Sunday, July 15, 2018

Helsinki Dog & Pony Show: Putin/Trump Summit

My thoughts?

 Like any/every other dog and pony show this alleged summit is going to be all show and no substance at all!

The NGO's will steal the day.  They've got protests all ready to go. They'll get the majority of the news coverage. They'll blather on about human rights etc., All of it meaningless of course, but, it's what NGO's exist to do! 

Trump and Putin will be derided. For perception management purposes.

 The idea of Trump 'bull in the china' demeanor is pushed so when the desired war worsens or expands, everyone will go- oh that Trump he's so irrational- He's so erratic
That meme is reinforced constantly. That's not an apology for the man because he does thrive on that concept. However, that is the idea behind the promotion of Trump as a one man wrecking crew.

Contrary to the 'wrecking ball' rhetoric at the most recent NATO summit, reality was, Trump did as every American leader has in the past- He used NATO, as the tool it was designed specifically for,  keeping Germany down and Russia out!
While 'encouraging' the EU to toe the line. The is a classic NATO, led by the US, stance.

Flashback to West Unhinged Over Turkish Referendum
- Keep in mind that NATO was created, as stated by the very first secretary General of NATO General Ismay, "to keep the Russians out, the Americans in, and the Germans down"
From my reading today and yesterday Putin will be in attendance in Helsinki, as will Sergey Lavrov, in hopes of some sort of meeting of the minds. There will be NO meeting of the minds.  Not in a big picture sort of way. There can't be.  Because the US has all sorts of designs on Russia. They've long had a plan to destroy Russia and believe they are closer to this goal. 
If one has this mindset, which the US political class does, nothing can or will be accomplished.

There will be no grand deal on Syria, Ukraine or Crimea.  

To my way of thinking all those claims presented by the always managing your perception media have been little more then unadulterated, Grade A, stinking piles of distractionary dung!  

 If any type of  grand deal is made. Which is highly doubtful.
 It will be reneged on in short order 
As mentioned in- RAND: Time To Make A Deal on Syria? Like Pompeo's Offer To Iran? 

Small arrangements may be made. Deals worked out? Like giving a free pass for Usrael's terrorists aka 'white helmets' Reportedly discussed at the recent NATO meeting.
West Scrambling to Find Options to Pull White Helmets Out of Syria – Reports

Several NATO countries have discussed the possibility of evacuating the White Helmets from Syria, specifically from Daraa province, with US President Donald Trump, CBS News reported, citing an anonymous US official. According to the media outlet, western countries are afraid that Damascus could "assassinate" the NGO's members as it advances through Daraa province.
"They are promising no retribution on anyone in the southwest but nobody trusts or believes that," the source told CBS.
Hope to be wrong. Hope that the US and Russia make some real moves towards peacefully resolving a number of on going struggles
But no breath holding for me!

hattip to YaYa for directing me to this interview with Sergey Lavrov. 
He is always excellent. Thoughtful and informed.



  1. I have this to say about this big event about nothing. Trumpster will say whatever makes him look good but never act on it later. V. Putin knows well not to trust an Amerikan leader.

    Yes I would also like to be wrong but deep state likes the ways thing are now.


    1. Hey jo!
      I'd like to be wrong as well regarding my predictions, as mentioned, but...sadly, I don't think so.
      It seems that Russia has hopes- but hopes are often dashed
      And thinking back to Mr Hope & Change that amounted to a whole lot of nothing

  2. @They've long had a plan to destroy Russia and believe they are closer to this goal.

    Plans to destroy Russia have been hatched since the Teutons and the Mongols. The planners always believed that they were closer to that goal. Russia is still there and gives no signs that it would let anyone to complete the plans.

  3. Wiz Oz!
    How are ya?!
    I've missed your wry commentary.

    I agree with you wrt this delusional idea that the US can or should destroy Russia- but people's heads are full of all sorts of crazy ideas.

    I don't think Russia is in danger of disappearing

  4. I always have a warming feeling when I am told that I was missed! I was overwhelmed by personal problems which kept me busy far from the computer.
    Of course, Russia is not in any danger of disappearing. It is an impossibility. The danger are the insane people who believe that doing the same thing over and over would obtain different results.
    The real surprise is the declaration of Trump that:
    "Our relationship with Russia has NEVER been worse thanks to many years of U.S. foolishness and stupidity and now, the Rigged Witch Hunt!". He might not be that fool, after all! The howlings of rage of the Witch Hunters seem to prove it.