Monday, April 9, 2018

Israel Strikes Syria. US Decision For Further Strikes in 24-48 Hours

Israeli protestors
 I’d actually expected that Israel would strike Syria. (see my comment from the other day below) And being Israel, bloodthirsty and always destabilizing it was their military that fired the shots. We’re their citizens, whom are proudly bloodthirsty too, holding placards saying kill them all as the missiles flew?  Did they go out like spectators to watch as others die?  Cause they've done that before! Yes, there are too many terrorists in this world!  And it is Israel thatsupports far too many of them. Something the Israeli people should think long and hard about.
Israel looks like they want this one and they want it badly- they didn't want Syria heading in their direction.. to impede Israel's plotting

Liberman says Israel will go it alone- I wouldn't put it past them- and will keep an eye on what's happening tonight.... Just can't put anything past Israel.

 The false flag chemical attack created the smoke screen in advance of the desired Israeli move which the US absolutely knew in advance about. I’ve no doubt about that!
Verification that the US knew came after I'd written the preceding sentence via

"Israel informed the United States of its plans to attack in Syria overnight, two U.S. officials told NBC News on Monday morning. The officials confirmed that it was the Israeli military that carried out the strike on an air base in Syria
When did Israel inform the US  of the overnight attack?  A week ago? Three days ago? 

Was this planned attack the impetus for the false flag chemical attack?
Kremlin says Israel did not inform Moscow before carrying out overnight strike on Iranian T-4 air base"
Ynet News: Syria notifies the UN.
Syria's Foreign Affairs Ministry sent a telegram to UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres and to the chairman of the Security Council on Monday about the strike on an airbase in Homs, which is attributed to Israel.

"This Israeli attack is an indirect response on the success of the Syrian army in the removal of terror organizations from the outskirts of Damascus and from other areas in Syria," the telegram read.

"Israel's continued aggression wouldn't be possible without the US administration's absolute support, and the immunity it gives it to continue its acts of terror and to threaten peace and security in the Middle East and in the entire world."
I agree that the Israeli attack on Syria was an indirect response to the clearing out of their terrorists from Douma- I've got a sneaking suspicion it may also have been about finishing up unfinished business. The Syrian Airfield Israel struck is one they’ve attacked previously,  but, they didn’t accomplish their entire mission at that time- This attack was covered in two previous posting at the time of the incident February 2018-

1st: Escalation as Syria Shoots Down Israeli Jet- Israel Launches Heavy Strikes- Russia Urges Restraint!

  At that time Israel said there was an Iranian drone and they provided rather unconvincing 'proof'

2nd post: Tillerson's Sweet Nothing's to Turkey. Israel & Syria. Lavrov insights
The IDF said it destroyed Syrian SAM systems after an F-16I was shot down on 10 February.
    An important S-200 complex appeared to be undamaged after the engagement
Satellite imagery showing one of two S-200 (SA-5) long-range air defence systems in southwest Syria was not neutralised on 10 February raises questions about the effectiveness of Israeli airstrikes on that day.
I have to ask if Israel went back to complete their mission? Because it's the same airfield/base/target as in February- One Israeli jet was shot down at that time. And two long range air defence systems remained intact despite Israeli claims of success. Wouldn't Israel have a real interest in taking out those long range defence systems if they were planning for still more attacks? I think they would need to? What do you all think?

Trump Decision to launch more strikes against Syria in 24- 48 Hours

President Trump told reporters at the White House this morning that he would make a decision in the next 24 to 48 hours on how to respond to the "heinous" chemical attack over the weekend in Syria's eastern Ghouta region. “This is about humanity and it can’t be allowed to happen," he said.
It seems Syria was succesful in shooting down some of the missiles fired by IDF.
Israel was more careful about keeping their jets out of Syrian airspace.

President Donald Trump plans to confer with senior military leaders Monday.
"Trump was set to get a briefing and have dinner with military leaders. Monday is the first day on the job for his new national security adviser, John Bolton, who has previously advocated significant airstrikes against Syria."
It's no coincidence that today just happens to be Blitzkrieg Bolton's first day on the job! 
We can be certain John Bolton was hunky dory with the Israeli strike on Syria

Syrian state media reported a missile attack at the Tiyas airbase in central Syria on Monday.

State media said the military shot down eight missiles, but did not mention the number of casualties, although it said the attack "left a number of martyrs and injured." The U.K.-based monitoring group Syrian Observatory for Human Rights told the Associated Press that at least 14 people were killed in the attack, including Iranians or members of Iran-backed groups.

Syrian state television initially pointed the finger at the U.S., while a Lebanese, Hezbollah-linked TV station blamed Israel for the attack. The Russian Defense Ministry also blamed Israel, claiming in a statement reported by the country's state-run news agency TASS that two Israeli F-15 aircrafts launched the attack from Lebanon, without entering Syrian airspace.
RT: Several killed & injured in ‘missile attack’ on airbase in Homs – Syrian state media


"A military airport in Homs province has been targeted in a “missile attack,” SANA reports. Although Syrian air defense systems allegedly intercepted at least eight projectiles, several people were reportedly injured and killed.
Several missiles struck Syria's Tiyas Military Airbase in the Homs governorate (also known as T-4 Airbase) on Sunday night, SANA reports, citing a military source. As a result of the strike, there were several “martyrs [killed] and wounded ,” the agency added, without specifying the number of casualties."

MOSCOW, April 9. /TASS/. Two F-15 aircraft of Israel’s Air Force delivered a strike with eight guided missiles on Syria’s T-4 airfield, the Russian Defense Ministry said on Monday.

"On April 9, in the period between 3.25 a.m. and 3.53 a.m. Moscow Time two F-15 aircraft of Israel’s Air Force delivered a strike with eight guided missiles on the T-4 airfield without entering Syria’s airspace from Lebanon’s territory," the ministry said.

The Syrian air defenses destroyed five guided missiles. Three missiles reached the western part of the airfield. No Russian advisers are among the casualties.

Earlier, the SANA news agency reported citing a military source that a massive missile strike was launched on the T-4 military airfield in Syria’s Homs province on Monday. According to the report, there are deaths and injuries among the military.


  1. "Israel informed the United States of its plans to attack in Syria overnight, two U.S. officials told NBC News on Monday morning. The officials confirmed that it was the Israeli military that carried out the strike on an air base in Syria"

    Israel's air defence is part of NATO's air defence system. So NATO has to know in advance of any Israeli attack and be a part of it.

    I think it is interesting, Pen, that they thought Russia would be less likely to retaliate against israel than the US Navy. And/or the USN was less happy than israel to attack Syria again.

    President Trump told reporters at the White House this morning that he would make a decision in the next 24 to 48 hours on how to respond to the "heinous" chemical attack over the weekend in Syria's eastern Ghouta region. “This is about humanity and it can’t be allowed to happen," he said.

    It is increasingly obvious that Trump's decisions are being made for him. What a sham he is, Pen.

    1. Hey james
      Russia is stating they were not informed in advance of the strike- I understood that Israel and Russia had open communication channels in this regard- So the fact that they said nothing suggests to me- there is more to come.

      And I think it will come on multiple fronts too..

      Wanting always to be wrong

      As for Trump... He is an absolute sham!

  2. Well John Bolton will save the day and ramp this up. I see Russia has put their troops on high alert. I would like see them shot them down no matter were they are. I doubt the Lebanese would care.

    1. The chickenshit Israeli flew over Lebanon and fired into Syria, they knew they would of got fired upon if they entered Syrian air space.

      My God, what did the world do to deserve that nation of psychotic land thieves?

    2. Hey Greg: It appears Syria was able to shootdown some of the missiles-

      As for what the world did to deserve that psychotic land of thieves??

      Most people did nothing. And maybe that's the problem? Maybe to many people just do nothing expecting others to 'take care of things'- sigh..
      I don't know. :(

  3. What a coincidence that the office of Tubby's long time lawyer got raided today.
    Either Tubby gets with the program and bombs the hell out of Syria or he's going to get charged with something from his real estate deals.


    Russia aware of plotted chemical weapon provocations in Syria for blaming Damascus later - Nebenzya


    Gaza strikes

    More camp turbulence

    Russia has warned the US repeatedly about striukes and has again called the strikes fabricated. more sanctions against core Russian companies and RUB attack

    Ukraine arrest on Crimea

    Lavrov recent warnings on KFOR and US Kosovo base

    United Russia views Serbian politician's murder in Kosovo as attempt to undermine situation in region, destabilize Serbia, Balkans

    U.S. inviting no one to its base in Kosovo, it is doing something strange there - Lavrov

    1. thanks anonymous- it was in spam and I'm looking through the links right now


    Reports in Turkish media (CNN in Turkey)

    USS Donald Cook is a destroyer armed with Tomahawk cruise missiles
    Currently off the coast of Syria
    Is being harassed by low-flying Russian warplanes

    Delicate times indeed. Let's hope cool heads are in charge on both sides.


      The Khibiny electronic warfare system was made operational in the Russian Armed Forces in 2013 to defend aircraft against air defense systems.

      The Khibiny EW system differs from the previous-generation technology by its increased power and intelligence capability. It can assist in aircraft weapons control, create a deceptive electronic environment and help break through an enemy’s layered air defenses.

      Read also
      Share of top-notch radioelectronic warfare tools may reach 90% in Russian Army by 2020

      This is what happened with the US destroyer Donald Cook in 2014 when the warship’s air defense systems locked on a Russian Su-24 plane.

      The data appearing on the warship’s radars put the crew at a loss: the aircraft would now and then disappear from radar screens or suddenly change its location and speed or create electronic clones of additional targets while the destroyer’s information and weaponry control combat systems were actually


    2. 13feb: jabhat al-Nusra plotting toxic-gas provocation in Idlib - Russian reconciliation center

    3. So perhaps the planes are flying around the Donald Cook to 'throw it off' for lack of a better term?

      I'm reading the article now

    4. Putin says Russia obtained "irrefutable proof" that militants planned provocations involving toxic agents in Syria

      pets dead

    5. saw the news about the dead pets...


    This is from a month ago-

    NEW YORK (UN)/WASHINGTON. Feb 9 (Interfax) - The allegations that the Syrian authorities are using chemical weapons against the civilian population are made whenever something positive happens on the political track, Russian Permanent Representative to the United Nations Vasily Nebenzya said.

    The UN Security Council had closed-door consultations on the humanitarian situation in Syria on Thursday. Reporters asked Nebenzya for comment on the allegations that Russia might be involved in the recent chemical arms attacks in Syria.

    "I'd rather not use strong language to answer your question. It is a shame, such allegations are shameful," Nebenzya said.

    The use of chemical weapons is reported "out of the blue whenever something positive is happening on the political track," he said.

    "This is rather obvious to us," Nebenzya said.

    "Following the successful Syrian National Dialogue Congress, we have seen increased attempts at slandering Russia's actions in Syria and calling the political settlement process into question. The meeting we have had today is no exception," he said.

    "The current humanitarian situation in Syria may be bad and depressing, but it does not differ much from what it was a month ago although it was presented as something dramatic," he said.