Thursday, May 24, 2018

Israeli Missile Strikes on Homs Syria, Intercepted.


A military source announced on Thursday that the Syrian Air defense intercepted a missile aggression on one of the Syrian military airbases in the central region.
The source added that the air defense confronted a hostile rocket strike on one of the military airbase in the central region and prevented it from achieving its goals.
The new aggression comes in coincidence with the successive continued defeats of terrorist organizations in front of the Syrian Arab army which fulfilled the purification of Damascus surroundings and forced the terrorists to hand over their weapons and get out of Homs and Hama countryside.

Israeli media is covering this most recent news:

Arutz Sheva
“One of our military airports in the central region was exposed to a hostile missile attack, and our air defense systems confronted the attack and prevented it from achieving its aim,” SANA reported Thursday evening.
The pro-Hezbollah Al Mayadeen outlet claimed that four missiles had been fired in the attack.
Video footage of a Russian-made S-200 surface-to-air missile launching from a Syrian position was later released to social media networks, purportedly showing Syrian air defense units firing on Israeli fighter jets.
Some Lebanese outlets claimed Israeli fighter jets had crossed over Lebanese airspace en route to Syria.
An Israeli army spokeswoman refused to comment on whether the IDF was responsible for the explosions, Reuters reported.
Some witnesses in Syria claimed that aircraft flying from Lebanese airspace conducted the strike, following earlier reports of Israeli aircraft being seen above Lebanon.

Times of Israel
"A military air base in western Syria was hit in an airstrikes Thursday night, sparking large explosions, which were heard throughout the area, state media reported.
The targets of the strike were munitions depots belonging to the Iran-backed Hezbollah terrorist group, located on an air base south of the city of Homs, according to the Britain-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights monitoring group, which also said the strikes were most likely carried out by Israel.
“Six missiles were fired at the Daba’a military airport and surrounding area in the western sector of Homs province, targeting Lebanese Hezbollah weapons warehouses,” Rami Abd el-Rahman, director of the Observatory, told AFP."

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