Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Armenia's "Velvet Revolution": Rockers and Revolutions

 I’d been hoping to get to this sooner but time wasn’t on my side the last week. So here it is, finally.
 After taking a bit of time to conduct varying searches connected to the Armenian coup- it was hard to not notice that was a certain NGO that kept coming up.

The NGO known as the Union of Concerned Citizens
“The Union of Informed Citizens cooperates with all the well-known media and human rights organizations in Armenia.

Independent Media outlets are our most important partners. We distribute our studies and publications through them to the wider public.”
Keeping the above information in mind we should also pay attention to the fact that the alleged hero of the ‘democratic movement’ in Armenia is a man of the media. That would be Nikol Pashinyan

Here's a 2013 article regarding Pashinyan/Pashinian
Pashinian, who for years run Armenia’s best-selling daily, “Haykakan Zhamanak,”

The 38-year-old former editor, who is popular with many opposition supporters for his tough anti-government rhetoric, unveiled his new political team five months after publishing the Civil Contract’s manifesto. He said scores of Armenians have joined his initiative in the last few months but declined to give any numbers.
 Pashinyan himself said his movement would advocate a ‘velvet revolution’ in Armenia
Pashinian also stated that his movement could advocate a “velvet revolution” in Armenia if serious fraud precludes regime change through elections. “We have come out to say that this regime will not be in power,” he said. “We find it very important to not just declare this commitment but also fulfill it through consistent, patient, calculated and accurate steps.”

Why Armenia 'Velvet Revolution' won without a bullet fired

Yup. A "Velvet Revolution"- That's familiar!

Suddenly Pashinyan is going to be Prime Minister 

Armenia's parliament is set to decide whether to back opposition leader Nikol Pashinyan as prime minister as his supporters rally in the capital.

Mr Pashinyan, who has led weeks of anti-government protests that forced former Prime Minister Serzh Sargsyan to resign, is the only candidate.
He warned MPs of a "political tsunami" if they did not back him.

Armenia's ruling Republican Party said earlier it would not put up a candidate, in a bid to ease tensions.
But the protest leader said that there were moves aimed at halting his bid and he urged protesters to stay on the streets in the centre of Yerevan to prevent the Republican Party from "stealing the people's victory".
In plain talk Pashinyan has led a soft coup/velvet revolution. With the help of his media friendlies and an NGO with lots of western funding. He wants people to stay out in the streets to force the hand of the parliament because anything they do, any decision they make, that is not in favour of Pashinyan and his backers will be instantly met with a flood of media coverage- 
All of it negative. The supporters will riot and if police try to rein them in.. The whole thing will be spun as oppression.  These conditions virtually guarantee Pashinyah will be Prime Minister-

Let's have a look at the funding for UIC Armenia- Union of Concerned Citizens

The Union of Informed Citizens also collaborates with the Open Society Foundations – Armenia, National Endowment for Democracy, European Platform for Democratic Elections,  European Endowment for Democracy and a number of other international organizations.

Rockers and Revolutions.. With that curious tie to the Military Industrial Complex, always.
System of a Down is an Armenian/American band- whose lead singer conveniently came to Armenia the day before the coup- as reported by ‘Haykakan Zhamanak’ the media outlet affilliated with Nikol Payshinyan

Serj Tankian to arrive in Armenia tomorrow: ‘Haykakan Zhamanak’ daily Serj Tankian to arrive in Armenia tomorrow: ‘Haykakan Zhamanak’ daily Famous rock musician, frontman of Armenian-American metal band System of a Down, Serj Tankian will arrive in Armenia, “Haykakan Zhamanak” daily reports. According to unconfirmed information, his name is on the list of passengers and he will be in Armenia tomorrow night, on April 22 morning.
Serj Tankian

The promote the meme of the Armenian Genocide being all Turkey’s fault  and just Turkey's alone- “Turkey pay for your f*cking crime” - Without assigning blame to the Kurds for their outsized participation in it- but I digress. I love when the military industrial/entertainment complex promotes certain massacres that are advantageous to specific agendas while sweeping others under the rug. (That's me being facetious)


  1. Pro-Telegram rally underway in rainy St. Petersburg



    1. www.eweek.com/mobile/rim-resisting-saudi-demand-to-break-blackberry-encryption

    2. I'll keep the 'firechat' information in mind- Interesting

  2. G'day Penny,

    Luv ya work.
    I disagree with SYSTEM OF A DOWN and their blaming of Turks for the Armenian genocide. As with virtually ALL genocides and wars in recent centuries the true culprits were neo-Pharisees who call themselves "Jews" or in this case DONMEH, at least privately.
    Typically Wikipedia and the global MSM and academia LIE about everything because they are controlled by Talmudic matrix controllers. As with the Coups mislabelled the French Revolution and the Russian Revolution, the Armenian genocide was organised and executed by Talmudic actors. The Muslim Turks were NOT the real culprits just as Christian French and Christian Russians were not the real perpetrators of the murders of their rulers and other Christians. The Jacobins were organised and financed by the Rothschilds' controlled Illuminati and the Bolsheviks were similarly organised and funded from London and New York
    The Armenian genocide was similarly organised from London using Donmeh crypto Jews posing as the Young Turks under Kemal Ataturk. See eg:
    Kemal Ataturk was a Donmeh Sabbataen (a pretend Muslim) when the Donmehs were subverting the Ottoman Empire and instigating the Armenian Holocaust. See: http://abundanthope.net/pages/Political_Information_43/Kemal-Ataturk-was-a-Donmeh-Sabbataen-a-pretend-Muslim-when-the-Donmehs-were-subverting-the-Ottoman-Empire-and-instigating-the-Armenian-Holocaust.shtml
    Jewish Young Turks Were Murderers! See: http://abundanthope.net/pages/Political_Information_43/Jewish-Young-Turks-Were-Murderers.shtml
    The Dönmeh: The Middle East’s Most Whispered Secret (Part II). See: http://abundanthope.net/pages/Political_Information_43/The-D-nmeh-The-Middle-East-s-Most-Whispered-Secret-Part-II.shtml
    The Dönmeh: The Middle East’s Most Whispered Secret (Part I). See: http://abundanthope.net/pages/Political_Information_43/The-D-nmeh-The-Middle-East-s-Most-Whispered-Secret-Part-I.shtml
    Jews behind Armenian Holocaust. See: http://abundanthope.net/pages/Political_Information_43/Jews-behind-Armenian-Holocaust.shtml
    Jewish Young Turks Were Murderers! See: http://abundanthope.net/pages/Political_Information_43/Jewish-Young-Turks-Were-Murderers.shtml
    The Armenian Genocide (Warning: gruesome pictures) - http://abundanthope.net/pages/Political_Information_43/The-Armenian-Genocide-Warning-gruesome-pictures_printer.shtml
    NOTE: The use of crucifixions of Christians.

    Unlike the fraudulent blood libel HoloHoax, the Armenian genocide DID take place and the covert organisers have been responsible for EVERY genocide since then including the genocide of 20 million ethnic German Christians during and AFTER WWII. See eg: The Zionist Destruction of Germany - http://abundanthope.net/pages/Political_Information_43/The-Zionist-Destruction-of-Germany.shtml
    GRUESOME HARVEST The Costly Attempt To Exterminate The People of Germany http://abundanthope.net/pages/Political_Information_43/GRUESOME-HARVEST-The-Costly-Attempt-To-Exterminate-The-People-of-Germany.shtml
    The Triodity of Presidents Trump, Putin and Xi are finally putting an end to these genocides of gentiles on this planet. Follow Q.
    Peace and Blessings,

    1. Thanks Ron- I am familiar with the Donmeh scenario regarding Turkey... I also know the Kurds played a vastly larger role in the killings= to what you'd expect from their numbers- they were ruthless and to my mind still are (not every single one of them, of course)
      This is how southern turkey has such a large populace of kurds- plunder.

  3. Irrespective of the fact that there were Muslim Turks or Donmeh who perpetrated the Armenian genocide, we must not lose sight of the fact that it was an anti-Russian operation in which the Germans had a contribution too.
    What happens now in Armenia is an attempt to dissociate it from Russia and to align it with NATO. I have doubts that the Russians would allow that to happen.

    1. wizoz- can you explain a bit to me on how the alleged genocide was an anti Russian operation with the help of the germans?

  4. Penny,

    Turkey attacked Russia at the behest of Germany. In November 1914 Shaykh ul-Islam proclaimed Jihad - Holy War against the Christians.
    Following the defeats in the Balkan Wars from 1878 through to 1913 a great number of Muslim refugees from the Balkans were resettled in regions populated by Armenians and participated in the expulsion of the Armenians from there. The Ottomans were hoping to recapture the territories lost to Russia in the Caucasus.
    They attacked to the east, but have been soundly defeated by the Russians at the battle of Sarikamish (December 22, 1914, to January 17, 1915). The Ottoman plan for this campaign was encouraged by the German advisors, as a success in this region would mean a diversion of Russian forces to this front from the Polish and Galician fronts. Germany supplied resources and the Ottoman Third Army was used in the battle. The longer term goal was the opening of the route to Tbilisi and beyond, which in turn would trigger a revolt of Caucasian Muslims. Another Turkish—or rather German—strategic goal was to cut Russian access to its hydrocarbon resources around the Caspian Sea. The Ottomans had more grandiose plans, which the Germans supported. If the Russians could be beaten in the key cities of Persia, it could open the way to Azerbaijan, to Central Asia and to India. The Minister of War Enver Pasha envisioned an extended cooperation between these newly establishing nationalistic states, if they were to be removed from western influence. This was his pan-Turanian project. His political position was based on the assumption that none of the colonial powers possessed the resources to withstand the strains of world war and maintain their direct rule in their Asian colonies. No doubt the petrol of Iran coveted by the Germans was a powerful magnet.

    Armenians in the area (who already have been victims of a suite of massacres in 1894, 1895, 1896, 1909 in which the Kurds enthusiastically participated) sided with the Russians, and the Young Turks began a campaign to portray the Armenians as a kind of fifth column, a threat to the state. Armenian nationalists formed volunteer units were mostly from the Caucasus region and were mostly impatient to take arms "to liberate their homeland" (the problem of an autonomous Armenia in the Ottoman Empire was first raised at the Congress of Berlin in 1878, but it never came to a solution because there were nearly one million Armenians under Russia - the so-called Armenian Reform Package of February 1914, proposed by Russia,but fiercely opposed by Germany who took the mantle of the defender of Ottoman Empire sovereignty and integrity, failed also, and we may surmise that it was one of the main reasons of the entrance of Turkey in WW1). In several towns occupied by the Russian forces, Armenian students were ready to join the Russian Empire's Armenian volunteer army.

    One may see that all political and military maneuvers which led to WW1 were directed at 'containing' Russia. Ditto the second, ditto the present.

    1. wizoz: "One may see that all political and military maneuvers which led to WW1 were directed at 'containing' Russia. Ditto the second, ditto the present. "

      Yes, I would agree with that wizoz- because I've even thought for quite some time about why Hitler attacked Russia so fervently.. taking such casualties- when we here in the west are taught to believe that England was the intended target... and it was to some extent, but, still think Russia was the prize.

    2. Penny,

      The 'West' has indeed imposed a 'Eurocentric' approach to history.

    3. WizOz

      What you write is IMO a one sided narrative of the story. The Armenians were from the 1870’s utilised against the weak Ottomans, by the Russians and later the French.
      During the Balkan wars hundreds of thousands of Turks had been massacred, Enver Pasha, and many young Turks, came from the balkans and saw clearly that the same pattern would repeat itself in eastern Anatolia. The Armenian organisation Dashnak was founded by the Russians, it lead a brutal campaign of terror against the Turks, and massacred an enormous amount of Turkish villagers with the Russians.
      The Armenians betrayed their country because of promises of their own nation by foreign powers, and they paid a very high price for it. Now, a hundred years later who does that remind you of in the current situation? Yes! The Kurds.
      Dashnak is an earlier version of the PKK. And now we have the Israel, US and the French promising the Kurds a greater Kurdistan if they betrayed their own nations. In my opinion the Kurds will face the same brutal fate.

    4. Rescue: thanks, very interesting.

      Would there be anywhere one could read up on this aspect of history?- It's interesting just how long proxies have been employed by the great powers.

      I may use these comments in a post at some point in time- meanwhile I will look up the Dashnak

    5. You can read about it many places, it’s not hidden. Google French-Armenian legion. I read about this history in Denmarks largest newspaper when France banned denial of the ‘genocide’.
      Also, read about Sevres treaty, and it’s proposed partition of Anatolia, and also Wilsonian Armenia.

    6. On alternative webpages and forums there is this myth that Atatürk was Jewish, and that the entire Turkish National movement was a Jewish, it’s not true, and frankly I’m sick of this simplification of a very complicated piece of history.
      There was Jewish influence, of course — as there are on all movements, that’s why Jews are always on the winning side — but claiming it was a Jewish organised slaughter for no reason, as an inexplicable historic event, that is a pure lie.

    7. What the events surrounding WWI, the Turkish war of independence, and it’s aftermath, was truly about was the attempted extermination of the Turkish population in Anatolia, the elimination of Turkish presence in Anatolia. That is the hidden history, that is what has remained unsaid. President Wilson argued for this and you will note that many who work on the levant policies in the US now work at the Wilson Center. They are follwers of a long anti-Turkish US history that was shelved from 1946-1991.
      The US is attempting to do it now, they are trying to succeed where the British the French and Wilson failed. However, IMO, looking at the battlefield, the US has a slim chance of succeeding as there isn’t even a United front of the great powers today.
      And that is why I say the Kurds will end up as the Armenians not because I long for or celebrate the terrible events that happened back then, or want to smear the Turks, but because there is a clear historical precedent for what happens when a hostile ethnic minority is armed against, in this case four countries, a nation state with unrealistic promises of a homeland. Such a phenomenon is difficult to put back in the box, and can only be put down with violence.

    8. As I have begun to say to people I discuss this with: the greater Kurdistan will become the greater Kurdish graveyard.

    9. thanks for the comments Rescue- all of them :)
      I've long learned nothing is every as simple as is commonly presented... In fact it's often the simplest and cleanest narrative that seems contrived for specific purposes- I took a bit of time yesterday to read about the Dashnak, and the similarity between then and PKK is definitely noticeable.

  5. Rescue...you're telling that Armenians betrayed their country...This is not true, only some Armenians not all of them!!You can not put all Armenians in same situation... Yes, The genocide was planned and organized by Zion Jews to wipe out the Christian minorities from Anatolia and make it ready for Great Israel!Now they are using the Kurds to accomplish this project. They will take over Southern East part of the Turkey through the Kurds but, if Kurdistan becomes a graveyard that would be fair...Because they were the ones who killed lot of Armenians and Christians!! Ataturk was a Jew descendant and he made the foundation of Israel...Why do you think lot of Jews like him, respect him ????