Friday, April 13, 2018

Russia accuses UK of organizing alleged Syria gas attack

We're supposed to be"outraged" about this accusation. Oh my goodness. Imagine me hand wringing?  I for one, am not outraged, in the least. It's quite a sensible and entirely plausible claim to have made. 


Why is Russia blaming the UK?

Russia has repeatedly accused the White Helmets and opposition groups of staging or spreading false information about chemical attacksbut the claims of British involvement are new.

The claims are not new- The UK has been long demonstrated to be connected to UK's intelligence machine- This is NOT new
The White Helmets are officially (but not really) neutral in the Syrian conflict, but they receive funding from several western governments, including the United States, Germany and the United Kingdom. The British government was initially the group's largest source of funding.
The allies pay the White Helmets making them not neutral at all. 
The group that processes donations for the organization is based in the UK, and is headed by Sawsan Asfari, the wife of British billionaire Ayman Asfari.
The White Helmets were also founded by James Le Mesurier, a former British officer and ex-security consultant.
Russia and the Syrian government have frequently accused the group of impartiality in the Syrian conflict.
That's because they are not impartial- They don't even pretend to be. 

The accusation from Russia has ZERO to do with the Skripal psychological operation.
White Helmets are paid to do and say and act as they do.  

The White Helmets are what I like to call a No Good Organization 

NGO's live large in the William Engdahl interview posted just a short time ago.
This tactic of employing fake do gooders,  has been used for decades to fool the masses and obfuscate the evil deeds of the psychopaths in charge. Be sure to catch that interview.



  1. Hi Penny: You must be exhausted with all this going on! I've just come across an article which you may not have yet have seen (11 hours ago). "Israel on high alert in anticipation of Iranian retaliation for air strike"

    Wonder what effect that is having on what seemed like a US/UK/France decision for an all-out assault on Assad's "chemical weaponry".

    “If Iran moves against Israel from Syrian territory, Assad and his regime will pay the price,” warned Israeli military sources. “We advise Iran not to do so because Israel is determined to go until the end.”

    1. YaYaC: I am exhausted from trying to keep up.

      I'm expecting Israel to kick this off and for the US to 'have' to come in.

    2. Yes! Seems like somebody realized another US/UK/France attack would look like a cover for the lie of "chemicals", so another provocation (distraction) had to be created. If it works, it will have the effect of deterring the applied-for investigation into the "chemicals" story and will deflect public interest in that entirely. Appears they are hell-bent on finishing the job in Syria so they can move on to even bigger things. Diabolical!