Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Phil Escott – Why Eat Meat? The Case for Carnivores

Very worthwhile interview. With much thanks to Legalise Freedom
I'm going to enjoy the 80 minute interview for a second time while I bake my non vegan cookies. (yup, they have butter and eggs in them- Yum!)
"Although vegetarian and vegan diets have long been promoted as healthier alternatives to the carbohydrate and sugar saturated Western diet, in recent years much has been made of paleo, ketogenic, and similar low carb diets which attempt to emulate the eating patterns if not the entire lifestyle of our ancient ancestors. There is another alternative, however, now re-emerging, which takes some of those ideas a stage further – the complete, or near-complete, carnivore diet. Controversial and subject to some scathing criticism, it nonetheless offers options to those finding their current food regime unsatisfying, unhealthy or otherwise no longer acceptable.
But making or even contemplating such a choice can be challenging, caught between the mainstream medical dogma of ‘five a day’ and ‘healthy wholegrains’ and the sometimes savage attacks of vegan and veggie evangelists who believe that ‘meat is murder’, an atavistic throwback to be abandoned for the sake of the environmental, moral and spiritual well-being of the planet. The reality of the situation isn’t quite so black and white, but in an age characterised by polarised politics and destructively-divisive public debate, there’s almost always more heat than light when arguments erupt on emotive subjects. Attempting to cut through the confusion and needless complexity, Escott suggests some simple, straightforward strategies for those seeking lifestyle changes, starting with the larder"

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Flashback : Vegetarian Diet? No Panacea for Environment or Health- Meat Lies Told To Justify Meat Tax

Flashback: Plants Are Aware When They Are Being Consumed

I've noticed the vegans are quite off the wall- Literally expecting everyone to conform to their irrational ideology.  Quite the bunch of dictators they are! Recent news out of Toronto left me scratching my head- Perhaps  something lacking in their meat deprived brain that consumes them?  I don't know?

Vegan Protestors Still Won't Leave Antler Restaurant Alone 
That was the fourth time these activists had gathered outside Antler, which is known for serving game meat, to hold up protest signs and shout "murder!" at restaurant patrons.
Tomorrow night will be the eighth of such protests at Antler in recent months.
If I could make a suggestion to the cult adherents- Eat where you choose, leave others alone. I'm not even going to address their rubbish label "speciesism". Except to say, maybe they should run along and protest a tiger as it consumes it's kill? Or perhaps some wolves or coyotes more locally to us here in Canada as they stalk and finally take a deer down. Perhaps they can wave placards at my beloved bald eagle as he hunts for his food- Rabbits. Fish. For shame tiger, wolf  coyote and eagles!- Don't you know your practicing 'speciesism'  ;)


  1. You are so right. People have lost sight of the responsibilities of freedom. Freedom is doing what ever you want but without bothering other people and expecting the same consideration in return.

    1. Hi Robert: I expect that when one becomes so enamored of themselves and their "superior" beliefs they feel they must force them on everyone else-

      Which is tyranny.

    2. I am sick and disgusted by "Vegans".... Personally I put them in the same boat as the "LBGTQYOUSUCK" community, and I would gladly send a torpedo into that boat to sink it!

    3. Hey north- I've read some about their very outrageous activities- shakes head

  2. I make a point of not eating meat from any animal that eats meat.

    1. Hey YayaC:

      You eat as you choose. :)

      btw: I've posted yet again on the Toronto incident.
      You might find the information interesting.

  3. Penny... I am a member of PETA... People for the Eating of Tasty Animals..

    I just went out and picked up a few AAA Striploin steaks that I will be barbequing this weekend... Yum.. Yum....

    1. Gee if I lived closer, I'd be looking for an invite.
      Hubby loves bbq steak- especially on the charcoal

  4. I can't wait for kosher lab grown meat. Yummy. Presumably that's what all the propaganda is leading up to? That and yummy insect products. We're being played with; then destroyed. Big fat cats toying with the mice.