Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Integrating US backed SDF into Syrian Military will Guarantee a Syrian Tragedy

Tragedy: Disastrous. Calamitous. Misfortune

I’m following the news coverage regarding these ‘negotiations’ and it’s like a bad movie playing over and over. Different title. Scenery. Actors. Same Narrative. 
It’s so uncomfortably familiar. Despite it’s inevitable horrid end. 

And, yet there it is again and again. 
Sadly, people are still enthralled (enslaved) in a belief that this time it will be different.
What’s the definition of insanity? Oh, yah, it’s doing the same thing over and over while expecting a different result. Read on and you'll understand why these negotiations with the US backed proxies have caused me concern.

It's tough to understand what exactly is being negotiated, but, it sure seems familiar to this blogger who has covered this region of the world for too long now...

Stumbled across this article:

US Backed SDF/PKK ‘s  Joining Syrian Army Forces Preconditioned by Crisis Settlement

“Syrian Kurdish sources confirmed that the chances of the Syrian Democratic Forces opposition factions joining Syrian government forces are linked to several factors that are not yet made clear, namely the future of Syria and its ruling regime”

 -So the US backed SDF will  join the Syrian army when ‘several factors that are not yet made clear” become clear.. “namely the future of Syria and its ruling regime”?

 -Reading that information leads me to suspect that the SDF/PKK will form a part of the Syrian state army if/when Bashar Assad is removed.

-  In other words, the US backed SDF would join Syrian government or state forces when the appropriate pro- American government is installed.
That’s what this reads like to me.

“Ilham Ahmed told BBC Arabic on Saturday that the US-backed SDF would join the Syrian regime forces in the future”
“Kurdish sources stressed that the military file was not discussed in Damascus, noting that other meetings will soon be held”

No military cooperation talks were had at this time but  other meetings will soon be held...

“The visits highlight efforts by the Kurdish-led authorities to open new channels to Bashar al-Assad’s regime, as they seek to negotiate a political deal that keeps their autonomy within Syria.”

So as of this moment in time the US backed SDF are negotiating for some sort of deal on autonomy. Don’t take it Bashar. Don’t make it, Bashar. 

Laying the groundwork for your own destruction. As well as the destruction of Syria.

“Kurdish sources told Asharq Al-Awsat that the SDF will not remain an independent force in the future, but also said the future of Syria is decided when there is a sustainable settlement of the Syrian crisis”

Again with the SDF integrating into the state military when there is a ‘sustainable settlement of the Syrian crisis”

“But sources stressed at the same time that the accession will not take place if regime forces remain in their current form and functions”
No integration into the military if the military remains in it’s current form and function.

This reminds me so very much of Iraq. 

After the invasion of Iraq in 03  the Iraqi government was forced to integrate extremely questionable persons, en masse, into the military as part of a settlement deal.
If you don’t understand where I'm heading let me rehash briefly.

As part of the Iraqi settlement which saw the non withdrawal of US troops, despite the spin, the Iraqi military was forced to integrate the Sunni/Anbar Awakening Councils.  Also called the “sons of Iraq” Whatever name you wanna give them matters not to me

I’ve spoke of these groups previously. These same individuals morphed into ISIS. Among these persons were Sunni Kurds of the PKK persuasion. 
All the groundwork for that sudden and entirely expected, hell planned for emergence was laid years in advance-  What I'm now regarding Syria looks to be the same plan being enacted. 

Flashback : ISIS- A US created "stay behind" using Iraqs plundered wealth.

Flashback 2: Al Qaeda + "Awakening Councils" = ISIS
When opening  the second post I used the metaphor of sowings seeds for later harvest
"Let's use a gardening metaphor- Seeds were being sown, for later harvesting"
This is what appears to be in the plans for Syria as the "seeds" in the form of the SDF, negotiate with the government in Damascus with an aim to integrating this US backed proxy army into the Syrian military of the future. Under the right conditions, of course.

"If we understand ISIS to be a left behind army, working on behalf of another master, then the application of  pressure on Maliki & the collusion between the Kurds of Iraq and ISIS makes perfect sense."
Oh and if you reread those older posts you would see another connection "reconstruction contracts" were used to funnel money to the proxy forces. We see the same game playing out, yet again, in Syria. 

"As a result, these men obtained backing for their private militias, renamed Awakening groups, and in addition, signed "construction" contracts with the Americans who put millions of dollars in their pockets, even if not always into actual construction sites"
Is it any wonder I've got that ' Hey I've seen this movie before" kind of feeling

Additional reading on this plot: CFR
The Pentagon, in a March 2008 report to Congress (PDF), said challenges include "the potential for infiltration by insurgents.....
Gian P. Gentile, a history professor at the U.S. Military Academy and former battalion commander in Iraq, told in April 2008 he does not agree that U.S.-allied Sunni security forces will want to reconcile and share power with Baghdad.
And of course they did not reconcile or share power.  They  simply bided their time, mostly being criminals and getting a state pay cheque, until ISIS  was needed to advance the agenda.

ABC News

What I’m suspecting is if Assad doesn’t go by hook he’ll go by crook. Eventually. 
That's the plan.


  1. Penny... I could not agree with you more with your assertion that this "integration" is an unmitigated disaster in the making..

    The Syrian government has already over the last few years offered the Kurds a way out in terms of their troubles with the US/Israel including offers to give them more self rule within a combined Syrian state... Only to have the criminal Kurdish leadership reject those offers due to the demands of their American/Israeli masters... And now the net result is to have the Kurds in a horrible "alliance" with the US/Israeli criminals....

    Now the Syrian government is once again trying to find some rapport with the Kurds, but in reality to accept these criminals into the ranks of the Syrian forces about to force the issue in Idlib is tantamount to disaster.

    1. Hey North!

      The instances you mention are not the only times that Damascus tried to reach some type of agreement with PKK/YPG..

      Before Turkey moved into Afrin, with Russia's consent, Russia said to the Kurdish proxies, Turkey won't move into the area, BUT, you have to hand the territory back to Damascus central government

      The PKK/YPG said NO

      And Russia greenlighted the entry of Turkish troops, with, IMO the full knowledge of Damascus.

      I covered this in at least two posts..
      This is just one of many reasons I do not view the Kurdish proxies as victims of anyone but their own greed and hubris- while using the ordinary kurdish persons as fodder for the masses.

  2. Just an fyi to all my readers

    Scott/Willy Loman is back and blogging!
    You can find him at


  3. Thanks Penny. I will add Scott's url to my blogroll.

    Regarding the Syrian situation. I've said several times over the months that at some point, the Syrian army will have to engage the squatters (Kurds and Americans) on its soil directly.

    It will be highly interesting to see what the American response will be to a direct attack on their military by the sovereign ruler of Syria...who is immensely popular with his people, unlike the American ruler.

    The whole world will understand what's at stake here. The right to own and maintain property. Basic property rights will be on the line and the precedent set will be enormous.