was ordering to "launch precision strikes on Syria."
Netizens on social media have reported hearing "big explosions."
​Video footage has also surfaced with sounds of explosions.

Nothing on SANA as of 9:29 EST

The Drive is Live Updating- let's see what they have so far! 

So far not much, but, I'll be checking back-  

RT: so far

Partisan Girl:

BREAKING: Syrian air defence systems firing at US missiles. Russian air defence systems now also firing. Narrator " you"

Apparently the US, France/UK are staying out of Syrian airspace
Firing from the Med or from Lebanese airspace.

Britain, used the bases at Cyprus, as had been expected! 

Daily Mail

Britain, the US and France today unleashed a salvo of cruise missiles against Syrian regime forces. Four RAF Tornados took off from RAF Akrotiri in Cyprus in the early hours and struck regime facilities linked to the production and use of chemical weapons.
The Ministry of Defence confirmed they fired Storm Shadow cruise missiles at a military facility – a former missile base – some fifteen miles west of Homs.

Jordan Times

Huge blasts heard in Syria's capital

By Agencies - Apr 14,2018 - Last updated at Apr 14,2018

Damascus- Several huge explosions were heard in Syria's capital early today, AFP's correspondent there said, as US President Donald Trump announced strikes on the country were under way.
Syrian state television also reported a US attack on Syria, in coordination with France and Britain, Agence France Presse reported.

Pentagon Press Briefing- They are saying this is, so far, going to be a one off - Unless "Assad uses chemical weapons, again"


  1. I will be updating- I mentioned this was likely because the US/Britain/France didn't want to prove this chemical weapon attack in Douma was real- they wanted to ensure no one ever knew it was a faked attack!

  2. Unfortunately I was correct that Drumpf the War Criminal would launch an attack after things shut down here for the weekend.

    1. Hey Dwayne- Yes, you and I were on the same page- either today the 13th - which is also 4/14/18 in Syria.

      Earlier today I said to hubby what a perfect numerology kind of day for a strike!

  3. We did all we could, Penny. Just like in the run-up to the Iraq war...

    1. GC: I feel sick- really.
      No evidence- Mattis feels 'confident' Assad did the deed- Whopee do! Confidence is not evidence!

      Then he's saying their targeting alleged chemical facilities- so they are launching a chemical attack themselves if that is the case!

      It just makes me sick!!!

  4. The Rubber will Hit the Road when Russia responds.

  5. First, there has to be an assessment of the impact & damage, whether Russians were targeted or impacted, etc. Then, there has to be an assessment of dange to Putin credibility and whether the attack warrants a response, or whether this was in fact a limited attack for the sake of Trump's prestige and to get him out of the tight corner into which he has been placed. Third, there will be a study of logistics and planning necessary to pull off a retaliation (as well as a selction of that target and rthe rationale for it being hit). If those three boxes are checked, then Putin will strike in about 36 hours against a target no one else ever cosnidered.


  6. One can only hope, Ed(itor). It goes (almost) without saying that to attack an innocent party for the sake of personal "prestige" or to "get out of a tight corner" immoral to the extreme and on display for the entire world to view.

  7. But, Greencrow, this is America, a nation fully in the grip of insanely evil people.

    When the POTUS, weeks after Israel's actions with regard to Gaza and its protestors (let alone its long litany of other abuses, or America's support of brutal dictatorships, genocides or the purposeful murder of its own leaderahip and citizenry, says:

    “What kind of a nation wants to be associated with the mass murderer of innocent men, women and children? The nations of the world can be judged by the friends they keep. No nation can succeed, in the long run, by promoting rogue states, brutal tyrants, and murderous dictators….”

    It takes a lot of chutzpah:

    1. thanks for the comment ed(itor)
      late in getting back here

  8. London has ten days to answer Moscow's question about cooperation in Salisbury inquiry - Ryabkov

    Militants in Syria preparing to start offensive if U.S., allies strike Syrian govt forces - Russian ambassador to UN

  9. According to Syrian and Russian sources the interception rate of the Syrian defence is around 75%.
    I've read that during one of the first salvos, 28 out of 30 cruise missile were shot down.
    I've seen several videos giving credence to that.
    It looks like quite a military fiasco. The French mainstream media is ridiculously uninterested in the subject, we know everything now on Johnny Hallyday's asset freeze to settle the heritage dispute between his gold digger widow and his older children. Yeah, the news here is full of "no war in Syria", disgusting but not surprizing.

    1. Hey Gallier2:
      thanks for stopping by here-
      It does look like a military fiasco- the US is claiming 100 percent success- I've read and seen different myself- Even if the Russian/Syrians are exaggerating their figures- there is NO Way the US/UK/French had 100 percent success- those claims make Trump and co seem even more absurd!

  10. A non-event essentially. Drumpf played the part of bully, with his lackey's M&M (May & Macron) licking his bunghole the entire time. Putin continues to adhere to the "Art of War". US tax livestock are bilked out of millions of federal reserve notes to now replace the spent ammo. Assad and SAA shake this off and continue on taking out John McCain's moderates. Turkey continues to be the joker in the deck. Israel is pissed that their Sampson Option (war between US & Russia) isn't happening... yet.

    Meh... time for breakfast.

    1. Trump really did play the part of the bully- sad