Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Porton Down CAN'T Exclude Porton Down from Skripal Incident

Yup, I changed the original headline- the original content remains below.

The inability or unwillingness to verify the precise source of the Novichuk enables us to draw two conclusions......

1- Very obviously, there is no proof the state of  Russia was behind the alleged incident

2- Very obviously, Porton Down CANNOT be excluded as the source for the Novichuk

The Guardian

Gary Aitkenhead, the chief executive of the government’s Defence Science and Technology Laboratory (DSTL), said the poison had been identified as a military-grade novichok nerve agent, which could probably be deployed only by a nation state.

He said: “It’s a military-grade nerve agent, which requires extremely sophisticated methods in order to create – something that’s probably only within the capabilities of a state actor.”
 Probably is a word used when one is speculating- Usually accompanied by "I don't know" or Probably, but, I can't say for sure. 

Gary Aitkenhead : He denied Russian claims that the substance could have come from Porton Down, which is eight miles from Salisbury, saying: “There’s no way that anything like that would ever have come from us or leave the four walls of our facilities.”
Imagine me making a loud buzzing noise right now! I'll requote the Aitkenhead statement 
There’s no way that anything like that would ever have come from us or leave the four walls of our facilities.”
 What a contradictory statement! - He admits that novichuk could be present and could have come from Porton Down, while denying it did , when was he states nothing like that would "leave the four walls of our facilities" A statement that clearly tells us novichuk or something like it is present at Porton Down

Aitkenhead can be further demonstrated as  lying about the possibility that the Novichuk did not originate with Porton Down.  Since he has already told us Porton Down did not verify the precise source of the Novichuk
Aitkenhead said: “We were able to identify it as novichok, to identify it was a military-grade nerve agent. We have not verified the precise source, but we have provided the scientific information to the government, who have then used a number of other sources to piece together the conclusions that they have come to.”

If Porton Down cannot verify the precise source of the Novichuk, then Porton Down CANNOT be discounted as the source of the Novichuk. Additionally, I'm unsure of how they can call it 'military grade' without knowing the 'precise source'

I call this type of talk "dazzling with bullshit"
We don't know if any incident, like the one being claimed, happened at all.

Flashback to March 09/2017:   About that Alleged Poisoning of Sergei Skripal
" As of this moment, the one truism I can take away from the entire media presentation is that Britain is going for hysteria inducing theatrics"

My conclusion regarding this incident hasn't changed. 


  1. I'm writing this here to document the fact that it is April 04/2018- It snowing and blowing like November. We are having wind gusts of up to 100 kms an hour- I've got a mourning dove hanging on for dear life in my back porch- can't fly

    March came in like a lion and left like a lion

    We've spent the entire past month (March) well below seasonal norms- today is no exception- global warming does not create global cooling- "climate change" is a statement chosen to obfuscate the fail on AGW theory and the demonization of carbon which is life.

    Climate does change- It changes all the time. With or without us

  2. "If Porton Down cannot verify the precise source of the Novichuk, then Porton Down CANNOT be discounted as the source of the Novichuk." Way too logical for political hacks to comprehend, Penny. Congrats!

    Had high winds where I am today as well. The clouds rolled across the sky as if they were on wheels. Amazing!

    1. Hey YaYa!
      Regarding Porton Down- It really is that straightforward! And obvious. All to obvious.

      Sadly, logic is a skill lacking these days

      Yah, what a day here. So cold. About 2 C or 36 F was the high though the temp has dropped as of 3:52 pm to 1 C or 34 F

      For April this is much too cold

    2. We had a power failure from the strong wind. Lasted about 1/2 hour. Happened just as I was uploading my blog. It uploaded okay, but then I couldn't edit it further. Thought it was me, but apparently other bloggers are reporting same glitches at the Weebly help centre, so it's been a weird day all round. I quoted you on my site; hope that's okay.

  3. It is not that 'logic skills' sorely lack nowadays (which certainly do), but a determination to give away with it altogether. The whole exercise is an exercise in 'perception management' which doesn't need facts. The aim is to fill the atmosphere with the shouts 'Russia did it' and to get as many people to participate in the lie, the solidarity of criminals who unite in committing a crime. It can be no doubt that it is meant to link it to Syria.

    Just yesterday the "US Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley addressed the Security Council Wednesday on the consequences of failing to act in response to chemical weapons attacks in Syria, as President Donald Trump considers whether and when to pull US troops out of the war-torn country.
    "It is a sad fact that, just a few years ago, a single chemical weapons attack would have united us in shock and anger," said Haley. "It would have been enough for us to take immediate action. Now, we have a regime that uses chemical weapons practically every other week...
    In October, a report from the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons and the United Nations' Joint Investigative Mechanism confirmed international suspicions that Syrian President Bashar al-Assad's government was responsible for the sarin attack in Khan Sheikhoun.
    But the Russian government cast doubt on the report, and vetoed a Security Council resolution to extend the Joint Investigative Mechanism's mandate.
    "Our lack of action has consequences," Haley said in her remarks Wednesday, linking the lack of concerted action in Syria to separate chemical weapons attacks in the United Kingdom and Malaysia, which targeted a former Russian double agent and the half-brother of North Korean leader Kim Jong Un respectively.
    Both of those attacks have been tied by authorities to state actors -- Russia and North Korea.
    "When we let one regime off the hook, others take notice," said Haley. "The use of nerve agents in Salisbury and Kuala Lumpur proves this point, and reveals a dangerous trend: We are rapidly sliding backward, crossing back into a world we thought we left."
    "No one wants to live in a world where chemical weapons are used. No one wants to live in fear that a colorless, shapeless gas will suddenly seep into our lungs and leave us gasping for air."
    That tells everything. It is a direct order to OPCW to behave this time.
    The chutzpah is breathtaking.

    1. wizoz " The whole exercise is an exercise in 'perception management' which doesn't need facts"

      I agree!

    2. The thing is in my opinion a failed attempt at perception management. This farce was supposed to be played in the same time as "Assad gassed his own people in eastern Ghouta", but the second part was not delivered, probably thanks to superior intelligence (in both senses) on the side of Russia and the Syrians. I had read, i do not remember where (probably here, but could also been Meyssan or strategica51) that several gas attacks had been tried but were stopped by the SAA (and probably Spetnaz).
      So, the ridicule the UK clowns are covered now with comes from the failing of the coalition to deliver the "red line".

    3. and the more the failed to deliver the more the hysterics grew on the other side.

    4. Hey Gallier2!
      IMO it's a failed attempt at perception management, but, who know what others might be thinking?

      I'm on board with the idea that this was going to be a coordinated attack - in Syria and in Britain- which could be sold globally as 'bad Russia' I think you are correct in that Syria/Russia kept making that known publicly and likely stopped something in the making- which took away from the originally planned psyop-
      So now their left spinning their wheels

      Pathetic, really

    5. and as shown today, they're not finished spinning.

    6. Sadly, gallier2, that is so true :(

    7. Found an interesting rumour:

      There is a rumor floating around which is quite credible to those of us who have studied British history. The poisoning of the double-agent spy, Skripal and his daughter, Julia, is linked to the horrific fire in Siberia which killed scores of children. The fact that the alarm was turned off while the exits were blockaded all point to another MI6 atrocity meant to embarrass the Russian government. But, think of this, also: Skripal was supposedly poisoned with a type of CW developed in the Soviet Union. Despite the fact that scientists say there is nothing in the way of evidence to implicate Russia, the West is going spastic over this unproven accusation. Julia is now well enough to speak to reporters. That, by itself, is enough to convince anyone that the Russians were not behind this carefully orchestrated farce. Needless to say, the Brits will probably cure Skripal also and make his angry awakening the fodder of even more virulent Russophobic propaganda.

      Folks, the reason for all this anti-Putin nonsense is the one fact that the Syrian government now holds over 11 British officers who were liaised with the terrorists in the Ghouta. They were captured 2 weeks ago by Syrian Army commandos and are being held in separate jails around the Damascus area inside heavily guarded military bases. The Brits want them badly before they are used to implicate England in the mess it helped to create in Syria. Damascus won’t budge on this issue and, evidently, the English are assuming Moscow is not putting pressure on Dr. Assad to release them to Old Blighty. Too bad. And they were caught out of uniform, such that they could be executed as spies under international law. Isn’t that a howler?

    8. gallier2: I found the news that the exits at the mall were blocked really strange- Exits also being entrances I assume? And since malls want shoppers why on earth would these be blocked?

      It would embarrass Putin... and of course make Russia look like some backwards nation..

      I've seen the claims of the 11 British officers being held- it's believable that's for sure- but I don't think it's a necessary part of the story- Could be? But, the mall incident could be something undertaken entirely to discredit Russia in general

  4. Yes! I laughed at that comment - it's all a big fat lie anyway - IF Novichok came from anywhere - its statistically probable to be from Porton Down!


    1. Hi Marie!

      IF Novichok came from anywhere, which I doubt, it would have been more sensibly from Porton Down