Thursday, August 2, 2018

Trudeau Government Prorogue in August in order to "remodel Criminal Code" and....

"Prime Minister Justin Trudeau will decide in mid-August whether to pursue a ban on handguns as part of a new legislative agenda he would outline in a fall Throne Speech, a senior official says"
This decision is made. 
The legislation was tabled in March and the Danforth operation cemented the deal! 

Digression- And I think it's important.

1- The van attack in Toronto earlier this year featured an Armenian driver the day of the Armenian coup- 
"As the Armenian identified driver of the Ryder van attacked - Coincidentally, or not so much, Armenia had a coup on the very same day. It's pretty clear there was western involvement in the coup"

2- The Danforth Shooter was of Pakistani descent.
"Hussain was the son of Canadian parents of Pakistani origin who have been struggling through major challenges"
 And Pakistan is front and center in the news immediately afterwards with their soft coup leader firmly ensconced in power.

Anyone but me find that odd and oddly coincidental? - That both incidents tie into the larger geo political situations in an extremely close time frame?

Back to the Globe and Mail article:
"Mr. Trudeau has asked a team of advisers to examine the pros and cons of proroguing Parliament and starting over with a fresh policies and priorities for the period leading to the election in October, 2019. The official said the Prime Minister wants them to report in time for the Liberal cabinet retreat on Aug. 22 in Nanaimo, B.C.
The Liberal government has not had an agenda-setting Throne Speech since the first one, in December, 2015.
A proposal to ban handguns is under serious consideration, according to a senior official, who was not authorized to speak on the record. Public Safety Minister Ralph Goodale and senior civil servants have been tasked with examining the idea of a ban, which Toronto City Council endorsed after a mass shooting this week that killed two and injured 13.
The Liberal government does not expect much opposition to a law banning handguns, especially among urban voters, the official said. Statistics Canada says 60 per cent of violent gun-related crimes in Canada in 2016 involved handguns.
On Tuesday, Mr. Goodale said any such changes to Canada’s handgun laws would require a “significant remodelling” of the Criminal Code."
Remember my mention of the fact that Canada already has very strict gunlaws?
"The code already imposes tough restrictions on handguns that include background checks, a two-day safety course, joining a shooting club to get a permit to transport the weapon and a waiting period if the buyer does not already own a gun.
The government tabled new firearms legislation in March that is still before the House of Commons. If Governor-General Julie Payette is asked to prorogue Parliament, the firearms bill would be changed to include a handgun ban, the official said.
And Julie Payette is one questionable Governor General- Let's just say she's a spouse abuser.
"The current firearms legislation would require gun retailers to retain records of firearms inventory and sales for at least 20 years and the buyer of a hunting rifle or shotgun to present a firearms licence"
Gun retailers have to  keep records going back 20 years....
"Mr. Goodale also plans to raise the issue of a national requirement for health-care and other professionals to report certain mental-health issues to police when he meets with public-safety and justice ministers this fall. The family of Faisal Hussain, the suspect in the Toronto shooting, said he suffered from depression and psychosis.
Doctors, therapists, teachers and social workers can inform police if someone indicates they might harm themselves or another individual with a gun. Mr. Goodale would like to discuss with his provincial counterparts a Quebec law that requires these professionals to report such threatening behaviour to police"
Of course this reporting of mental health issues is only relevant regarding legally purchased guns. There is no indication the Danforth shooting was done with a legally owned gun.

Recall my earlier commentary about the way the shooting was being spun? 

Here's- just a tidbit- read it all
"Thinking more about this random news story, directly above, about some unnamed person claiming 8 years ago the alleged shooter had been investigated by the police under the mental health act.  What's the point? Then, I had an aha moment! 
This unsubstantiated bit of gossip connects Canada's new planned gun legislation directly to this most recent incident- Directly. I can draw a straight line to this 'news' aka spin and the new legislation
 This hearsay spread through the media provides the necessary background rhetoric for the impending spin to justify the passing of the new gun legislation-  I can already hear the media delivering there serious sermons from their pulpy pulpits  Cui bono?  Not me and you!  But at least now I understand why this 'news' was planted in the media"
And Boom! It's just as I said it would be! 
Problem, Reaction, Solution- Strategy of Tension

Globe and Mail continues with Dictator Trudeau's possible prorogue move:
"The senior official said another advantage of prorogation is that it would enable the Senate to reconstitute committees and remove Conservatives from key roles as chairs or deputy chairs. Senator Peter Harder, who is Mr. Trudeau’s leader in the Red Chamber, has made the case to the Prime Minister’s Office that a new Parliament would allow him to stack committees with independents, who are now the majority and more favourable to Liberal legislation.
The main argument against prorogation is that all government bills die on the order paper. A rule change in 1994 allows bills to be reinstated at the start of a new session at the same stage as before with the adoption of a notice of motion. However, the official said the government is concerned the Conservatives will try to thwart the reintroduction, although the Liberals – with their majority – would eventually prevail"

We here in Canada will know soon enough if Trudeau's going to prorogue or not.
What is clear today is that they going to pass through the gun legislation, with the help of their strategy of tension operation- because it fits their agenda to the T.  
It's the cat's meow. 

It's everything they needed to make ordinary Canadians into criminals while allowing real criminals to continue on with their crimes and criminal ways- 

 It's like big brother on speed here in Canada- wish more people would realize that?


  1. Hi Penny: Please forgive me if you've already seen this article about 3D printers:
    "With legal barriers lifted in the U.S., the biggest obstacle to ubiquitous 3D-printable guns might be price."

    So how can they effectively legislate gun control? It's been suggested that people who print guns should attach a piece of metal to them so they can be detected. Are you laffing?

    1. They can't legislate gun control- not with the whole black market gun trade going on.

      The can, however, make criminals out of non criminals
      They can dis-empower ordinary people

      That's why they want to change the criminal code-

      More people should be up in arms about what Trudeau is up to- but it's mr peace, love and sunshine
      And it's the danforth shooting- so it's sacrilegious to question..

      what did you think of the coincidences with van driver and the shooter?

      Two soft coups- change of hand in governments to more pro NATO states in both places- and descendants of persons from both of those nations are the perps in two alleged terror attacks in Canada.

      Sometimes... the universe speaks in interesting ways

  2. Re the shooter connections: I don't know what to think except that you were wise to point it out. It suggests deep, dark doings in our "security" system. But even if the shooting events were a deliberate push toward federal gun control, they have no doubt increased racial animosity from the public toward the peoples of those countries. Their subsequent joining of NATO would not soften the local blow, and who knows how many people are out buying (printing) guns right now, in advance of the legislation, to protect themselves from this sort of event? As you can see, I don't have a grip on all of the factors yet. ;-)

    Feel free to straighten me out on this, but what seems odd to me is that 9/11 was clearly designed to justify the slaughter of a lot of Muslims in a number of countries. Yet we have "terror" events related to Armenia and Pakistan and those countries are being courted for some reason. I realize it has something to do with getting the drop on Russia, but why the shootings? Was it to embarrass Armenia and Pakistan into joining NATO? Do they embarrass that easily? Am I asking stupid questions?

    1. I published this accidentally in today's post about Russia/Syria, so I'm copying it to here (sometimes I think I shouldn't be allowed to use a computer, haha):

      Oh, I think I've got it! We get terror events and they get punished with coups and new leaders that will join NATO and behave themselves. And we'll all be safe. Especially with the addition of gun legislation. Did I get it?

    2. It's the NATO world order
      Ya know I actually saw the Globe and Mail (in the paper)
      published an article to that affect

      The NATO world order and it's "peace dividend"
      If you want to get into the Orwellian aspect of that!

      John Kerry “He diminishes alliances we built to safeguard an economic and strategic force that has allowed millions of people to live in freedom,” he said in a letter posted to Twitter.

      Allowed millions to live in freedom?
      We don't live in freedom here- who is Kerry talking about?

      The world order that emerged from the solidarity of NATO’s collection of Western industrial powers, coupled with the collapse of Eastern European communism and the end of the Cold War, fostered a rare global stability that allowed an increasingly internationalized economy to flourish, while reducing the financial burden of increasing militarization. It’s what economists and political leaders referred to hopefully as the “peace dividend” in the early post-Cold War days of the 1990s. It has become so ingrained in the global economy as to be largely taken for granted.

      Peace dividend?- the language is so manipulative..
      While reducing the burden of increasing militarization

      If you were enjoying peace would there be an increased burden of militarization?

      written and published with a straight face!
      Heavy on the obfuscation- muddy, muddy, muddy


      I see what you mean by "manipulative" language. The so-called "Peace Dividend" - actually a war dividend - goes back to 1993. As the Cold War ended, defence (also meaning "war" or "peace" depending on the context) spending slowed, people lost jobs, and the rich weren't getting richer.

      NATO appears to be a way of cherry picking localized wars and having all the member countries chip in on the expense - and the people who got wealthy by manufacturing and selling weapons (and also on reconstruction) can still reap the dividends in the name of "fighting for peace".

      And that might explain why Trump chided Trudeau on Canada's inadequate contribution to "defence", though nobody is threatening us with war.

      9/11 was a great uptick, but things have slowed down again and enemies have to be manufactured so that more tax dollars are spent on "peace".

      So, as always, war is good for everybody who's lucky enough to be left standing. Orwellian indeed.

  3. Thanks for this update on the Trudeau government, Penny. The (s)election in 2019? The so-called "choice" is between a total unknown visible minority radical, a relatively unknown opposition leader who's banned from visiting Russia [and therefore will NEVER get my vote] and a somewhat well known Trust Account Soros sock puppet "Punch" and his "Judy" Soros sock puppet foreign minister.


    1. Hey GC:

      I will do my usual for that election. Some obscure random party- Same as I did the last federal election

      I'd rather be the one that makes my vote meaningless.

    2. Let me know if/when you find that obscure random party...sounds like a plan : )

  4. Oh I updated the post with a reminder about our abusive governor general- Julie Payette- she who abused her husband- swept under the rug

  5. I am glad to see that this blog recognizes that this agenda is global! Gun control, false flag operations, sexual deviancy being promoted, the declining numbers of whites worldwide (Kalergi Plan) Agenda 21, Agenda 30,Marrakech declaration. This is obvious to those paying attention! People need to be made aware of who is pulling the strings from behind the curtain. Keep up the good reporting!...