Sunday, April 15, 2018

It's so "Hot" We're IN the Midst of an Ice Storm- Day 2

Yup, April 15/2018. And there is TWO inches or 5 centimetres + of ice/slush/snow on the ground as the "winter" storm, that's still hitting us, continues. Oh and it's a month into spring. Temperatures are well below seasonal  norms. We've had maybe one or two days of 'seasonal' temps. That's it. Next month starts traditional gardening season... Just 5 weeks away.

Shovelling in Toronto
"Southern Ontario is bracing for a second round of snow, ice pellets, freezing rain and rain that forecasters say will begin later this morning.
The huge weather system is affecting an area stretching west to east from Windsor to Ottawa and north to south from North Bay to Lake Ontario.
On Saturday police reported well over 500 crashes on icy roads around the Greater Toronto Area — fortunately none involving fatalities.
Thousands of people also lost power, but Hydro One and other utilities were working round the clock to reconnect customers.
Today's stormy weather could be even more severe because Environment Canada says the precipitation will be intensified by howling winds.
Wind warnings have been issued with gusts up to 90 km/h expected in the Hamilton area this morning — strong enough to cause property damage and more power outages"

Potentially historic’ ice storm arrives in southern Ontario; closures, crashes reported"

 Historic, probably because this is the first ice storm I can recall this late in the 'winter' 
Oh wait, make that spring! I can recall another ice storm in February, better then 25 years ago- We had no electricity for two days. Others I knew, in town, were without electricity even longer. But that was February. We've had other more limited in damage ice storms too. In the Winter. 
This is April. Mid April.

Not what you want to see with significant ice on the way – a wind warning for #Oakville #Burlington #Hamilton #Niagara 90 km/h gusts possibly reaching 100 km/h into Sunday a.m. #onstorm

I thought 'carbon' was supposed to be warming the planet-  Ya know AGW? 
I know where I live it was supposed to be sweltering and the great lake levels were supposed to drop-  none of which has come to pass.

How about that sun cycle?- Looks like, maybe, solar cycle 24 has passed and was very weak- Perhaps this explains the long stretch of cooler temps I've experienced? 

Cycle 25 has already begun
It looks to me that SC25 will be a bit stronger than SC24, so probably no Grand Minimum this time
(ignore the 2014 in the top line – it is just a place holder).

As my furnace turns on to warm the house, still. Sigh.

This ice storm is also affecting the US

April 06/2018: It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas.... in April


  1. Cold down here in Oklahoma as well. Last Saturday I woke to snow falling. Temperatures did climb into the 70s & 80s by midweek, only to plunge down below freezing again this weekend. My Canadian bride from Sudbury even commented on it being cold this morning. Thought she was tough... guess not so much... lol.

    1. Yikes. I thought Oklahoma would be warmer?

      Sudbury? thats more northerly then me and generally more colder..

    2. We're way below average here. Additionally, this time of the year is our wet season. Haven't had decent rainfall in six months which has put us back in drought conditions.

      My wife's family wanted me to move up to Sudbury after we married. I actually like it up there but winters were to extreme and long for me. The bul of mu family lives in the Whitby/Oshawa/Peterborough area. Nice area but too expensive.

    3. Hey Dwayne:
      Yah, us too. Toronto has affected the price of everything in that area- and is starting to here as well- I'm south of TO- between the two lakes- In what's known as Niagara- and wine country!

  2. I had to edit the amount of snow/slush/ice on the ground because it was much deeper then I had thought from the window- clearing it off sidewalk and car made it obvious we were in well over 5 centimetres

  3. Same here, Penny (south-eastern Ontario). Snowbanks, unshoveled sidewalks, cooped up again indoors. I really thought we had spring a while ago. Hate being wrong. Did you see anything like this in your area: - ?

    1. Hey Yaya!

      It's getting to be a bit much the persistent cold :(

      I saw your linked post and admittedly I've noticed those kinds of clouds in the sky- not sure what they are about, but, I absolutely believe there is geo engineering going on.

      Which I suspect is a cover for weather war fare
      Do you recall this?

      I had this at the blog previously-
      Cause ya know the military is thinking about the weather to 'save' us all right? ;)

  4. Hi Penny: This is a copy of my reply to your comment over at YYC:

    Googling "Russia weather control" it's plain that it isn't only Russia; the US/HAARP and China also show up.

    The Daily Star said over a year ago that the US can trigger hurricanes and blizzards, despite this being banned by the Geneva Convention.

    They don't try to hide the fact that it's for warfare, so why do the media keep up the charade of fossil fuel emissions? I guess somebody must be making money off that lie.

    (By the way, Michel Chussudovsky is a well-respected professor emeritus at Ottawa U. and has given speeches and written books about this kind of stuff. He's the one who started way back when. He's no crackpot.)

    The weather stuff is insanity. It's worse than the nukes.