Sunday, April 29, 2018

Yup, It's Snowing! April 29/2018

It's 7:45 am est. And as I'm enjoying my morning brew I can view the snow falling.
Yes, you read correctly the SNOW IS FALLING.
The thermometer outside my patio doors here says the temp is 32F or 0 C.
The official weather forecast for my area is calling for a 30 percent chance of SNOW. The official high for today is supposed to reach 10 C. Our usual temp for this time of years is more often roughly 21 C or 68-70 F. Day time highs We've been no where near that except for maybe two to three days this entire month. Clearly the alleged AGW that was supposed to make us all so much hotter is not the reality. I had trouble with tomato plants, again, this year because of the cold and lack of sunshine and for the first time ever my father lost all his tomato seedlings as well
 First time. All gone. He had started his plants using the same method he always has.

As I get ready to publish this post it is 7:58 am and yes it's still snowing.

Chance of flurries
Chance of flurries

Chance of flurries
Chance of flurries


  1. Hi Penny: I'm several hundred miles east of you and it's 7 degrees C, with a 40% chance of showers. Saw lovely spring flowers on lawns during my last Wed. walk to the dentist's office. So there's hope for you yet. Trust me. ;-]

    By the way, I'm preparing a screed on the numerology of the "terror" attacks in Canada and the UK - the first part to be posted tomorrow. You will be shocked. Shocked, I tell you!

    1. Hey YaYaC
      I'm envious?!
      It has now heated up, thankfully and has hit 9C
      I couldn't believe my eyes this morning- I had to bring my sage and rosemary in last night because it was supposed to be down to 1 C or 34 F
      but it was colder then that when we got up- And snowing- I've been able to put my herbs back outside

      Daffodils have just come out this week, but, no tulips and the forsythia which is usually in flowering about now is barely raring to go.
      No leaves on trees yet- nadda

      Looking forward to the screed on the numerology of terror attacks- But will I be shocked? ;)

      I hope so!

    2. Since we're on subject , pay attention to how many times you see the numbers 33 and 11 in popular media. News, store prices, number of dead in attacks, etc. etc. You'll be surprised.

  2. My Daffodils are already gone and the fruit trees are just beginning but crop will be light do to rain at the wrong time.

    1. jo- stop making me jealous :))
      there were times we had early rows in our garden, cool loving stuff, peas, lettuce, beets- this year the soil is so cold still- there is no way

      One bright spot is the garlic I planted last fall is growing :)

      three different kinds- both soft and hard neck
      everything but one clove planted last fall came up-so that was good!

  3. A few of the wife's friends and family were posting photos of the snow on Farcebook for her to view. It was in the mid-70s here yesterday so I rolled one of my motorcycles out and rode for a couple of hours. Today was just as warm. Mowed the yard, washed the wife's car, helped her do some outdoor paint projects, worked on my chicken coop... and spent some time just watching the birds flock around the bird feeder. :)