Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Breaking: Israel Strikes Syria (Updated)

Coming hot on the heels, and predictably so, of the cancellation by the US of the P5+1 there are reports of Israeli Air Force strikes on Syria.

Trump Breaks Nuclear Deal (P5 +1) Risks Increased Middle East Conflict ......Good- Bye P5+1 + Hello Sanctions = War

I'd say Trump and Netanyahu had this planned 

Fox News
Western military sources said the military compound that was hit is located about 10 miles south of the Syrian capital city of Damascus.
Syrian TV reported that it was an Israeli airstrike and that Syrian air defense systems shot down two missiles.
The attack happened in Kisweh, according to the official news agency SANA, about an hour after President Trump's announcement that he would be pulling the U.S. out of the Iran nuclear deal.

Ynet news 
The Israeli Air Force is launching many flights across the Golan Heights skies, according to the Syrian reports.

Israel fires missiles into Syria: Report

Syrian state media said Israel launched missiles at a target near Damascus on Tuesday, shortly after US President Donald Trump announced he was quitting the Iranian nuclear deal, a move that had prompted Israel to go on high alert.
Israel's top general, Gadi Eizenkott, cancelled a scheduled appearance at an annual security conference and was conferring with Defence Minister Avigdor Lieberman and other national security chiefs, officials said.
Trump's hard tack against the nuclear deal, while welcomed by Israel, has stirred fears of a possible regional flare-up.
Within two hours of the White House announcement, Syrian state news agency SANA reported explosions in Kisweh, south of Damascus. Syrian air defences fired at two Israeli missiles, destroying both, the agency said.

  UPDATE # 1

Press TV

Israeli missiles have targeted Syrian army positions in the Kisweh area south of the capital city Damascus.

According to Syrian state news agency SANA on Tuesday, Syrian air defenses downed two Israeli missiles in the Kisweh region.

The attack took place shortly after Israel instructed local authorities in the “unlock and ready (bomb) shelters” in occupied Golan Heights as US President Donald Trump's announced the US' departure from the JCPOA.

Are there more coming?


This one from SANA  

 A military source announced that the Syrian air defenses intercepted two Israeli missiles and destroyed them in al-Qiswa in Damascus countryisdide.
Earlier, SANA correspodnet reportered about sounds of explosions in al-Qisawa.

video available at sana


  1. I don't think Iran is going to build up much more in Syria. Like the Russians, they've given Assad a helping hand to deal with the US/Israel proxies. Syria is moving into the mop up stage of the conflict. Of course their is the potential the upcoming staged chemical attack does occur within a few weeks which will alter my ideas.

    China and Russia will then focus more on their mutual economic collaboration as the US sanctions will have minimal effect as the dollar continues it's slide into oblivion. As this happens more nations will abandon the US (finally) and the dollar will soon be worth little except as bird cage bedding.

    It'll suck for me down here in the land of the depraved but if it gives the rest of the world some respite... so be it.

    1. Syria is quite far from Game Over. Idlib, Al Tanf, Israel/Jordan border, Kurdish/Turkish squatters... 35% of Syrian soil, including ALL the oilfields, is occupied.
      Way to go.
      Iran is not withdrawing from Syria unless the Shia Crescent "belt road" (Beirut, Damascus, Baghdad, Teheran) is established, working and safe. Access to Mediterranean and Europe is vital, esp. while Ormuz and Suez are untrustworthy passages.

  2. Israel is trying to get Iran to respond in order to draw the US into war.
    Further Trumps speech was way way out there, if he really believes that stuff he is not fit to be the dog catcher.

  3. JCPOA may not be dead. Still.
    It may just become 4+1. UE's Mogherini, France, UK, Germany, Russia and China have all declared commitment to keep their part of the deal.
    Rouhani has obliged as well, yet with a clear warning that Iran has to see real advantages a-coming. And, FAST - no delays, no diplomatic song and dance.
    Rouhani isn't in the position for being patient. Khamenei is in a rabid I-told-you mode, and all Iranian hardliners (i.e. the Military, having one or two of their highest ranking Generals burnt to crisp in yesterday's Israeli strike) are barking and biting his ankles for appeasing with Great Satan and his minions. The minions must side with China, Russia or else. The ball is in Europe's court.

    Oh, and Kim Jung Un is gonna meet the Nuclear Deals Breaker, coming in with a shining new Nuclear Deal to sign.

    As the old Confucian curse goes: we are living in interesting times.

    1. Balkanize Kosomongolia KMFOR on the border.