Wednesday, August 22, 2018

France, US, UK "warn Assad" & Threaten Intervention If Chemical Weapons are Deployed in Idlib

How timely is that warning? Really?
Like you could set your watch to that! It was exactly what I'd expected. Just needed to see the reporting on it to know if my suspicions were well founded. And, of course, they were
Rehashing: I wrote a series of posts beginning back about two weeks ago on the plan, or what looks to me to be a plan of the Astana 3, to return Idlib back to the central Syrian government.
As smoothly as possible in order to avoid intervention on the part of the “alliance”  and their PKK proxies.

Can’t have a smooth transition back to Damascus now can we?
No sireee- Not when you have the nation wreckers hell bound to remake the region in a more suitable configuration- Cue the chemical weapons warning. Timely and entirely predictable

Complete with a threat to intervene "strongly" should chemical weapons be used.

August 22/2018 rfi
"The United States, France and Britain on Tuesday threatened to "respond appropriately" if Syria's armed forces use chemical weapons in their offensive in Idlib province. In a joint statement they said they were "gravely concerned" over the humanitarian consequences of the operation by President Bashar al-Assad's troops.
"We also underline our concern at the potential for further - and illegal - use of chemical weapons," the statement said. "We remain resolved to act if the Assad regime uses chemical weapons again."
"Our position on the Assad regime's use of chemical weapons is unchanged," said the statement. "As we have demonstrated, we will respond appropriately to any further use of chemical weapons by the Syrian regime, which has had such devastating humanitarian consequences for the Syrian population."
Speaking in Jerusalem on Wednesday, US President Donald Trump's national security adviser, John Bolton, warned that the US will respond "very strongly" if Assad's forces use chemical weapons in Idlib.
He also denied that Washington's sanctions are aiming to bring about regime change in Iran.

Assad's forces hold the south-eastern tip of Idlib and hopes to retake control of the whole province, which is the largest rebel-held area of Syria.The UN Security Council is to discuss the situation in Syria next week."
Do  take particular note of the imagery used by the media outlet

From earlier today:

Integrating US backed SDF into Syrian Military will Guarantee a Syrian Tragedy


  1. Looks like another chemical FF headed that way. Which will give the unhinged Nutty Nikki the chance to screech at the UN.

    Anything for Israel and their Yinon plan of land theft.

    1. GB: "Anything for Israel and their Yinon plan of land theft."


  2. Does "respond appropriately" mean that they will respond however Russia lets them (like the last time)?

    1. Not sure what they mean by that G Wilson?
      John Bolton says the response will be very strong...

      Sigh... we'll wait and see what happens is all I can think

    2. For the last two fake chemical attacks the US military arranged with the Russian military what sites in Syria they were allowed to attack, i.e. the empty airport in the first case and the empty pharma or chemical(ha ha) weapon factory and the two chemical "storage sites" that released no chemicals when they were blown up. Remember what Putin said, i.e. that if sites with Russians were to be attacked that the Russians would shoot down the missiles (or electronically disable them) and destroy the launch sites. Do you think the US military ignored that statement (I assume the mass media ignored it). His statement would clearly apply in the case of another pretend chemical attack blamed on the Syrian Government (or regime as they coalition of the coerced would say).
      Putin is smart imo. He knows the US, French and British governments did the attacks for their people, the people they always need to deceive. Putin does not want to publicly embarrass the governments in front of their citizens. Thus, I think he might go along with another meaningless attack on Syria. France, for instance, has apparently asked the Syrian Government if they can drop a few bombs or missiles in the Syrian desert and in exchange they would help in the reconstruction of Syria. The meaningless attack would be done for the French government's image for their own people.

    3. thanks for clarfiying Gary- now I understand what you wrote much better