Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Dov Zakheim: Erdogan's Win is Trouble! Can't Rely on Turkey to Attack Russia

ah yes, Dov Zakheim

brief bio:
During the 2000 presidential campaign, Zakhem served as a senior foreign policy advisor to then-Governor Bush. In May 2001, Zakheim was sworn in as the Under Secretary of Defense (Comptroller) and Chief Financial Officer for the Department of Defense. He served in this capacity until April 2004.
In 2008, Zakheim was appointed by President Bush as a member of the Commission on Wartime Contracting in Iraq and Afghanistan.

In 2010, Zakheim retired as a Senior Vice President of Booz Allen Hamilton.
 We can recall the associatiation between Dov Zakheim with all that missing money (Trillions) from the Defense Budget & 9/11 

The Hill
Though President Trump has kind words for Erdogan, as he does for most of the world’s strongmen, Turkey’s relations with Washington continue to deteriorate. During his last visit to Washington, Erdogan outraged many observers as he watched his bodyguards tussle with protesters outside his embassy window. Moreover, Washington is deeply concerned that 2019 is not only the year when the new amendments go into force; it is also the year that Turkey will receive its shipment of Russia’s advanced S-400 anti-aircraft systems. This will be the first time a NATO member has acquired any such system. It therefore should come as no surprise that Russian President Vladimir Putin was among the first to congratulate Erdogan on his electoral victory, stating that “the outcome of the vote confirms Erdogan’s great political authority.”

Putin Congratulates Erdogan: Trump’s Whitehouse is Working on a Phone Call

Together with Hungary’s Viktor Orban, Erdogan no longer can be relied upon to join a NATO consensus to take any action against any future Russian aggression.
There have been numerous news reports about the uncertain state of Erdogan’s health. He reportedly collapsed at a rally last year, and there are constant — but unsubstantiated — rumors that he suffers from some form of cancer. Erdogan appeared to be the picture of health on the night of his big victory, however, and Turks, as well as Turkey’s erstwhile NATO allies, may have to look forward to another decade of what will only become an ever harsher form of high-handed authoritarianism.
"Erdogan no longer can be relied upon to join a NATO consensus to take any action against any future Russian aggression."

Rephrasing: Turkey, nor it's leadership,  can be relied on to assist in attacking Russia, as planned, in the coming years.

Flashback: Predicting the Future: The destabilization of Russia

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