Thursday, August 23, 2018

Coalition Delivers 800 Trucks & Equipment to YPG/PKK Held Territory in Syria

The report is from SOHR- I've no reason to disbelieve it.
Considering SOHR is an outlet for the coalition and has long supported the destabilization/balkanization of Syria. A video is available at the link below
Clearly the US is going nowhere- the negotiations between the SDF/YPG/PKK and Damascus are 100% disingenuous. Deceitful. Duplicitous. Dishonest.
That reality inspired this post 

Onto today's news.....

About 800 truck of equipment and weapons of the Coalition enter the Syrian territory during the last 2 weeks................

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights obtained information from several reliable sources who confirming that the recent days have been witnessing the continuation of bringing weapons and equipment by the International Coalition Forces , and in the details obtained by the Syrian Observatory: daily landings of International Coalition cargo aircraft take place in  Kobani airport (Ayn Al Arab is the proper name) in the northwestern countryside of Aleppo, carrying equipment, weapons, ammunition and other logistic and military materials, is also the Syrian Observatory monitored the entry of about 150 new trucks into the Syrian territory and headed to bases of the International Coalition, carrying on board vehicles, weapons, equipment, building materials, and other things, in conjunction with the expansions of the US military bases and airports east of Euphrates within the countryside of both Aleppo and Hasakah.
And, with the entry of more shipments and trucks to the International Coalition’s bases bearing different items aboard, it rose to about 800, the number of trucks entered these bases and airports within 2 consecutive weeks, except for the cargo planes which land 3 times a day at airports east of Euphrates. (August 17)
 "while the Syrian Observatory monitored on the 15th of August 2018, the International Coalition entering tens of shipments again into their military positions and bases east of Euphrates River, and in the details monitored by the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights: the last hours witnessed the entry of more than 250 trucks carrying weapons, equipment, armored vehicles and machinery to areas controlled by the Syria Democratic Forces.
The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights published on the 13th of August 2018, that it monitored the International Coalition Forces carrying out simultaneous operations in the east of the Euphrates, within their controlled areas and the SDF-held areas, to enlarge military locations and airbases in these areas, within Al-Hasakah and Aleppo provinces, and in the details obtained by the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights; the International Coalition Forces are continuing to enlarge Al-Shaddadi Airbase in the southern sector of Al-Hasakah countryside, after bringing about 150 trucks carrying materiel, weapons and building substances to enlarge the airbase, provide it with protection and increase the amount of its military equipment, and this is coincided with the continuation of the International Coalition to enlarge the airbase of Ayn Al-Arab (Kobani), in the north-eastern countryside of Aleppo, as well as its military base in the area of Tal Tamr, in Al-Hasakah countryside.
Also, information was received about the intention of the International Coalition to set up a large military base in Manbij in the west of the Euphrates River in the north-eastern countryside of Aleppo.
Recall the years old promise made by Obama to Turkey- The Manbij promise.
SOHR: "On the 10th of August 2018, what the sources have confirmed about the fact that the International Coalition Forces have brought more materiel to areas in Al-Hasakah province, where the controlled areas of the SDF are located, and in the details obtained by the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights; the International Coalition has brought about 150 trucks carrying weapons, materiel, ammunition and vehicles to Al-Shaddadi Airbase which was sat up by the International Coalition Forces in the area which is located in the southern sector of Al-Hasakah countryside where the sources, confirmed that the weapons have arrived in the past 24 hours.

UPDATE August 24/18- Sputnik

10-Year Deal: PYD Official Explains Why US Won't Halt Support to SDF

(from May 2018)

 "The US is unlikely to withdraw from Syria and halt its support to the Kurdish-dominated Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) in the north of the country, as the two parties concluded a 10-year agreement on military assistance, a representative of the Syrian Democratic Union Party (PYD) told Sputnik.
The US and the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) concluded a 10-year agreement on military assistance, Ewwas Eli, one of the leaders of the Syrian Democratic Union Party (PYD) told Sputnik Turkey, casting doubts on the US's plans to leave the region.
"I believe that the US will not withdraw from Syria since this step would not meet their interests," Eli presumed. "Besides, there is an agreement on military assistance between the US and the SDF for a period of 10 years. Therefore, Washington will provide support to the SDF during this time."
According to the PYD leader, "The US brought the issue of the pullout from Syria to its agenda to exert pressure on Arab countries and receive funding from them."
Hope you didn't believe the spin that the US was leaving? 5/6 eyes media, alt and msm, claims that constantly- Hooey!
"For his part, a high-ranking SDF representative also refuted reports regarding the withdrawal of US troops from the region in an interview with Sputnik.
"American representatives constantly tell us that they do not intend to leave Syria," he emphasized. "If they had such plans, they would have gradually reduced their military presence in the region. On the contrary, the US is beefing up its presence, building new military bases in the Deir ez-Zor region, boosting its military activity in Manbij and on the Syrian-Iraqi border."
 He further underscored that the SDF "has concluded a number of agreements with the US."
"If the United States were going to withdraw its troops from Syria, they would not have made such a large military investments in the region," the SDF representative added, referring to a number of US military bases in northern Syria. He refused to specify the exact number of bases, as well as the number of military personnel stationed there for security reasons.
According to some estimates, there are about 22 military bases and 5,000 American troops deployed in SDF-held territories in northern Syria."
Personally, I've always thought there was more then the claimed 2,000 coalition troops present in the north of Syria. My thinking is whatever is acknowledged- double it! And whatever number you get is probably closer to the truth.


  1. Yes, Penny, it's not only the "SDF" or "FSA" ("Free Syrian Army)" it's also ISIS that has always been supported with weapons and even trained by US, Israel, several Nato-states, Saudi Arabia. Their claim to "fight" ISIS was always nothing but humbug!

    Also in Afghanistan the US is supporting ISIS in order to destabilise the country even more and to destroy the Taliban - the real and only representatives of Afghanistan (that doesn't mean I like the Taliban - they are also religious fanatics).:
    See .


    1. Hi J...

      Sad isn't it? It's the never ending war machine..
      I agree 100 percent with you on the fake fight with ISIS.. 100 percent humbug!

      Afghanistan- a nation that has nothing but struggles
      I will look at the link thanks J

  2. I've updated the post with news from May regarding a 10 year agreement the US has made with the PKK/SDF in Syria