Friday, August 17, 2018

Saudi Arabia Urges Iran, Iraq, Turkey, Syria on Respecting Kurd’s Rights

What the heck is Chyrstia Freeland on about? Saudi Arabia is all for ‘rights’.

 Do note the fact that the Saudi diplomat rejects supporting every independence movement but just so happens to support the Usrael/remake the region friendly “independence” of the USrael affiliated Kurds

See below:
" A Saudi diplomat has urged Iran, Iraq, Turkey, and Syria to give the Kurds their legitimate rights.

Speaking to reporters from Moscow, Saudi Ambassador to Russia, Ra’id Bin Khalid, said that his country would support the Kurds to exercise their right to rule themselves.

He pointed out that the Kurdish people, scattered between the four countries in the Middle East, should be given the chance to determine their own fate.

Bin Khalid reminded that the Kurdish forces have fought on the forefront of the war against  the Islamic State, and they have tried to exercise democracy in the areas they rule in Iraq and Syria"
Kurdish forces backed by the US and Saudi Arabia fought "ISIS" also backed by US & Saudi Arabia

"He highlighted the fact that the Kurdish authorities, during the past few years, have created a safe haven even for the Arabs who fled their homes in fear of terror.

The diplomat emphasized that the situation for Kurds in Turkey, even though making up 15% to 20% of the total population in the country, is not as good as in Syria or Iraq. Bin Khalid said they cannot exercise their basic rights related to exercising their culture.

He rejected supporting every movement seeking independence, but noted that the Kurds deserve a state of their own and such an independent Kurdistan could serve the interests of the wider region"


Covering the Iranian, Russian, Syrian and Turkish Plan of Operation regarding Idlib:



  1. "... should be given the chance to determine their own fate."

    This is satire, right? It can't be for real, unless KSA considers carpet-bombing Yemen a way to let Yemeni's determine their own fate.

    1. Good Morning Greg!

      Nope not satire. He supports only those "independence movements" that have been given Usrael approval while...
      "He rejected supporting every movement seeking independence"