Sunday, August 26, 2018

Syria: US Signals To Russia They Will Hit Syria if Chemical Weapons are Deployed

 Is it possible, should there be a 'chemical weapons' attack in Syria, that there will be in automatic, immediate attack launched by the coalition? 
No pretext of going through the UN to add the aura of legitimacy to that which was desired all along? 
No trying to figure out if a chemical attack will have actually happened or who did the deed?  
Nothing like that. 
Just a claim of chemicals weapons use and boom- the US/coalition hits?

"John Bolton told his Russian counterpart, Nikolai Patrushev, that the U.S. has information Syrian President Bashar al-Assad may be preparing to use chemical weapons to recapture the northwestern province of Idlib from rebels.
Neither the Astana 3 or Syria need to use chemical weapons to 'recapture' anything!

The U.S. is ready to respond forcefully, Bolton said during a five-hour meeting in Geneva on Thursday, according to four people familiar with the discussions.
Russia’s Defense Ministry hit back on Saturday, accusing the U.S. of collaborating with al-Qaeda-linked rebels who are preparing to stage an incident that would serve as a pretext for another round of Western attacks on Assad.
Bashar Assad

 As I've explained on 4 occasions the Astana 3 (Iran, Russia and Turkey) are working towards a relatively orderly transition of Idlib province back to the government in Damascus and the coalition forces would do everything in their power to prevent this from occurring

Refresh your memory with a series of articles that were posted, by yours truly,  starting just over two weeks ago:

It seems realistic that the coalition would plan to counter the Astana trio:
There's still more to support this idea of countering the Astana trio, as reported yesterday
ERBIL — The US-led Coalition against the Islamic State (IS) has installed advanced radar systems in the Kurdish areas of Hassakah and Kobani in preparation for creating a no-fly zone in northern Syria, a source told BasNews.
The source claimed that the facilities are set up in previously established airbases in southern Kobani as well as in Hassakah’s Romailan.
“Such facilities were needed for the creation of a no-fly zone that would possibly cover the areas from Manbij to Deir Ez-Zzor,” the source pointed out.
He also revealed that the US has recently sent additional shipments of weapons and ammunitions to the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) in order to prepare the Kurdish-led fighters for the final stages of the anti-IS campaign in the southern countryside of Hassakah.
The new measures are apparently in line with Washington’s plan to strengthen its military presence in Syria through enabling its allies and restricting rivals like Iran in expanding their influence across Syria.
Another source from the Democratic Union Party (PYD) told BasNews earlier that the US forces will not withdraw from Syrian Kurdistan after defeating the Islamic State as they are also planning to encounter the Iranian influence there and protect their own interests.
Concerning US’s possible no-fly zone in the easter Euphrates, the source said is aimed to protect the region against international and internal threats.
image from Bas News

All this talk about the US pulling out of Syria has been hogwash. Unadulterated grade A stinking excrement. And nothing more. Trump was never, I mean never, taking the troops out of Syria. Not without a fight.

Keeping in mind the British are always in Cyprus and ready to go. This fact has been discussed here at the blog previously.
"This sprawling base at the southern tip of the former U.K. protectorate of Cyprus is the heartbeat of Operation Shader, the British contribution to a U.S.-led international campaign against the self-proclaimed caliphate of the Islamic State."
 Akrotiri’s proximity to ISIS holdouts enables its pilots to strike “targets of opportunity” when they pop up in the open, he said. Reporters visiting the base were shown a video purportedly showing the vehicle of what Dickens called a “high-value target” — military speak for senior enemy commanders — being bombed during an unescorted drive through seemingly uninhabited land.
 “The pace of the campaign is set by the SDF and their capabilities as they move forward,” Dickens said.
 So if the SDF moves westward, towards Idlib, the British fighters pilots will aid their advance. Think about that possibility?

US/UK/France preparing new Syria strikes on trumped up pretext
According to the Russian Defense Ministry, militants are arriving in Syria's Idlib after being trained by a private British military company called Olive.
The Russian Defense Ministry has accused the United States, the United Kingdom and France of preparing to carry out new strikes against Syria under the pretext of chemical weapons use by Syrian government forces.

"Western countries' actions in spite of their public statements are aimed at another sharp deterioration of the situation in the Middle East region and the disruption of the peace process on the territory of Syria," ministry spokesman Igor Konashenkov noted.
Interesting the UK is very big on guns for hire
Leading UK private military company Aegis Defence Services (now part of GardaWorld), Control Risks, and Olive Group are also among the top recruiters. Their senior executives and board are dominated by former military officers, says War on Want. The chief executive of Aegis, for example, is former Gen Graham Binns, one-time commander of British troops in Basra.

G4S last year secured a contract of up to £188m to provide security for the Basrah Gas Company and signed a five-year, £100m contract with the British embassy in Afghanistan. Clients of G4S, whose annual turnover in Africa has reached £500m, include Royal Dutch Shell and AngloGold Ashanti, War on Want reports.

Foreign Office spending on contracts with private UK security companies rose from £12.6m in 2003 to £48.9m in 2012, according to official figures.
The use of private armies and “floating armouries” by shipping companies is also growing, according to War on Want. Floating armouries are ships harboured at sea, stacked with high-powered rifles, night-vision goggles.
More than half of the members of the Security Association for the Maritime Industry (SAMI) are British. Protection Vessels International Ltd, a UK company, describes itself as the “global leader in armed maritime security”. It was set up in 2008 by senior former military figures “with the express purpose of applying military standards of security”, with a team “drawn from the highest echelons of UK Royal Marines, UK government intelligence and commerce”, War on Want notes.
Privateers have never gone away... Privateers are pirates sanctioned by the state- In the same way as irregular fighters/terrorists are sanctioned by the state while offering up plausible deniability to the state on whose behalf they work. Same/same.

Senior US diplomat Visited Unlawfully Annexed Territory in Syria
 Daily Mail - William Roebuck

SHADADI: A senior US diplomat visited Kurdish-held territory in Syria on Saturday as the minority negotiates with Damascus over the future of its semi-autonomous region.

Ambassador William Roebuck was in the town of Shadidi in the northwestern province of Hasakeh after visiting the towns of Kobane and Minbej in recent days.

Roebucks bio, briefly- from 2014
His first assignment was as a consular officer in Kingston, Jamaica, until 1994. In 1995, Roebuck had his first posting to the Middle East, as a political officer in the consulate in Jerusalem. He returned to Washington in 1997 to become a staff assistant to the assistant secretary of state for Near Eastern affairs. The following year, he began to study Arabic at the Foreign Service institutes in Washington and Tunis, Tunisia.
Roebuck began an eventful tour as political officer at the U.S. Embassy in Tel Aviv in 2000. He worked on political issues in the Gaza Strip.
Roebuck was named political section chief at the U.S. Embassy in Damascus, Syria, in 2004 and for the last year of his tour was acting deputy chief of mission. He was brought home in 2007 as deputy office director in the Office of Arabian Peninsula Affairs. He served a tour in Baghdad from July 2009 until August 2010 as deputy political counselor at the embassy there. His main emphasis was providing support for national elections in March 2010 He returned to Washington in September 2010 as director of the Office of Maghreb Affairs, a post he held until December 2012.

Roebuck was sent to Libya in January 2013 in the wake of the attacks on the U.S. Consulate in Benghazi to serve as chargĂ© d’affaires at the embassy in Tripoli, staying there for six months.
After that, he came home to be deputy assistant secretary of state for Egypt and Maghreb Affairs. In February 2014, he and other Americans walked out of a Tunisian celebration of the country’s new constitution after Iranian parliamentary speaker Ali Larijani criticized the United States for “supporting dictatorships” during the Arab Spring uprisings.

He is expected to continue to Deir Ezzor, an eastern province where the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), a US-backed coalition of Kurdish and Arab fighters, is fighting the Daesh group in the militants’ last redoubt.

“We are prepared to stay here, as the president (Donald Trump) has made clear, to ensure the enduring defeat of Daesh,” Roebuck said.
“We remain focused on ensuring the withdrawal of Iranian forces and their proxies as well.”

 Russia Black Sea Fleet Ships Move Into the Area
Moscow, SANA – The Russian Black Sea Fleet announced that the frigates Admiral Grigorovich and Admiral Essen are joining the Russian ships stationed opposite the Syrian coast in the Mediterranean.

A representative of the fleet told RT on Saturday that the two frigates are passing through the Bosporus and Dardanelles straits, and they should rendezvous with the Russian ships in the Mediterranean later today and begin carrying out their assigned tasks upon joining the other ships.

The two frigates had recently concluded training missions including takeoff and landing of Kamov Ka-27 military helicopters and drills for searching and tracking submarines.


  1. WW 3 is coming, i mean America will hit Syria so strong that it will destroy the Whole Syria - Russia Army structure and i think it will hit the Turkey Army to that are on the Border. America is losing in the long way, the must make something now and they will.
    if Isis fails to blame Assad for making the Chemical attack then Israel will do it (or always did it israel).

    1. Hi anonymous:
      If the US does attack Syria on a pretext of chemical weapons- I have no doubt what so ever they will hit Turkish and Syrian army both- as well as some of the Russians posted within Syria- and let's not forget the Iranians as well

      Remember that Turkey, Russia and Iran all have outposts around Idlib province--- ?
      If not go back to these two posts where I'd included the locations of the outposts

      Don't know if anyone else posted these, cause, I didn't see them anywhere else except via an article left by Yaya- though the image was eventually removed and I had to search down the locations maps to use them..

      Yes, I am a believe that it was Israel that aided in the chemical attacks in Syria

  2. Hi Penny

    Always hoping you are well and may the Almighty strengthen you in all ways.

    What a great service you have endured in giving us your insights and how vivid this post reflects all you have penetrated through the mist of deception. It all adds up very well and is certainly close to the truth as can be. A great man said that the last age would be one where 'what is apparent' would be far from 'what is real'. An age of deception. We Muslims believe this to be the age of the False Messiah. His name in Arabic is Dajjal, which quite succinctly means the deceiver, an imposter. His age will cover up truth and hide it and he will bring many to his support in a tyrannical reign. People who see with only one eye meaning their internal intuition is compromised and they only believe what they see or are told. That's why in Islam he is also known as the one eyed liar. The eye of the heart is blind. Interestingly, the saying, In the land of the blind the One eyed Man is king! To end this rather sombre note, his epoch and that of his supporters will spectacularly be defeated by the return of the True Messiah in the beautiful personality of Isa (Jesus), peace be upon him. An alliance of true Muslims, Christians and believers will prevail before and after. Hence, the attack on the traditional way of life in general and the violent/barbaric unjust war waged against good people and in particular the true Christians, Muslims and jews of the middle East wholly against that imposter/apartheid state of Israel. The struggle goes on and how close we are to utter brinkmanship. I realise this is a scriptural perspective but we easily meet in the same place of analysis. Keep up the good fight.

    1. Abdullah- you're amazing!
      And I mean that whole heartedly- because I see with my heart. And understand exactly what you mean by that!

      There is a school of thought about the heart as a sensing organ and I'm familiar with it.

      So when you said "The eye of the heart is blind"
      It resonated so strongly with me.. I hope it does with others.

      The heart has a very large electro magnetic field. Which tells us it is 'in touch' with everything, everywhere.

      To say that the heart is blind is to suggest that one is so out of touch with reality- that all they do and say is lying because they don't 'see' what is real. They can't or won't see what is real- And that this was all in scripture- Old knowledge. I'm amazed. I feel almost in awe to think that this is known for so long. And it makes sense that it's known. Has been known. Should be known. By all right now!.

      As for this attack on 'traditional life'.. this is what is done to take us away from the real.

      I've stated here before- nature tells us what is real
      All we have to do is have the 'eyes' and the heart to see it.

      Abdullah, I'm nearly in tears. But good tears.

      "People who see with only one eye meaning their internal intuition is compromised and they only believe what they see or are told. That's why in Islam he is also known as the one eyed liar. The eye of the heart is blind. Interestingly, the saying, In the land of the blind the One eyed Man is king

      Thanks for that share. :)

      Additional reading on the heart below

    2. Abdullah:

      My husband adds" We've come too far away from where we should be due to the manipulations of a psychopathic leadership and society itself is sick because of this"

      He understands as well :)
      thanks again Abdullah

    3. Oh I will certainly read those links. Thanks.

      "To say that the heart is blind is to suggest that one is so out of touch with reality- that all they do and say is lying because they don't 'see' what is real. They can't or won't see what is real- And that this was all in scripture- Old knowledge. I'm amazed. I feel almost in awe to think that this is known for so long. And it makes sense that it's known. Has been known. Should be known. By all right now!."

      Profound comment!

      "I'm nearly in tears. But good tears."

      The divine essence is your comfort.
      Those tears will be cleansing your heart from the darkness that tries to touch it. We are each others comfort Penny. We are together in essence.

    4. Hi Abdullah: I first read about the heart as a sensory organ in a book written by Stephen Buhner-
      The Secret Teachings of Plants

      He's not hippy dippy- everything is well referenced- the guy does his homework

      "Buhner writes of complex matters with an admirable clarity and coherence, weaving the rich discoveries in neuroscience, neurocardiology, and the remarkable developments at HeartMath Institute, into a breathtaking view of life. "

      Thanks Abdullah- for the very kind words :)

  3. Very insightful comment by Abdullah!

    And I honestly cannot believe how stupid people are if they keep believing the same tricks over and over! I mean, after the first - what, half dozen? - "USrael"-perpetrated chemical attacks by "Assad", you'd think folks would smell a rat!!

    1. Hey Canadian Wildflower

      How's it going?

      Rather then thinking about people being stupid (which to some extent is accurate).. I look at this type of repetitive activity as part of the conditioning of the masses..

      Because the masses have heard this narrative before "assad/chemical weapons" it will seem familiar and therefore correct. so if it's familiar and assumed correct then yes it must be "truth" and therefore the action taken by the US will be appropriate and justified.

      I find, in my own daily interactions with most people they do NOT think beyond what is presented to them.
      They just accept unquestioningly
      Therefore repetition of the presentation must, to the unthinking/unquestioning, be the truth.

      At least that's how I see it.

      Agreed wrt Abdullah's comment- very insightful.

  4. Hi Penny: Strategic Culture has a simplified view:
    "As the previous military actions in Syria demonstrated, the attacks boost presidential approval ratings. President Trump needs to distract the public’s attention from the hush payments made to Stormy Daniels and Karen McDougal after his alleged affairs."

    If the above is truly the case, then America most definitely has serious heart trouble.

    1. Thanks Yaya- I did read the article the other day.
      Sad that war and death boosts a leaders ratings?

  5. I do get the feeling that the staged provocations that are instigated by the coalition intelligence services which have been challenged (given exposure) by Russian media must enrage the hegemon even more thus tipping them further into their psychotic mode. Russian News which has a footing in the MSM is most unacceptable to their desire for full spectrum control of information. Alternate news already challenges as a small stakeholder. It's like 'How dare anybody call us out for what we are really up to'.

    1. I do get the feeling that the staged provocations that are instigated by the coalition intelligence services which have been challenged (given exposure) by Russian media must enrage the hegemon even more thus tipping them further into their psychotic mode

      Yes, because they don't hold the hearts and mind of the people as tightly as they'd like to- so it must be maddening